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Meet the Team

LivingPhit.com is operated by Chris Huntley and Ryan Kennedy.

Here’s how we got interested in optimal pH maintenance in the body.

Chris Huntley

Hey, I’m Chris, founder of Living Phit.

My wife, Brenda, and I were first introduced to the problem of dietary acidosis in 2013 and went on a 30 day alkalizing cleanse.  We saw major changes in our bodies, including:

  • I noticed I wasn’t getting sore after workouts anymore
  • Brenda’s eczema on her ring finger disappeared (she hadn’t been able to wear her wedding ring for a year, since every time she wore it for a couple hours, her skin broke out in a rash under the band)
  • Weight loss

Since then, I’ve done a ton of research on the alkaline diet, eating and exercising efficiently, and personal development work under my mentor, Darren Hardy, and started blogging about my journey here at Living Phit in 2014.

I’ve learned about dozens of foods and products that help alkalize the body, and found hundreds of positive reviews for those products!  They all claimed the same thing.  Alkalizing the body helps with acid reflux, weight management, skin problems, and a host of other issues associated with acidity in the body.

  • Acid Reflux
  • Stress Reduction
  • Take away aches and pains
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • … and more weight loss testimonials

I decided the world must know about this.

I’m 100% convinced that if you eat a clean diet and stay away from certain foods, an alkaline diet and moderate exercise will help you look and feel amazing!  I’m here to bring that to you!

I also hold a Weight Loss Certificate (Expert Level) from Expert Rating.

Ryan Kennedy

Ryan’s passion for health and fitness began when he lost his seemingly healthy mother to cancer.

He has now dedicated his life to helping others radically improve their health and well-being through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Utilizing cutting edge science and results-based natural therapies, Ryan has created programs that help people burn fat and build muscle as a direct result of improving their overall health, not sacrificing it. Ryan is your trusted guide on your health and fitness journey to transform your physique, feel amazing, and live the life of your dreams.

Ryan is also a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist who takes a holistic approach to helping people look, feel, and perform at their best.