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Here’s how we got interested in optimal pH maintenance in the body.

Chris and Brenda were first introduced to the problem of dietary acidosis in 2013 by their good friends, Angel and Tulane Rivera.  After trying a mineral dietary supplement that helps alkalize the body (*Alkalete by Yoli),  Chris and Brenda saw major changes in their bodies, including:

  • Chris noticed he wasn’t getting sore after workouts anymore
  • Brenda’s eczema on her ring finger disappeared (she hadn’t been able to wear her wedding ring for a year, since every time she wore it for a couple hours, her skin broke out in a rash under the band)
  • Weight loss

So they got other friends and family members to try the product, including Brenda’s brother, Dr. Jeff, and Joy, his wife.  Feedback started pouring in from friends and family that Alkalete was helping them with:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Stress Reduction
  • Take away aches and pains
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • … and more weight loss testimonials

With Dr. Jeff being a chiropractor, and Chris being a former science teacher and health blogger, they both dove into learning about the effects of acidosis in 2014.  They learned about additional products that help alkalize the body, and found hundreds more positive reviews for those products as well!  They all claimed the same thing.  Alkalizing the body helps with acid reflux, weight management, skin problems, and a host of other issues associated with acidity in the body.

We decided the world has to know about this.

Our Team:

  • Dr. Jeff Ring, D.C. – medical content editor and technical writer, Phit Coach, co-owner of the La Mesa Spine Center
  • Chris Huntley – primary article writer, Phit Coach
  • Brenda Huntley – contributor, Phit Coach

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