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Top 10 Best Supplements for an Alkaline Body

We are going to provide you with a list of the top 10 supplements for an alkaline body. Why would you want to know about supplements? The reason is simple… Studies have shown that it is essentially impossible to get ALL the nutrients we need to be optimally healthy through food alone. Our soils are […] Read More

Low Cost Alkaline Diet Without Supplements

I am going to show you how you can afford and eat a low cost alkaline diet without supplements every day. Everyone wants to eat healthy to feel healthy. The scientific evidence continues to show that many Americans suffer bad health because of what they eat. Life is tough and fast paced these days. It’s […] Read More

12 Tasty Food Swaps for the Alkaline Diet

Finding tasty food swaps for the alkaline diet can be a challenge sometimes. It’s hard to keep track of which foods are alkaline and which are acidic. We are going to show you some “smart” foods swaps for those who are trying to maintain their alkaline diet. More and more studies are beginning to prove […] Read More

Best High Fat Alkaline Foods

In this article I’m going to tell you about the best high fat alkaline foods. I’m sure some of you are reading this with arched eye brows and saying … WHAAAT! Yes! That’s right. Although almost all of our articles here at Living Phit focus strictly on alkaline low carb foods, fat is a very […] Read More

How to Alkalize Your Body Fast: 3 Easy Steps to a Higher pH

ON YOUR MARK! GET READY TO DETOX YOUR BODY ACIDITY AND LEARN HOW TO ALKALIZE YOUR BODY FAST! I am going to show you 3 easy steps to get higher alkaline levels in your body. Our 3 step approach includes… STEP 1. How to Remove Acidic Foods from your Diet – which foods are most […] Read More

How to Order Alkaline at Mexican Food Restaurants

Is it possible to find healthy alkaline food items in a Mexican restaurant? The answer is yes! The trick is: • Knowing which Mexican foods are high in fat (1) • Knowing what Mexican food is healthy (2) • Knowing how to order Once you understand the above – you can enjoy many of the […] Read More

high alkaline foods

If you’re looking to lose weight, reduce acidity in your body, or even fight certain medical issues, you may have heard you needed to start eating high alkaline foods (aka – the alkaline diet). But which foods are alkaline and which ones work the fastest?  Do any of them protect against disease like acid reflux or […] Read More

Body pH 101 – Intro to Dietary Acidosis

Over the past decade, scientists have begun to study and release their findings about the effects of pH balance, (acidity and alkalinity) in the human body. … Their findings have been nothing short of incredible. And since most of the Western world remains ignorant to the importance and health risks associated with imbalanced body pH […] Read More

Lower Cholesterol Levels with an Alkaline Diet

Want to learn how to lower cholesterol levels with an alkaline diet? Does an alkaline diet really work? You bet it does and we are going to tell you why it works and the health benefits you can derive from an alkaline diet. And, I am also going to provide some testimonials from people who […] Read More

Yoli – The Complete Guide [FAQ’s]

yoli diet review - products ingredients and safety

 Perhaps you’re interested in the Yoli Better Body System, and have read a few Yoli diet reviews, but still have questions. … or maybe you’re already a customer. Either way, You’re in the perfect place! We’ve got you covered with 100+ Yoli FAQs – We cover everything from general FAQs about Yoli’s cost and how the […] Read More