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Let’s look at 10 acidic foods to avoid and weight loss.

Americans seem to be fighting a losing battle against obesity. (1) 

It’s time to turn that around. Here, at Living Phit, we want you all to live long and productive lives.

Most overweight people know they should be eating healthier. You know your current unhealthy diet is the culprit.

The Current American Diet is Unhealthy

It’s time for each of you to start paying attention to what you eat. It’s time to stop being puppets of the American Food Industry.

The food industry in this country concerns itself about profits. That’s the way the system works.

The food industry only makes changes when they are legislated to do so.

Folks, that’s not going to change anytime soon. The food industry will fight every step of the way before they will make your food healthier.

I’m not trying to make a political statement here…


It’s YOU who has to make the decision to take matters in your own hands. It’s YOU who has to decide and CHOOSE to eat healthier. (2) 

Reasons the American Diet is Unhealthy

Let me ask you an easy question.

Would you eat arsenic if some marketer told you to do so?

Of course you wouldn’t.

So, why are you eating food which is literally poisoning your body?  (3)

If you look at a food label and can’t pronounce the content names, do you really want that 8 syllable chemical name in your body?

Much of our food is processed by a variety of chemical processes. These chemical processes leave residues in your body.

Foods which are very acidic tend to have lots of these chemical residues. They end up deposited in the cell walls of your body.

Sure, the body does expel what it can through natural metabolic processes, but it can only do so much.

Does this sound like I’m maybe being a bit too alarmist here?


The diet which many Americans consume today is:

  • Very acidic
  • Loaded with excess starches, sugars, and alcohol
  • High in toxic vegetable oils
  • Concentrated on processed foods
  • Contains preservatives, artificial food coloring, and chemicals

Good Grief!

This is a recipe for multiple health disasters.

From joint disorders, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and a whole host of medical conditions, what you are eating is killing you slowly.

Whether you’re 25 or 70 years of age, you can make healthy eating changes right now to turn this around.


You’re never too old and it’s never too late to start eating healthy and get PHIT. Start today!

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Body pH and Unhealthy Acidic Foods

Our philosophy for a healthy diet here at Living Phit focuses on an alkaline diet, low in starch and sugar.

All food we eat or drink is either alkaline or acidic. (4)

I would also like to point out that we do need some acidic foods in our diet – but only in limited amounts.

Most Americans are consuming far too many acidic foods and beverages and not enough alkalizing non-starchy vegetables.

10 acidic foods to avoid weight gain

image source: hugyourlife.eu

Healthy fats and high-quality proteins are necessary for energy, and to maintain healthy organs, muscles. They are also necessary for the brain and nervous system. (5)

A diet which is too high in acidic foods can throw off the blood chemistry. It lowers the oxygen levels in the cells which allow a disease to take hold.

When the body can’t dispose of excess acidity, it takes hold and accumulates in the cells of the body.

The unhealthy chemicals found in processed foods also end up building their deposits in your cells.

Excess fatty deposits also develop.

This is what makes you become unhealthy and obese.

It’s time to make healthy food choices.

Want to Lose Weight?

10 acidic foods to avoid

image credit:healthalkaline.com

Of course you do.

Let’s start by eliminating the top 10 acidic foods to avoid.

If you want to stop packing on the pounds and want to lose weight, I’m going to provide you with a list of 10 acidic foods to avoid (unless you like gaining weight).

Weight loss occurs slowly and by degrees. Only you can take charge and make the lifestyle changes you need to lose weight.    (6)

So, here’s our list to give you a helping hand to start losing weight right now.

Top 10 Acidic Foods to Avoid

There are some acidic food culprits which you should avoid if you want to lose weight.


The average American drinks 44.7 gallons of sugary pop drinks each year. That works out to around 375 pounds of pop.

The average pop drink contains as much as 9 OR MORE TEASPOONS OF SUGAR!

One teaspoon of sugar contains as much as 31 calories – Multiply that by 9 times and that works out to over 270 calories in 1 can of sugary pop.

This is the worst source of processed sugar that many Americans are guilty of consuming in their diets.

Sugary drinks are so acidic, they are virtually toxic for the body.

If you want to lose weight then stop drinking any and all drinks which contain sugar. (7)


Most white bread is made from processed flour.

The processing procedure removes most of the nutrients including the husks of the grain.

You end up with a finished product which is loaded with carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight and avoid acidic food, then banish white bread from your diet.

Also, white bread is very highly glycemic. Eating this product will raise your blood sugar levels quickly.

White bread also contains lots of starch which not good for weight loss.

Additionally, white bread is loaded with gluten. If you have any gluten intolerance then white bread is most definitely not for you.

White bread will contribute to the onset of diabetes and cardiovascular problems. (8)


Potatoes on their own are relatively healthy to eat.

Of course, they are also very high in starch and high in carbs. People looking to lose weight should limit their intake of potatoes.

The healthiest means to eat potatoes is boiled.

But, there are 2 potato products which are very unhealthy and acidic.

This includes both potato chips and French fries.

First, these 2 potato products are cooked in oil. This includes a cooking process using different types of LDL fats. LDL fats are the bad fats that cause cholesterol levels to rise.

Second, both these products are invariably served with an abundance of processed salt. Excess sodium is linked to multiple medical conditions and should be avoided.

Also, the process of cooking these products in oil produces acrylamides which are carcinogenic (cancer causing).

Both these products are extremely acidic in nature and toxic to the body.

And, finally, both products are very high in weight gaining carbohydrates.(9)


We all love dessert.

But eating the wrong types of dessert will not only pack on the pounds, they are very acidic and contribute to a variety of health problems.

Most cookies, cakes and pastries are made from white processed flour which we discussed above.

In addition, these products are loaded with a variety of vegetable oils, Trans fats and other unhealthy LDL fats.

And, you also compound the problem because these desserts generally come loaded with a mountain (slight exaggeration) of white processed sugar.

Finishing your meal with any of these dessert items will load you with lots of calories and pack on the pounds quickly.

If you want to lose weight, reduce acidity, then you need to lose all of these from your diet. (10)


Margarine was once greatly championed as a much healthier alternative to butter.

Butter was vilified as being very unhealthy. But, times change.

The evidence now shows that the reverse is true.

Margarine is a product which goes through multiple processing procedures to give the appearance and texture of butter.

Unfortunately, margarine products contain a host of artificial ingredients.

Many of the products contain hydrogenated oils which is mainly Trans fat oils. These products are very high in LDL or bad fats which contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Trans fats are all very acidic and can raise your blood insulin levels.

Margarine is not only very acidic but also contains lots of carbs. There are much healthier choices for kitchen then margarine. (11) 


I really shouldn’t even have to include this one because it should seem obvious that candy bars are loaded with acidity and lots of fats and carbohydrates.

But many people like to eat these to take the edge of their hunger.

These products are also designed to metabolize quickly so you end up feeling hungry very soon after.

Candy bars have very little or next to no nutritional value.

They contain high amounts of processed white flour, sugar, artificial flavorings, and lots of Trans fats.

Candy bars are also one of the most acidic weight gaining types of foods you can consume.

There are many healthy alkaline and tasty snack alternatives which won’t bloat your mid section.


First, let’s be clear about one thing.

Natural cheese and processed cheese are 2 very different types of products. Natural cheese is made from natural products.

Natural cheese also has the whey processed from them while processed cheese does not.

Many of these processed cheese products only contain as little as 51% of real cheese.

Processed cheese is mass produced.

These products contain dairy like products which should not be confused with ”milk”.  Rather, they are likely to contain protein concentrates, dehydrated milk powder, and milk fat.

Another ingredient they contain is “emulsifiers” such as sodium phosphate and potassium phosphate.

Processed cheeses are also loaded with salt and vegetable oils.

These “cheese” products also have a much longer shelf life than natural cheese. The reason is that they also loaded with artificial food colorings and preservatives.

If you want to lose weight then you should avoid all manners of cheese. But, you should definitely avoid all types of processed cheese.


Processed meats are popular to serve at lunches. They come in an array of products.

This includes your packaged meats, smoked meats, cured meats, dried meats, and canned meats.

All of these products are not only very acidic, but also contain numerous chemical preservatives. They can contribute to multiple health issues.

This includes cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Processed meats also produce a variety of unhealthy chemical products when cooked at high temperatures or the smoking process. (12)

This chemical residues include:

  • Nitrates
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)
  • Heterocyclic Amines (HCA)
  • Preservatives
  • Sodium

All of these residues and compounds are very unhealthy to the body. They are very acidic and should be left out of the fridge especially if you are looking to lose weight.


Restaurant chains that sell fast foods are slowly changing.

However, if you want to lose weight and avoid acidic foods, eating fast foods is not the route to go.

Many of these food items are generally very high in calories, carbs, processed flour, sodium and LDL fats.

And, many of these items on the menu are also very low in nutritional value.

Many nutritionists refer to fast food as “junk food” for a very good reason.

One of the main reasons why American suffer from obesity is because of their love for fast foods.

If you are serious about losing weight and reducing acidity then this is another food choice you must avoid. (13)


I hear a lot of moans right now.

But, seriously folks, if you want to lose weight then ice cream has got to go from your list of things to eat.

Ice cream has a heavy load of unhealthy fats which means this tasty product is high in calories.

It’s also loaded with lots of processed sugar.

It also increases the blood triglycerides and takes longer to digest.

Ice cream is very acidic and is most definitely one product that will add to weight gain.


If you are concerned about your body pH, excess acidity and weight gain, this list our top 10 acidic foods to avoid is a good place to start.









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