Shredded by 40 – Starting Images and Measurements

Here’s my starting point for the “Shredded by 40” competition. These were taken on 12/8/18. Measurements: Weight: 182 Body fat % – *Not TakenWaist size – **35.25″ – 47.6% of my height – (Result: Goal Not Yet Hit)Chest – 40.5″ – Less than 1.3x waist – (Result: Goal Not Yet Hit)Arms – Average 14.5 – […] Read more

Shredded by 40 Updates

This page will serve as the main hub for tracking my Shredded by 40 updates as well as provide proof of each item I hit. Updates: Starting images and measurements (coming soon) Goal Tracker All goals with rules are below.  As I achieve them, I’ll provide video or image proof below. Body Composition and Measurements: […] Read more

Shredded by 40 Goals I Must Hit (Or Pay the Price)

Hey everyone, If you’re nearing 40 and aren’t happy with your current physique, I’d love for you to join me on my “Shredded by 40” journey. If you missed the previous post, I’m Chris, one of the founders of Living Phit, and I just turned 39 in September 2018. I’m on a journey to get […] Read more

Shredded by 40 – The Bet is On!

Hey everyone, Most of you know Ryan, this 24 year old Greek god of a man pictured on the right.  He’s the brains behind all-things-nutrition on Living Phit. You may not know me. I’m the nerdy internet marketer pulling the strings behind Living Phit’s website, that probably got you to this article. By all measures, […] Read more