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strategic movement

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Long-term success strategies

"in just 5 weeks, I have lost 3 inches off my waistline, gained strength & muscle, and significantly improved my gut health!"

- Anthony S., San Diego, CA


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The perfect diet:

Exactly what to eat to optimize your body, brain, and life

Movement and Exercise

the smart Exercise Plan:

Learn how exercise less for maximum efficiency

Long-term Success

Phit for a lifetime:

Resources to help stick to your plan for life-long success

Body pH - Intro to Dietary Acidosis

Over the past decade, scientists have begun to study and release their findings about the effects of pH balance, (acidity and alkalinity) in the human body.

…Their findings have been nothing short of incredible. (Click to See More)

Why Living Phit

Our Mission is to Transform 1 Million People's Lives through Living Phit's 3 Pillars to Optimal Health: Phit Nutrition, Strategic Moment, and a Sustainable Plan.

167 Million Diseased & Overweight

Although we're more educated about health and fitness than ever, *71.3% of U.S. adults are overweight or obese.  This leads to depression, chronic disease, and lack of energy.  

Our solutions aren't working!

We lean on calorie restriction and point counting plans, but they only work for a short time.  We avoid carbs and prepare 6 small meals per day, and it works for a while, until we quit.

It's time for a long-term, sustainable strategy!

Get started on your journey back to health by taking our Phit Quiz.  Discover the perfect health plan for you.

Overweight or Obese

*According to the CDC's 2017 Report

The Look Better, Feel Better Plan

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Ryan Kennedy, CCN, CFMP

Hi, I'm Ryan!

I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the past six years, and I am passionate about helping people break free from fad diets and feeling discouraged.

I personally became interested in health when my seemingly healthy mother was diagnosed with cancer at age 51 and unfortunately passed away. This was a turning point for me where I learned what was really important in life, and decided to get serious about my own health.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people finally become the healthy, happy, empowered versions of themselves they’ve wanted for so long.

One of my greatest joys is to work with people who have struggled with their weight for years, to give them the exact steps and coaching they need, and to see them transform for good - and then to see them loving their life for years to come. 

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