Resistance Training for Better Physical and Mental Health

Many people have come to associate resistance training and muscle mass with body builders and meat heads in the gym pushing around ultra heavy weights. In reality, we all require muscle mass to functional optimally and it’s a critical component to healthy aging. Muscle mass is actually the number one factor that determines how well you are […] Read More

Article Key Takeaways: Intermittent fasting is a term that refers to the timing of your meals each day which cycles between periods of eating and fasting (not eating)The benefits of intermittent fasting include: weight loss, decreasing inflammation, lowering risk of heart disease, increasing insulin sensitivity, boosting metabolic rate, reduce your risk for cancer, protect and improve […] Read More

14 Health Benefits of Saunas

[…] Read More

Walking Can Burn Belly Fat And Add Years To Your Life

Most people underestimate the power and benefits of walking.Our society tends to have an extremist mindset and believes if you aren’t  drenched in sweat doing high-intensity exercise, surely you aren’t getting much benefit. This false notion is far from the truth!Resistance training and High intensity interval training are excellent options for burning calories and building muscle, but […] Read More

How Much Water You Should Drink Each Day

How much water do you drink daily?Some of you may have an approximate guess, but most people really don’t keep track or put much thought into their water consumption.The common recommendation is for everyone to drink 8 glasses of water each day, which is vague and not individualized.How many ounces in each “glass”?A 250 lb […] Read More

What is the Lymphatic System? The lymphatic system is a network of blood vessels and lymph nodes that transport lymph fluid throughout the body. It’s a critical aspect to our immune system and has many functions that aid in our bodies ability to fight infections and disease-causing inflammation. When your lymphatic system is functioning poorly, […] Read More