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My 2015 Goals (And 3 Simple Hacks to Stick to Yours)

Hey pHit Nation!

Just wanted to share a couple goals I have for 2015 so you can see how I approach weight loss and other health goals.

Most of you would probably say New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time.

… I disagree!

If you write your goal down and that’s as far as you go, then yeah, you’re wasting your time.

Here are my goals for 2015… AND how I’ll stick to them, AND how you can too!

Goal #1 – 12% Body Fat Percentage 

The past 6 months, I’ve consistently maintained by weight between 165 and 172.

I even got down to 162, (documented here) and looked like  this for a few weeks:


The picture on the right was taken in July 2014.  I relaxed a bit after this picture and put back on 5 lbs pretty quickly.

Still, at 6’1, whether I’m 165 or 170 lbs, I’m obviously not concerned about my weight.

So how can someone like me measure success?

… get your body fat percentage tested.

In December 2014, I had the hydrostatic body fat percentage test done at Rawmana Fitness here in San Diego.  This is the “gold standard” of body fat testing and cost me $75.

My fitness Bible, the 4 Hour Workweek, by Tim Ferriss, says that if you’re someone like me… not obese, just a little “loose in the cage”, that 12% is an excellent goal.

I was hoping my results would come back around 14% to 15% but was surprised to see my results came back at 17%.


Clearly I need to put on some muscle and take off some fat.

I like how the test tells you the exact weight of your fat (in my case 29 lbs).

I came into the test weighing 170.6 lbs.

So all I have to do is aim to lose 10 lbs of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle.  That will put me at my ideal weight of 166 and below 12% body fat.

19 lbs of fat / 166 lbs = 11.4%

After goals #2 and #3, I’ll tell you how I plan to do it.

Goal #2 – 33 Inch Waist

Again, a weight goal would be silly for me.

But one way I can be certain I’ve trimmed the fat is by reducing my waist size.

I’ve averaged around 35 to 36 inches the past 6 months, so I know I’ll have a much nicer V shape by reducing the waist size.

Goal #3 – Maintain Goals 1 and 2 for the Rest of 2015

One of the biggest mistakes people make is they set their goals too short sided.

Then once they hit their goal, they backslide.

Once I hit my goals, I plan to maintain them, so why not plan for that goal now?

The Method

I’ll be doing a blend of the Yoli Better Body System and the Slow Carb Diet popularized by Tim Ferriss, as well as implementing some of his exercise advice.

From the Yoli system I’ll use:

  • Alkalete- their alkalizing agent
  • PURE – their probiotic
  • The occasional YES Shake
  • I’ll also be using their schedule where I have protein days and meal days.  On protein days I’ll be cutting out sugar and carbs almost completely.  On meal days, I’ll add a fruit or complex carb to a couple of my snacks.

From the 4 Hour Body and the Slow Carb diet, I’ll use:

  • 2 to 3 meals per day will follow the slow carb diet meaning my meals will consist of a meat, beans or lentils, and a vegetable.
  • I’ll be eating 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up
  • 2 to 3 times per day after eating I’ll do 30 air squats and 30 wall push-ups
  • 2 times per week, to build muscle, I’ll do Ferriss’s 20 minute workout – basically you hit all the major muscles with only 5 to 6 exercises.  (push ups, dips, rows, military press, squats).  Then rather than doing multiple sets, you only do 1 set to failure of each exercise, making each rep last 10 seconds.  (i.e. 5 seconds up, 5 seconds down)

I’ve also been in the habit of ring to yoga 2 times per week, which I’ll continue.

How I’ll Stick to My Health Goals (and How You Can Too)

As I’ve written in my Food Addicts Guide to Losing Weight, to set yourself up for success, motivation and determination aren’t enough.

… you have to take steps to transform your goals into something you NEED to do, not want to do.

You should tie your goals to social acceptance, (the need for love and belonging), pride (the need for esteem), or physiological needs, (the most basic needs of all… food, water, sleep, etc.).

Here’s what this looks like for me:

  1. Make Pledge on Facebook – I’ve already posted my goal.  I’ll update my friends regularly here so if I don’t hit my goal, I’ll expose myself to public humiliation.  This appeals to my primal needs of esteem and love and belonging.  I’m also holding myself accountable by sharing my goals with the Living Phit community.facebook_post
  2. Set up Goal on Stickk.com – I’ve written about Stickk before.  I’ve set a hefty amount of money on the line if I don’t hit my first 2 goals by Dec. 31st.  And guess what, if I don’t hit the goal, it goes to a charity I HATE!  Therefore I NEED to hit my goal.   IMPORTANT:  I’ve scheduled a reminder on my phone to set up a new Stickk goal on January 1st.  This way, once I hit goals, I can set a new goal to maintain.
  3. Do it with a Friend – I’ve recruited by step-brother Gianni, who is also trying to hit his own goals.  Many studies show that adding a friend in the mix will make you over 60% more likely to succeed?  Why?  The need for acceptance.  I don’t want my step-brother to think I’m a quitter.

These tricks work for me.  You may need to do all of these and more.

So if you’re reading this at the beginning of 2015 or even anytime in the future, don’t just set goals.  Set goals and create steps that force you to stick to them!

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