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12 Tasty Food Swaps for the Alkaline Diet

Finding tasty food swaps for the alkaline diet can be a challenge sometimes.

It’s hard to keep track of which foods are alkaline and which are acidic.

We are going to show you some “smart” foods swaps for those who are trying to maintain their alkaline diet.

More and more studies are beginning to prove just how much an acidic diet contributes to a multitude of bad health consequences.

And, the foods consumed by most Americans today are definitely much too acidic in nature.

As the folks at Food Matters.com show, the following applies to far too many people.

Unfortunately, today’s modern diet is comprised primarily of acidic foods. Cow’s milk, eggs, meat, white flour, white sugar, artificial sweeteners and vegetable oils are considered highly acidic to the body. And please don’t shoot the messenger here, but cheese is the number one acidifying food available to us today.

An acidic diet can make you sick.

You can turn this around by concentrating on an alkaline diet. The good news is that there are a huge abundance of healthy alkaline food choices.

But, in the course of every day cooking and finding healthy recipes, you might be struggling to find alternative healthy alkaline substitutes.

Here at Living Phit, we are always pleased to help you out because we are strong believers in eating Phit.

So, we put together a list of healthy alkaline food swaps to help you achieve your health goals.

Also, keep in mind that if one of your goals is to shed some pounds, following an alkaline diet will help you lose those pounds.

Many foods we eat today are far too loaded with carbs, processed sugar and flour and way too heavy in salt and sodium.

You lose those yucky acidic food elements and the pounds will melt away.

If you need help with sticking with a diet that focuses on an alkaline low-carb diet, then take a look at the 30 Day Phit Kit.

30 Day Phit Kit

Tasty Food Swaps for an Alkaline Diet

The following alkaline food swap list is far from inclusive but we’ve tried to include as many alternative alkaline food substitutes as possible.

Here’s a quick easy guide to get you started…


Swap this out:                        For This:


White Rice                             Quinoa

Milk                                        Almond/Coconut Milk

Canola Oil                              Coconut/Olive Oils

Pasta                                      Spelt Pasta/Zucchini Noodles

Balsamic Vinegar                 Lemon & Olive Oil

Coffee                                     Herbal Tea

Milk Chocolate                      Raw Cacao

Table Salt                              Celtic Grey/Himalayan Sea Salt

Margarine                             Avocado/Coconut Butter

Soy Sauce                              Coconut Aminos/Braggs Liquid Aminos

Sugar                                     Coconut Sugar/Stevia

Peanuts                                 Raw Almonds

Bottled/Tap Water             Alkaline Water/Water with Lemon

Fruit Juice                            Cold-Pressed Green Juice

Granola                                 Gluten-Free Oats/Quinoa

In-Depth Tasty Food Swaps for the Alkaline Diet

  1. Swap Stevia for Refined Sugar

As I’ve stated before, there’s a very good reason why many doctors call white refined sugar as the “white death”. It’s in everything and in high amounts.

Diets that are heavy and rich in processed white sugar is one of the biggest reason both kids and adults are obese. Even worse, it’s a big culprit for the onset of Diabetes 2.

Stevia is without a doubt one of the healthiest alkaline food swaps you can make. Stevia has no negative affect on a person’s blood sugar levels.

The product comes in both a powder and a liquid. You can use it any manner of cooking or beverages which requires sugar.

We recommend that you buy “pure” Stevia because some manufacturers tend to include other additives such as various types of artificial sweeteners.

  1. Swap Green Tea for Coffee

Coffee lovers will grimace at losing their morning cup of Joe. But, coffee really is very acidic.

And, as many of you know, you can actually have some withdrawal issues such as headaches and irritability if you tend drink more than 3 cups per day.

I would suggest you wean yourself off slowly and gradually substitute and replace coffee with green tea “cup-by-cup.” (1)

  1. Swap Ground Oats for Refined Flour

Many people might not think that refined white flour can’t be that bad for you.

Think again and READ the following facts about refined white flour you maybe didn’t know much about.

In their article “Why Refined Grains are Harmful”, the authors note the following:

  1. They are excessively starchy and high in gluten.
  2. They are practically devoid of natural fiber.
  3. There can be up to approximately 25 different chemicals that are added to refined grains and breads products.
  4. Grains are fumigated.
  5. Bleaching chemicals are used.
  6. Artificial colorings and flavorings are used.
  7. They are nutritionally imbalanced.

Ground oats are an awesome healthy substitute for this very unhealthy product.

You can use ground oats in practically anything that requires using flour including pancakes, muffins etch – just to name a few.

There are multiple health benefits using this substitute for processed white flour including:

  • More Fiber
  • Micronutrients such as magnesium, zinc, iron and various B-vitamins
  • Good source for prebiotics for a healthy gut
  • Lowers cholesterol

And, you can easily ground whole oats in a coffee grinder.

Try it – you’ll love it!

  1. Swap Coconut Milk for Dairy Milk

Dairy milk is acidic.

Better to use a more alkaline product substitute for dairy milk.

Coconut milk is not only alkaline, it has healthy LDL fats and it contains a variety of minerals such as potassium.

And, you can still enjoy ice cream – so long as it’s made with coconut milk.

But, not everybody really loves the taste of coconut so another alternative you can consider is unsweetened almond milk.

  1. Swap Spiralized Zucchini for Flour Pasta

How can you use spiralized zucchini as a pasta substitute?

Make your own spiralized zucchini pasta instead.

The flavor is very mild so this type of pasta will make a terrific complement to all your beloved pasta sauces. (2)

  1. Swap Lettuce Leaves for Tortillas

If you love to eat foods in wraps, you might be pleasantly surprised at this swap.

It might seem unappealing at first but once you try it – You’ll love it !

Lettuce is very alkaline of course, and contains an abundance of micronutrients. Many people add lettuce in their tortilla wraps. All you’re doing is placing the lettuce outside anyway.

Give it a try!

  1. Swap Coconut Oil for Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils are not as healthy as you might have been led to believe.

The processing of these oils is often used with unhealthy chemicals which leave residue in the oil. This is not good for the body.

Coconut oil can withstand high heating temperatures when used in cooking.

  1. Swap Avocado or Hummus for Mayonnaise

Almost everyone loves either mayonnaise or Miracle Whip in a variety of foods.

But, you have to know that both are very high in unhealthy saturated fats.

You can also consider swapping probiotic yogurt for mayo and Miracle.

We’ve repeatedly said in other articles that avocado is an alkaline powerhouse so enough said there.

Hummus, on the other hand has high concentrations of fiber, protein and lots of great nutrients such as zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamin B6.

  1. Swap Pumpkin Seeds for Peanuts

Most but all nuts can be quite acidic. And, when you factor in all the sodium and salt most products offer, you should try to find a healthier alkaline substitute.

One great often overlooked alternative is pumpkin seeds.

You can still enjoy them with salt, but we suggest you stick with Himalayan rock salt if you must.

They have lots of protein and can be used in a variety of recipes as a peanut substitute.  (3)

  1. Swap Guinoa or Lentils for White Rice

White rice is relatively healthy but it’s not especially high in nutrients and can be high on the glycemic index.

When processed for the table white rice has lost much its fiber and nutrients.

As a healthy alkaline substitute you can use either quinoa or lentils instead.

Both are high in fiber, proteins and also micronutrients.

Another alternative substitute for white rice is millet. You can use a different choice depending on your recipe to find which has the best flavor and texture.

  1. Swap a Smoothie for a Milkshake

Many people enjoy a nice cool milkshake when the sun is shining and the temperature is verging high on the thermometer.

The unfortunate thing is that those delicious milkshakes are loaded with processed white sugar and saturated fats.

Get in the habit of making a smoothie instead.

You can use any combination of your favorite fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and many others to make a great healthy refreshing beverage.

A fruit smoothie will also give you loads of antioxidants and other nutrients.

  1. Swap Olive Oil for Other Vegetable Oils

We mentioned coconut oil above, but not everyone enjoys the taste of coconuts.

If you need to use oil in your cooking then we suggest you use Extra Virgin olive oil instead.

This oil is free in impurities and chemicals and also has an abundance on LDL mono saturated fats – the good type of fat.

Healthy Alkaline Supplements

We know it’s hard to always eat right. It can be even harder to find and use those tasty food swaps for an alkaline diet.

Another alternative you can consider are some alkaline supplements to help boost your dietary alkaline food goals.

These supplements will help maintain an alkaline pH blood balance and reach your goals to stay phit.

Our favorite is ALKALETE BY YOLI, but we also include some other excellent choices as well.

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