Top 10 Best Supplements for an Alkaline Body

We are going to provide you with a list of the top 10 supplements for an alkaline body. Why would you want to know about supplements? The reason is simple… Studies have shown that it is essentially impossible to get ALL the nutrients we need to be optimally healthy through food alone. Our soils are […] Read More

How to Alkalize Your Body Fast: 3 Easy Steps to a Higher pH

ON YOUR MARK! GET READY TO DETOX YOUR BODY ACIDITY AND LEARN HOW TO ALKALIZE YOUR BODY FAST! I am going to show you 3 easy steps to get higher alkaline levels in your body. Our 3 step approach includes… STEP 1. How to Remove Acidic Foods from your Diet – which foods are most […] Read More

diabetic results of alkalizing body

In our last post written by Dr. Jeff Ring, we discussed how diabetics can potentially reverse the effects of diabetes by alkalizing their bodies. Acidity and Diabetes: How Alkalizing the Body May Help to Prevent, Manage, or Reverse Diabetes In this post, we’ve put together a list of diabetics who didn’t just accept their disease. […] Read More

play your diabetes cards correctly

Looking for ways to manage your diabetes and even to reverse some or all of the negative effects? Of course you are! Did you know that a major roadblock to meeting your diabetic goals could be a simple imbalance in your body’s pH levels? … and more precisely, a problem of acidity? In our article, […] Read More