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alkaline diet rheumatoid arthritisIf you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you know about the fatigue and the debilitating pain it brings.

… But did you know that some RA sufferers have experienced major benefits by going alkaline?

In this article, we’ll tell you how metabolic acidosis (acid accumulation in the body) directly impacts rheumatoid arthritis, and give you some simple diet and mineral suggestions that have reduced the impact of this disease for many.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Introduction & Causes

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic condition that generally occurs in the joints of the body causing them to become inflamed, and results in swelling, pain, stiffness and loss of function.

It is an autoimmune disease that not only affects the cartilage and bones but can also have an impact on other body organs.

Most researchers aren’t clear on what causes rheumatoid arthritis. The best they have been able to ascertain is that there are a variety of factors which might contribute to this chronic condition.

Researchers believe that rheumatoid arthritis may be caused by a person’s genetics which cause them to be more prone to the condition. The disease might also be caused by biological triggers or environmental causes.

How Acidosis Contributes to RA

Research suggests that rheumatoid arthritis may also be a result of excess acidosis within the body.

This means that the body retains an excess amount of acidity caused by metabolic, dietary and environmental sources.

Acidosis causes an increase in the white cells which attack various parts of the body and can result in a variety of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

These white cells are an autoimmune response that can specifically target the joints in the body which results in the inflammation and pain caused by this disease.

A diet which creates excess acidity will become toxic to the body because it can build up in the cells of the body.

Maintaining a Healthy pH

The human body has its own specific pH requirements in order for it to remain healthy. Our human body ideally needs a pH level of 7.4 to remain healthy and operate at optimum health.

If you don’t know what pH refers to, it is an acidic/alkaline measure of a particular substance. A neutral pH level, which is neither acidic nor alkaline, is 7.0. Anything above this number is alkaline and anything below this number is acidic.

The foods we eat become broken down and are either metabolized into the cells and become either acidic or alkaline.

This means that some foods that we eat like red meats, fast foods, and foods which contain chemical and preservatives will cause a toxic build-up of acid in our body.

Acidosis will deplete the oxygen levels in the cells and will deplete the amount of vitally needed calcium along with other important minerals such as magnesium.

Although the body will try to eliminate this acidic waste through respiration, excretion and urination, it can only do so much. Excess acidity causes the body to become ill and prone to a vast variety of diseases and may have a direct bearing in causing rheumatoid arthritis.

The Benefits of “Going Alkaline”

high alkaline foodsAn alkaline based diet will combat the debilitating effects of the toxicity of acidosis and help the body to begin to heal itself.

Although some acidic based foods are necessary in our diet, these are foods which should only be consumed in very limited amounts.

Some of the foods which have a high acidic content include fatty foods such as red meats and most other meats. Alcohol and processed sugar are also unhealthy foods which should be avoided, but there are also many other foods included.

By reducing the amount of acidity in your body, the body is able to restore its natural pH balance which will reduce the production of white cells which attack various parts of the body as part of the auto-immune response.

There are a variety of foods which have an excellent alkalizing effect and restore the body’s pH level. This in turn reduces white cell production and even eliminates the effects of many diseases such as those caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Foods that are high in alkaline properties include most vegetables and fruits. Although you might be concerned about the natural acidic state of many fruits, they actually become very alkaline when metabolized during digestion.

There are also many spices and herbs, along with certain teas and some nuts and other foods that also have very alkalizing properties.

Click here for a list of high alkaline foods.

By switching to an alkaline based diet you will very likely see a vast improvement in your condition if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

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Problems Dieting?  Try Alkaline Supplements

UCLA psychology professor, Traci Mann, says that diets aren’t the problem… the problem is most people won’t stick to them.

Here at Living Phit, we appreciate how difficult it is to eat properly and avoid those foods which can cause acidosis.

So unless you’re one of the few Americans who can make good eating choices and stick to them, we recommend looking into pH supplements that can reduce acidosis. There are several varieties, but mostly come in the form of both pH drops and pills.

Some popular products on the market are Alkazone drops or AlkaCare pH, but based on an overwhelming number of testimonials for reduction of inflammation, our personal preference at Living Phit is *Alkalete by Yoli.

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As you will see from the people below who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, as well as in these testimonials, we have hundreds of Living Phit friends and family who have gotten phit with the Yoli Better Body System and their signature alkalizing product, Alkalete.

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*Yoli products are not intended to “treat” any medical disorder.  However, we’ve seen time and time again, that when people lose weight and detoxify their bodies on the Yoli system, the body tends to become a natural healer and overall better health is achieved.  In some cases, as in the cases below, it has helped people with RA, but everyone’s results will be unique.

Real-life testimonial from Our Friend, Ali Atwell in Boston, MA

Ali Atwell - rheumatoid arthritis cure

Ali Atwell was an active waitress and mother until she got RA.

Before Jan 2011, I was a scholarship athlete.  I ran marathons, worked long hard days on my feet and had tons of energy to travel and have fun. All that came to a crashing halt when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and simple tasks like buttoning my pants, tying my shoes, and washing dishes were now painful hardships.

I was in constant pain – all day long.  I have a very high tolerance for pain, but some days or nights I would be in agony and multiple times ended up at the ER.  I would get inflammation in my shoulder, hands, and feet on a daily basis. The doctors prescribed medications – over $4000 a month worth of chemicals to “treat” my RA.  I still felt horrible and now I couldn’t care for my two young children 1 and 5 months old.  I wasn’t even able to cut their waffles in the morning.

My primary source of income before RA was waitressing and that was an impossibility. I can remember one Easter I couldn’t stand up straight and walk up the driveway to the family Easter brunch.  I cried the whole day.  I think the thing that is worse than the pain is the fatigue and depression.  I was so so so tired all the time, I had no desire to see friends and family and would avoid phone calls and gatherings.

I started with positive dietary changes and the *Yoli Better Body System on Dec1, 2013 – I lost 40 lbs in 4 months, 50 all together and came off all my medications in a little over 2 months. That was 15 months ago!

Once starting the BBS I was amazed at how much energy I had.  I wasn’t falling asleep on the couch at 2 in the afternoon and I was up past 8pm!!  My joint stiffness in the morning used to last at least an hour and half to two hours and now I am stiff for about 10 mins in the mornings.

I was even able to run a half Marathon last August!! I play with my kids, my marriage is better, my relationships with my family and friends are better, I have broken out of the shy shell that I use to live in and share my story with others in an attempt to help them feel better. But, that’s not all…I have been financially transformed as well. Sometimes I think that God gave me the RA so that I would find Yoli and help others to live happier, healthier lives.

I do want to be clear, I still have RA – some days I wake up feeling better than others. My bad days are usually after I have had something that I shouldn’t have, ie gluten. Starting the BBS along with an alkaline diet not only gave me the proper supplementation, but it also helped me to learn what my trigger foods are.

Yoli gave me my life back, literally.

Ali Curry Atwell

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More Awesome Testimonials

You’ll find all of the testimonials below are from people who used Alkalete by Yoli as well as diet to manage their rheumatoid arthritis. Most of these were taken from a private Facebook group of Yoli members, simply sharing their success with other people who take Yoli.

We did not solicit these testimonials. We simply asked permission to post them here.

My husband Tom and I have been on the BBS which also involves healthy food choices for 2 months tomorrow and have each lost over 25 pounds and definitely INCHES! Tom has a severe lung disease and couldn’t walk 20 feeet without having to stop to catch his breath…now he walks alot longer distance and does so much better. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 15+ years and have always been on really strong drugs for this. Now I found out its damaging my liver, so… I went on Yoli!! Just went to both my medical Dr and my RA dr and they both told me to keep doing what I’m doing cause its working!!! I’m off all my Rheumatoid meds and cholesterol meds. We both have our lives back and tons of Energy…Thanks BBS.

Brenda DeMey Brincks


I am being treated for RA. Mid June appt. it was recommended I start a new medication because I seemed to be getting worse. I decided to wait awhile. In the mean time I decided to try a new healthy lifestyle and Yoli, felt I had nothing to lose. Today I am into week 5. Last week I saw my Rheumatologist . She said my joints were the best she had seen them. I haven’t needed to hold on to the railing with both hands when coming down the stairs in the morning because I was in so much pain. The Fatigue is the biggest change. I have all this energy that was unbelievable to me.  I know I am having more good days than bad. I am not symptom free yet but feel hopeful that I can get there.  Another bonus this morning I am now down 13 pounds!!

Tammy S.


I was 198 lbs when I started the BBS and now I’m 10 pounds lighter … No more joint/muscle spasm and body pain … No more RA … no more Gout … No more swelling of hands and feet … I feel energized… No more breathing problem … Sleeping better at night … Sleep apnea better … No exercise at all … Rejuvenated! Thanks to Yoli and a low carb diet!

Daisy N.


I was diagnosed with RA in 2003. I went on all the meds they recommended and I was sicker than I had been without them! In 2005 I started seeking therapy in natural healing…I changed my diet and removed high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and many dyes….then I started getting away from boxed food items with preservatives. Each of these things along with acupuncture and reflexology treatment freed me from my symptoms, but I still felt weak and tired..then in May I started a high alkaline diet along with Yoli….I finally felt like me again. I have energy and I don’t wake up feeling like I need more sleep!

Michelle V.


Forgive me upfront for my long post…but I often hear the question “what is Yoli?”… Today I saw a successful business member named Lucille give the perfect answer…she said “Yoli is a gift of life”…This is exactly what this high alkaline diet has been for me. Life before my healthy lifestyle changes was filled with constant pain from arthritis in both hips, degenerative disk disease, partially torn rotator cuff and adenomyosis. I could not sit for long, stand for long,walk for long and i definitely could not ru…n like i wanted to…in addition i had suffered from depression and anxiety for years leaving me unable to drive to unfamiliar places or venture far from home..fast forward to life with yoli…i am pain free, running up to 6 miles again and working out to the likes of P90X…even with some life stressors i am beating the depression & anxiety & driving anywhere, this morning i woke up wanting to go to the Cape May zoo but no one could go…who cares i’ll go by myself lol … in August i even flew to Utah, road a gondola up a mountain and hiked back down it … to most of you these are normal events to me they are life changers!! I like the new me and I love yoli and my healthy food choices … “YOLI AND A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE IS A GIFT OF LIFE”

Michelle Long Ross

*Yoli products are not intended to “treat” any medical disorder.  However, we’ve seen time and time again, that when people lose weight and detoxify their bodies on the Yoli system, the body tends to become a natural healer and overall better health is achieved.  In some cases, as in the cases above, it has helped people with RA, but everyone’s results will be unique.

Healthy Eating & Supplementation

Bottom line… While anyone with rheumatoid arthritis can probably sidestep a lot of harmful effects of RA by losing weight and eating alkaline, we simply don’t see too many testimonials of people who have been successful with diet alone.

If that’s your situation, we recommend that you consider Alkalete by Yoli, which is proven to help alkalize your body.

get yoli for free

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