Low Cost Alkaline Diet Without Supplements

So you’re looking to eat an alkaline diet but have two primary concerns: the high cost of alkalizing supplements the high cost of alkalizing foods We can help! In this post, I am going to show you how you can afford and eat a low cost alkaline diet without supplements every day. The Acidic Problem […] Read more

Yoli – The Complete Guide [FAQ’s]

yoli diet review - products ingredients and safety

Perhaps you’re interested in the Yoli Better Body System, and have read a few Yoli diet reviews, but still have questions. … or maybe you’re looking for a low cost alternative to Yoli. Either way, You’re in the perfect place! We’ve got you covered with 100+ Yoli FAQs – We cover everything from general FAQs about […] Read more

high alkaline foods

If you’re looking to lose weight, reduce acidity in your body, or even fight certain medical issues, you may have heard you needed to start eating high alkaline foods (aka – the alkaline diet). But which foods are alkaline and which ones work the fastest?  Do any of them protect against disease like acid reflux or […] Read more

Best High Fat Alkaline Foods – Nuts vs Dairy & Healthy Oils

Twenty years ago, it would have been taboo to recommend a high fat diet. Even the healthiest high fat foods like eggs, nuts, and healthy oils weren’t understood to have the alkalizing and weight loss effects on your body we know they have today. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the best […] Read more

Health Benefits of Juicing Vegetables and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Green Juice has gained a ton of popularity in recent years and it seems as though every health enthusiast is posting photos on their social media page of their daily juice habit.With all the fad-diets and misinformation in the health and wellness space, it’s important to question whether or not fruit and vegetable juice is […] Read more

Healthy Fats and Oils for Weight Loss and Optimal Health

Fats are one of the most misunderstood food topics in the health world today. People are constantly confused and getting mixed information on whether fat is good for you, how much to consume, and which fats are heat stable and good to cook with. For decades flawed research and corruption took healthy saturated fats off […] Read more

Here, we are going to give some simple ideas for 10 food recipes high in alkaline that take less than 5 minute to prepare. Many people “on the go” can find it challenging to find the time to prepare a healthy alkaline meal. But, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, there’s lots of awesome alkaline recipes […] Read more

The Hidden Cost of Acidity in Processed Foods

  Let’s talk about the hidden cost of acidity in processed foods. What you are about to read should both shock and horrify you. We would all like to think that the American Food Industry wouldn’t create food products that could make us sick. WRONG!! Many processed foods that Americans eat today are making you […] Read more

10 acidic foods to avoid

Let’s look at 10 acidic foods to avoid and weight loss. Americans seem to be fighting a losing battle against obesity. (1)  It’s time to turn that around. Here, at Living Phit, we want you all to live long and productive lives. Most overweight people know they should be eating healthier. You know your current […] Read more

20 Alkaline Foods that Help You Lose Weight

If you’re looking to lose weight, perhaps you’ve heard an alkaline diet can help. That’s absolutely true! In this article, I am going to provide you with a list of 20 alkaline foods that help you lose weight. Important: If you’re interested in our 30 Day Phit Kit, you can alkalize & detox your body […] Read more