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Insert ImageOne of the most debated topics in the health space is nutrition. Literally thousands of diet books have been published and the onslaught of different opinions is virtually endless. The truth is, there is no such things as a perfect  human diet for everyone. Just like there is no single food that’s healthy for everyone. We are […] Read more

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and How to Use it

[…] Read more

How to Make Bone Broth to Heal Your Gut and Lose Weight

Bone broth has been a staple food in virtually every ancient population throughout history. Our ancestors instinctively understood the importance of using every single part of the animal, and the parts most people don’t use today were actually revered in the past. For example, organ meats like liver and heart were always the most prized […] Read more

Top 5 Back Exercises To Build a Strong, Sculpted Back

Building a strong, shredded back is an important factor to functional fitness and optimal physique. It seems as though the chest, arms, and legs are often prioritized in many peoples workout routines since those are the body parts you can see in the mirror. This is unfortunate since the back is a critical component to […] Read more

Resistance Training for Better Physical and Mental Health

Many people have come to associate resistance training and muscle mass with body builders and meat heads in the gym pushing around ultra heavy weights. In reality, we all require muscle mass to functional optimally and it’s a critical component to healthy aging. Muscle mass is actually the number one factor that determines how well you are […] Read more

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss, Heart Health, Longevity, and More!

Article Key Takeaways:  Intermittent fasting is a term that refers to the timing of your meals each day which cycles between periods of eating and fasting (not eating) The benefits of intermittent fasting include: weight loss, decreasing inflammation, lowering risk of heart disease, increasing insulin sensitivity, boosting metabolic rate, reduce your risk for cancer, protect […] Read more

14 Health Benefits of Saunas

Odds are you have heard at one point or another that using saunas can be beneficial for your health.The sauna industry has greatly expanded in recent years due to increased consumer demand, as a result of the research demonstrating the positive health effects. The problem is that it can be difficult for someone to know what […] Read more

5 Benefits of Battle Rope Training

Insert Content Template or SymbolBattle rope training has been growing in popularity in many fitness circles and for good reason.They are a low cost, functional piece of workout equipment that can provide you with a killer full-body training session.These ropes can provide you with an efficient workout to maximize fat loss in a short amount […] Read more

Healthiest Fruit To Eat And Why Too Much Fruit Can Cause Weight Gain

Many people have differing beliefs when it comes to fruit. While someone might claim it’s the healthiest thing you can eat, another person will say it causes weight gain and insulin resistance.So who’s right? In this article I will discuss:Pros and cons of fruit What I believe to be the healthiest fruitsThe best way to consume […] Read more

diabetic results of alkalizing body

In our last post written by Dr. Jeff Ring, we discussed how diabetics can potentially reverse the effects of diabetes by alkalizing their bodies. Acidity and Diabetes: How Alkalizing the Body May Help to Prevent, Manage, or Reverse Diabetes In this post, we’ve put together a list of diabetics who didn’t just accept their disease. […] Read more