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diabetic results of alkalizing body

In our last post written by Dr. Jeff Ring, we discussed how diabetics can potentially reverse the effects of diabetes by alkalizing their bodies.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of diabetics who didn’t just accept their disease.

Instead, they punched their diabetes in the face!

We pulled these testimonials from all over the web.

… some accomplished their goals with diet, and some with supplements.

We don’t care how you do it – Just read these testimonials and use them as fuel to get busy alkalizing your bodies… and if you need help along the way, grab our 30 Day Phit Kit to get you started.

30 Day Phit Kit


Where Our Diabetic Knockout Stories Were Found

The majority of our testimonials came from two sources.

1. The Empowered by Yoli – We’ve talked about *Yoli on Living Phit several times as they offer products that help alkalize the body.  Empowered by Yoli is a Facebook Group where Yoli customers and distributors hang out to discuss all things Yoli.

Here’s their group’s feature image:


I love visiting the group because a lot of people share their personal testimonials about how taking Yoli has helped them.

One of the diseases that people talk most about is diabetes.  While Yoli products aren’t meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease, they clearly help people to lose weight, detoxify and alkalize their bodies, and achieve optimal health.

… Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many diabetics get terrific results on Yoli.

If you’re not familiar with the group, feel free to join and post a question or search for testimonials.  It’s a closed group, but anyone can join.

They made it easy to search for a topic by using the search box on the top right:


None of the testimonials below were requested from the group members.  They were simply excited to share their results and I later found their testimonials using the search feature and asked for their permission to be featured here.


pH_miracle_for_diabetes_book2. Testimonials for “The pH Miracle for Diabetes” by Dr. Robert Young and Shelley Young

This book contains a roadmap for diabetics to alkalize their bodies by eating an alkaline diet.

In this case, we scoured through the public reviews on Amazon about the book and have reproduced them for you below.

Around the Web –  Lastly, we found more Yoli testimonials around the web, such those shared by Dr. Mike Okouchi.  “Dr. Mike” has posted multiple Yoli testimonials on his websites and given us permission to reshare them here.

45 Diabetics Who KO’d Their Disease

This first set is from some members of the Empowered by Yoli group:

My father WAS a type two diabetic. Yoli and positive dietary changes successfully helped him lower his sugars and all down enough to get off all medications and be considered no longer diabetic!

Alex Vile


I’m on my third month of my low carb diet and Yoli.  Quit taking metformin after the 1st month, just went to the doctor and my A1C in Feb was 6.8.  Had it retaken on Aug 21 and my A1C is 5.9 no meds and just following the low carb, low acidity diet, along with Yoli supplements.  On the plus side I have also lost 15lbs. My Dr. was very please and I feel WONDERFUL.

Peggy Sue Sproston


I am diabetic. When I started with healthy food choices and Yoli my AIC was 8.2.  I was on Glipizide and Victoza shots. I was monitoring my sugars daily for the first week and they were really low so I stopped both for a week to see if they changed and guess what? They stayed between 80-95. I have not had any diabetic meds since May and I feel sooo much better without them. Hope this helps!  Eat healthy and Yoli on my friends.  Oh and my A1c was 6.9 too last month.

Chris Boes Gresham


It helped with my mom’s A1-C- it was 7.5 and is now down to 6.4.

Michelle Krom

This one comes from one of Dr. Mike Okouchi’s patients:



My dad is completely off his meds and considered non diabetic now because of positive dietary choices and Yoli.

Samantha Jo


My morning blood sugars had been running in the low 200’s. This morning it was 104. Yep, the changes in how a person treats food combined with a couple of the products can truly make a difference.

Kevin Carter


My A1c was 11 was on januvia and metformin……..off everything now!

Debbie Owens Rodgriguez


I am a diabetic and am on my second month soon to be my third. Have not given myself Insulin shot since week two. I have had sugar lows so I monitor levels more than before. A healthy lifestyle and Yoli has made me understand my health more than before. I eat protein to keep sugar levels much better and healthier now and feel so much better. Next month will be true test, I get my AC1 blood work from my Doc.I feel fantastic!

Gail Hort

This testimonial was shared publicly on Pinterest:


Now here are some Amazon reviews of diabetics who were able to change their lives on the alkaline diet after reading “The pH Miracle for Diabetes” mixed in with a couple others we found on the web:


This testimonial was published in the Cape Gazette.

testimonial for yoli


The pH Miracle Reviews:



From Dr. Mike Okouchi’s Pinterest Page:juvenile diabetic alkaline diet

More from Empowered by Yoli:

My blood sugars and AIC came down and I am no longer taking any medications.

Virginia Steele Jensen


I was on insulin every 4 hours like clock work after 2 months only 1 time daily

Tabby Martinjak


No more meds for me just started my 4th week!

Criselda Moreno


A1C 5.5 after only 2 months no more meds!!

Randy Wade


Used to be borderline diabetes…after having Gestational diabetes. Last A1C was 5.9 …daily readings of 115-120mg/dl….now A1C 5 and reading of 87.

Malou Sugay Ortega

This one was from Yoli distributor Robert Burns’ website:

robert burns a1c decreased 8.5 to 7.5


Empowered by Yoli:


My mom was able to level her blood sugar and has reduced her insulin more than half her original dosage and with the weight loss has been able to get around so much better with less inflammation in her joints.

Shannon Blatt


I am no longer on 2000 mg of metformin a day and my A1c came down to 5.6 without any diabetes medication.

Monica Dumitrescu


My blood sugar has been better than ever since I started my alkaline diet and Yoli three weeks ago—all within normal range! Although my last A1C was 6.3, I can’t wait to see how things turn out when I see my doctor again in September. I hope he decreases some of my meds too.

Angela Lindahl


I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic (type 2) a little over a year ago. A1C was 7.2. I was put on one Metformin/day and promised the doctor I would lose 15 pounds by the time I came back in 3 months for my next A1C. I didn’t lose those 15 pounds and was embarrassed and ashamed, so didn’t go back for the test. Yes, I know that’s not very smart. I decided to give the alkaline diet a try and while I was waiting for my first T-Kit to arrive I tested my fasting blood sugar every morning. It was always over 130. Three days after starting the alkaline diet and Yoli my blood tested 151. I freaked and texted my niece (who is also my sponsor). She sent my text to Dr. Cross, who responded and told me to be patient as my body was just trying to adjust things. Three days later my blood tested 106!! That was the lowest it had ever been since I started testing. It’s stayed between there and 125 consistently. April of 2013 I had a blood screening done with our health program at work. My results came back with a big, black H (for HIGH) next to glucose and cholesterol. My results in April of this year had NO big, black Hs next to anything — everything had come down — glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides. I finally made an appointment for an A1C. It was 6.2. I’m still on the Metformin and am looking very much forward to my next appointment in August. I’ve lost almost 25 pounds so far. In August I fully expect my weight loss number to be higher and my A1C number to be lower. Yoli really is a life saver.

Jeannie Schumann Stolee

pH Miracle Reviews:

alkaline_diet_for_diabetics_3Testimonial from Alkalizing for Life

testimonial for dr young

Last Round of pH Miracle Reviews:


Last of the Empowered by Yoli Testimonials

My wife went from daily shots to no medication in less than a month. What a blessing!!

Lane Muckey


Just wanted to share happy with a new healthy lifestyle and yoli. Hubby has had type 2 diabetes for years. We take pure and alkalete daily for just 2-3 months now. May not follow exact plan of other things to a tee but his ac1 blood test came back for him and number used to be realy high and was down to single digits. For him its a big deal. All my cholesterol and other numbers are great. We are super happy and plan to continue .

Karen Gage


Well this was my post back in April on my 5 year old niece. Now here’s a current update…..she is doing GREAT my sister has dropped her insulin from 7 units to 5 units and she is finally getting to just be a kid & not feeling so yucky all the time. I could NEVER thank a low carb diet and Yoli enough for what it’s done for my niece!!!!

Mindy Shawn


I had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a little over 2 years ago-all of a sudden it showed up. I was higher than what I am going to report here, but my 3 month A1c went from 6.4 to 6.2. my blood glucose went from 127 to 120. I still have a ways to go, but I know with the Yoli transformation and exercises I do, I will get better. My goal is to get off as much prescription medicine as I can.

Sandy Shekleton


Robert Orca had never been below triple digits until his 8th day of taking Yoli.

Robert Orca had never been below triple digits until his 8th day of taking Yoli.

I am a diabetic and have been on my new alkaline diet and yoli for 11 months and bloodsugar levels are all in normal levels I have more energy and feel so much better.  My a 1c went from 12 to 5.5 in 6 months my fbs is steadyround 89 to 100 reduced my lantus from 50 units to 12 units and Humalog before meals from 14 units to 2 units feel great have lost 64 lbs in 10 months

Sharon Emerick


I will be starting my 7th month of healthy food choices and YOLI soon. Just can’t say enough good about it. I have diabetes 2, arthritis, celiac, copd, and gout real bad when I started. I was doing 3 shots 8 units each of Humalog 3x a day, plus Lantus 50 units morning and night. After one week on YOLI I was off Humalog totally and was cutting back on the Lantus. My sugar readings were so low some days I didn’t need any. Now my doctor has me doing 20 units once a day and my sugars are not ever over 112. I am grateful for the the high alkaline diet and YOLI and I expect to be off insulin by the year end. Now I could hardly get out of bed each morning for pain but by the second week my pain was gone and I had more energy than I had in years. Off two inhalers also, doctor said it didn’t make enough difference to continue. I am able to walk and do things that wore me out before. Last visit to arthritis doctor he said keep doing what ever it is working. I feel great and the mental fog I had is also gone. The best part is I’ve lost 42lbs. as of today, and oh poor me I have to get smaller clothes. I love my new lifestyle and what it has done for me. I haven’t had gout since December. Last month I got all the furniture out of the garage pressure washed it and carried it to the front porch by myself, that’s an accomplishment and still wasn’t tired.

Sandy Shaw


I have diabetes. When I started the alkaline diet and Yoli my a1c was 11.8 and I was taking metformin and glipzide. Both twice a day. After 3 months on with a high alkaline diet and Yoli my a1c went down to 5.8. And I was able to stop taking glipzide. I have never felt better.

April Schultz Stender


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treatcure or prevent any disease.

Image Credit: Copyright: alexmillos / 123RF Stock Photo

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