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Top 5 Back Exercises To Build a Strong, Sculpted Back

Building a strong, shredded back is an important factor to functional fitness and optimal physique. It seems as though the chest, arms, and legs are often prioritized in many peoples workout routines since those are the body parts you can see in the mirror. This is unfortunate since the back is a critical component to […] Read more

Resistance Training for Better Physical and Mental Health

Many people have come to associate resistance training and muscle mass with body builders and meat heads in the gym pushing around ultra heavy weights. In reality, we all require muscle mass to functional optimally and it’s a critical component to healthy aging. Muscle mass is actually the number one factor that determines how well you are […] Read more

5 Benefits of Battle Rope Training

Insert Content Template or SymbolBattle rope training has been growing in popularity in many fitness circles and for good reason.They are a low cost, functional piece of workout equipment that can provide you with a killer full-body training session.These ropes can provide you with an efficient workout to maximize fat loss in a short amount […] Read more

Walking Burns Belly Fat And Adds Years To Your Life

Most people underestimate the power and benefits of walking.Our society tends to have an extremist mindset and believes if you aren’t  drenched in sweat doing high-intensity exercise, surely you aren’t getting much benefit. This false notion is far from the truth!Resistance training and High intensity interval training are excellent options for burning calories and building muscle, but […] Read more

What is The Lymphatic System? The lymphatic system is a network of blood vessels and lymph nodes that transport lymph fluid throughout the body.It’s a critical aspect to our immune system and has many functions that aid in our bodies ability to fight infections and disease-causing inflammation. When your lymphatic system is functioning poorly, you have […] Read more

Insert ImageOne of the most common questions I get asked is, “what type of exercise is best for fat loss?”While resistance training is certainly important and essential for building muscle and strength, some of the latest research is showing that high intensity interval training workouts may be the most efficient style of exercise for fat loss […] Read more