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Nov 18

45 Diabetics Who Crushed their Disease by Going “Alkaline”

By Chris Huntley | Health Conditions , pH Balance Benefits , Testimonials , Yoli

diabetic results of alkalizing body

In our last post written by Dr. Jeff Ring, we discussed how diabetics can potentially reverse the effects of diabetes by alkalizing their bodies.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of diabetics who didn’t just accept their disease.

Instead, they punched their diabetes in the face!

We pulled these testimonials from all over the web.

… some accomplished their goals with diet, and some with supplements.

We don’t care how you do it – Just read these testimonials and use them as fuel to get busy alkalizing your bodies… and if you need help along the way, grab our 30 Day Phit Kit to get you started.

30 Day Phit Kit


Where Our Diabetic Knockout Stories Were Found

The majority of our testimonials came from two sources.

1. The Empowered by Yoli – We’ve talked about *Yoli on Living Phit several times as they offer products that help alkalize the body.  Empowered by Yoli is a Facebook Group where Yoli customers and distributors hang out to discuss all things Yoli.

Here’s their group’s feature image:


I love visiting the group because a lot of people share their personal testimonials about how taking Yoli has helped them.

One of the diseases that people talk most about is diabetes.  While Yoli products aren’t meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease, they clearly help people to lose weight, detoxify and alkalize their bodies, and achieve optimal health.

… Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many diabetics get terrific results on Yoli.

If you’re not familiar with the group, feel free to join and post a question or search for testimonials.  It’s a closed group, but anyone can join.

They made it easy to search for a topic by using the search box on the top right:


None of the testimonials below were requested from the group members.  They were simply excited to share their results and I later found their testimonials using the search feature and asked for their permission to be featured here.


pH_miracle_for_diabetes_book2. Testimonials for “The pH Miracle for Diabetes” by Dr. Robert Young and Shelley Young

This book contains a roadmap for diabetics to alkalize their bodies by eating an alkaline diet.

In this case, we scoured through the public reviews on Amazon about the book and have reproduced them for you below.

Around the Web –  Lastly, we found more Yoli testimonials around the web, such those shared by Dr. Mike Okouchi.  “Dr. Mike” has posted multiple Yoli testimonials on his websites and given us permission to reshare them here.

45 Diabetics Who KO’d Their Disease

This first set is from some members of the Empowered by Yoli group:

My father WAS a type two diabetic. Yoli and positive dietary changes successfully helped him lower his sugars and all down enough to get off all medications and be considered no longer diabetic!

Alex Vile


I’m on my third month of my low carb diet and Yoli.  Quit taking metformin after the 1st month, just went to the doctor and my A1C in Feb was 6.8.  Had it retaken on Aug 21 and my A1C is 5.9 no meds and just following the low carb, low acidity diet, along with Yoli supplements.  On the plus side I have also lost 15lbs. My Dr. was very please and I feel WONDERFUL.

Peggy Sue Sproston


I am diabetic. When I started with healthy food choices and Yoli my AIC was 8.2.  I was on Glipizide and Victoza shots. I was monitoring my sugars daily for the first week and they were really low so I stopped both for a week to see if they changed and guess what? They stayed between 80-95. I have not had any diabetic meds since May and I feel sooo much better without them. Hope this helps!  Eat healthy and Yoli on my friends.  Oh and my A1c was 6.9 too last month.

Chris Boes Gresham


It helped with my mom’s A1-C- it was 7.5 and is now down to 6.4.

Michelle Krom

This one comes from one of Dr. Mike Okouchi’s patients:



My dad is completely off his meds and considered non diabetic now because of positive dietary choices and Yoli.

Samantha Jo


My morning blood sugars had been running in the low 200’s. This morning it was 104. Yep, the changes in how a person treats food combined with a couple of the products can truly make a difference.

Kevin Carter


My A1c was 11 was on januvia and metformin…… everything now!

Debbie Owens Rodgriguez


I am a diabetic and am on my second month soon to be my third. Have not given myself Insulin shot since week two. I have had sugar lows so I monitor levels more than before. A healthy lifestyle and Yoli has made me understand my health more than before. I eat protein to keep sugar levels much better and healthier now and feel so much better. Next month will be true test, I get my AC1 blood work from my Doc.I feel fantastic!

Gail Hort

This testimonial was shared publicly on Pinterest:


Now here are some Amazon reviews of diabetics who were able to change their lives on the alkaline diet after reading “The pH Miracle for Diabetes” mixed in with a couple others we found on the web:


This testimonial was published in the Cape Gazette.

testimonial for yoli


The pH Miracle Reviews:



From Dr. Mike Okouchi’s Pinterest Page:juvenile diabetic alkaline diet

More from Empowered by Yoli:

My blood sugars and AIC came down and I am no longer taking any medications.

Virginia Steele Jensen


I was on insulin every 4 hours like clock work after 2 months only 1 time daily

Tabby Martinjak


No more meds for me just started my 4th week!

Criselda Moreno


A1C 5.5 after only 2 months no more meds!!

Randy Wade


Used to be borderline diabetes…after having Gestational diabetes. Last A1C was 5.9 …daily readings of 115-120mg/dl….now A1C 5 and reading of 87.

Malou Sugay Ortega

This one was from Yoli distributor Robert Burns’ website:

robert burns a1c decreased 8.5 to 7.5


Empowered by Yoli:


My mom was able to level her blood sugar and has reduced her insulin more than half her original dosage and with the weight loss has been able to get around so much better with less inflammation in her joints.

Shannon Blatt


I am no longer on 2000 mg of metformin a day and my A1c came down to 5.6 without any diabetes medication.

Monica Dumitrescu


My blood sugar has been better than ever since I started my alkaline diet and Yoli three weeks ago—all within normal range! Although my last A1C was 6.3, I can’t wait to see how things turn out when I see my doctor again in September. I hope he decreases some of my meds too.

Angela Lindahl


I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic (type 2) a little over a year ago. A1C was 7.2. I was put on one Metformin/day and promised the doctor I would lose 15 pounds by the time I came back in 3 months for my next A1C. I didn’t lose those 15 pounds and was embarrassed and ashamed, so didn’t go back for the test. Yes, I know that’s not very smart. I decided to give the alkaline diet a try and while I was waiting for my first T-Kit to arrive I tested my fasting blood sugar every morning. It was always over 130. Three days after starting the alkaline diet and Yoli my blood tested 151. I freaked and texted my niece (who is also my sponsor). She sent my text to Dr. Cross, who responded and told me to be patient as my body was just trying to adjust things. Three days later my blood tested 106!! That was the lowest it had ever been since I started testing. It’s stayed between there and 125 consistently. April of 2013 I had a blood screening done with our health program at work. My results came back with a big, black H (for HIGH) next to glucose and cholesterol. My results in April of this year had NO big, black Hs next to anything — everything had come down — glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides. I finally made an appointment for an A1C. It was 6.2. I’m still on the Metformin and am looking very much forward to my next appointment in August. I’ve lost almost 25 pounds so far. In August I fully expect my weight loss number to be higher and my A1C number to be lower. Yoli really is a life saver.

Jeannie Schumann Stolee

pH Miracle Reviews:

alkaline_diet_for_diabetics_3Testimonial from Alkalizing for Life

testimonial for dr young

Last Round of pH Miracle Reviews:


Last of the Empowered by Yoli Testimonials

My wife went from daily shots to no medication in less than a month. What a blessing!!

Lane Muckey


Just wanted to share happy with a new healthy lifestyle and yoli. Hubby has had type 2 diabetes for years. We take pure and alkalete daily for just 2-3 months now. May not follow exact plan of other things to a tee but his ac1 blood test came back for him and number used to be realy high and was down to single digits. For him its a big deal. All my cholesterol and other numbers are great. We are super happy and plan to continue .

Karen Gage


Well this was my post back in April on my 5 year old niece. Now here’s a current update…..she is doing GREAT my sister has dropped her insulin from 7 units to 5 units and she is finally getting to just be a kid & not feeling so yucky all the time. I could NEVER thank a low carb diet and Yoli enough for what it’s done for my niece!!!!

Mindy Shawn


I had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a little over 2 years ago-all of a sudden it showed up. I was higher than what I am going to report here, but my 3 month A1c went from 6.4 to 6.2. my blood glucose went from 127 to 120. I still have a ways to go, but I know with the Yoli transformation and exercises I do, I will get better. My goal is to get off as much prescription medicine as I can.

Sandy Shekleton


Robert Orca had never been below triple digits until his 8th day of taking Yoli.

Robert Orca had never been below triple digits until his 8th day of taking Yoli.

I am a diabetic and have been on my new alkaline diet and yoli for 11 months and bloodsugar levels are all in normal levels I have more energy and feel so much better.  My a 1c went from 12 to 5.5 in 6 months my fbs is steadyround 89 to 100 reduced my lantus from 50 units to 12 units and Humalog before meals from 14 units to 2 units feel great have lost 64 lbs in 10 months

Sharon Emerick


I will be starting my 7th month of healthy food choices and YOLI soon. Just can’t say enough good about it. I have diabetes 2, arthritis, celiac, copd, and gout real bad when I started. I was doing 3 shots 8 units each of Humalog 3x a day, plus Lantus 50 units morning and night. After one week on YOLI I was off Humalog totally and was cutting back on the Lantus. My sugar readings were so low some days I didn’t need any. Now my doctor has me doing 20 units once a day and my sugars are not ever over 112. I am grateful for the the high alkaline diet and YOLI and I expect to be off insulin by the year end. Now I could hardly get out of bed each morning for pain but by the second week my pain was gone and I had more energy than I had in years. Off two inhalers also, doctor said it didn’t make enough difference to continue. I am able to walk and do things that wore me out before. Last visit to arthritis doctor he said keep doing what ever it is working. I feel great and the mental fog I had is also gone. The best part is I’ve lost 42lbs. as of today, and oh poor me I have to get smaller clothes. I love my new lifestyle and what it has done for me. I haven’t had gout since December. Last month I got all the furniture out of the garage pressure washed it and carried it to the front porch by myself, that’s an accomplishment and still wasn’t tired.

Sandy Shaw


I have diabetes. When I started the alkaline diet and Yoli my a1c was 11.8 and I was taking metformin and glipzide. Both twice a day. After 3 months on with a high alkaline diet and Yoli my a1c went down to 5.8. And I was able to stop taking glipzide. I have never felt better.

April Schultz Stender


If you have a friend or loved one with diabetes, please SHARE this article.  It could save their life. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treatcure or prevent any disease.

Image Credit: Copyright: alexmillos / 123RF Stock Photo

Nov 18

Acidity and Diabetes: How Alkalizing the Body May Help to Prevent, Manage, or Reverse Diabetes

By Dr. Jeff Ring | Health Conditions , pH Balance Benefits , Phit Tips , Yoli

play your diabetes cards correctlyLooking for ways to manage your diabetes and even to reverse some or all of the negative effects?

Of course you are!

Did you know that a major roadblock to meeting your diabetic goals could be a simple imbalance in your body’s pH levels?

… and more precisely, a problem of acidity?

In our article, we’ll argue you can reverse the harmful effects of acidity by alkalizing your body (with diet or supplements).

Here’s the #1 system we recommend to alkalize the body:

30 Day Phit Kit


Either way, soon, you may be able to make statements like this:

I was diagnosed Type 2 diabetic with sugars over 250… was on Metformin and Glimiperide.  Prior to starting Yoli my A1C was @ 10.9… Then once I started Yoli, the very next day my sugars went from 250 to 125 and kept getting better from then on.  3 months later my labs revealed that my A1C dropped to 5.9.  I am now diabetic meds free and loving it!

Member of Empowered by Yoli Group on Facebook

Also be sure to read : 45 Diabetics Who Crushed their Disease by Going “Alkaline”

Warning:  We’re not going to talk about the same old tired dieting advice for diabetics in this article.  You already know how to “watch your carbs”.

… we’re revealing a breakthrough health concept for diabetics here.

Many medical professionals now believe that one of the keys to managing diabetes is neutralizing the acidic waste in your body.

And since the diabetic epidemic is so widespread in the U.S., we’ve dedicated an entire post to the subject.  In this article you’ll learn about the diabetes crisis in America, how acidity poisons the body, its effects on diabetes, and how to counteract acidity.

Quick Article Guide:

The Diabetes Crisis in America

The National Diabetes Statistics Report released their diabetes report on June 10, 2014.

This report revealed that in 2012 there were a total of 29.1 million Americans, or 9.3% of the population had diabetes.

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S.

The John Hopkins Medical Center states that 90 – 95% of those who have been diagnosed have Type 2 diabetes.

Almost as many as 7 million Americans may not even know they have the disease.

Challenges Faced By Diabetics in Managing the Disease

When first diagnosed with diabetes, many people encounter a host of problems in learning how to control and manage the disease including:

  • Social challenges such as changing their lifestyle to learn how to effectively monitor their blood sugar levels
  • Cultural challenges as in changing their lifestyle which includes losing weight and increasing their exercise regime
  • Dietary challenges to understand what foods they should avoid, limit, and learning to eat regularly, and limiting their caloric intake
  • Financial challenges in being able to afford the medications prescribed and adjusting to a new lifestyle to combat the disease
  • Adhering to the therapies prescribed by their physicians

Type 1 Diabetes will always present ongoing challenges in the management of the disease, but you can still take proactive steps to minimize its impact on your health.

Type 2 diabetics have a much better opportunity to not only successfully manage their disease but even to reverse it altogether.

pH Balance 101 for Diabetics

Regardless of the type of diabetes you have been diagnosed with you can take very positive steps to significantly improve your health and get “Phit”.

You can limit the effects of diabetes by understanding how the food you eat affects your health.

We’re not just talking about the glucose levels in your food, we are talking about how foods you eat affect the pH levels in your body.

What does pH mean?

The designation pH refers to the amount of alkaline or acidic levels of a solution. The pH scale ranges from 1 – 14. Levels 1- 6 means that substance will be acidic and levels 8 – 14 means that the substance will be alkaline.

Level 7 is neutral which means that it is neither acidic or alkaline.

The ideal pH level in the human body is 7.4.

Our blood pH has a very narrow range in which you maintain good health and this is in the range of a blood pH level of 7.35 – 7.45.

… and just as our body has an ideal temperature of 98.6, which you don’t want to deviate from, the same holds true for our body pH levels.  In this article, we’ll only be covering the effects on the diabetic body when they are acidic (as most Americans are).

Although the body metabolizes the food you consume and does its best to internally adjust the pH levels, it can only do so much to maintain a healthy pH level.

Now, some researchers say that there are number of external and environmental factors such as pollution that are causing problems with our pH balances. This is likely true to some small extent and is unfortunately something you have little control over.

The biggest factor that does affect out pH levels on a much larger scale is the food you eat!

This is largely due to our Western diet (high in meats, sugars and processed foods, and low in fruits and veggies) and lack of nutrients in our food.

At Living Phit we know how the types of food you eat will impact your pH levels because some foods are very acidic while some foods are very alkaline, and many other foods will vary as being mildly or moderately acidic or alkaline.

What Do pH Levels Have to with Diabetes?

It turns out that the pH level of the body and the type of food you eat has a lot do with your overall health, the prevention of a variety of diseases, and especially as it relates to diabetes.

A diet which is very acidic in nature has been found to be the culprit in precipitating or acting as a major cause for many diseases, including diabetes.

An acidic based diet can lead to acidosis which can result in the onset of a variety diseases such as diabetes, and in particular Type 2 Diabetes.

How Diet Induced Acidosis Can Cause Diabetes

What is diet induced acidosis?

For our Type I diabetic readers, we’re not referring to ketoacidosis here.

Dietary acidosis simply means the body has accumulated too much acid, and the body no longer possesses the natural capacity to neutralize it.

Most Americans are acidic according to a recent US Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey… not just diabetics.

Dr. Michael Lam states that an acidic diet can result not just in causing obesity, but also in causing diabetes.

The reason is because an acidic diet lowers your pH level below its optimum level of 7.4 and will cause you to be insulin sensitive!

An acidic diet can cause the body to stimulate the body to genetically react to the syndrome of “feast or famine”, and in this case it acts as a famine response.

The result is that the body begins to not only produce more insulin but also to hoard more calories which results in weight gain.

Acidosis has also been shown to affect and disrupt the insulin producing pancreatic cells in the pancreas.

Other significant health effects caused by acidosis which has a direct bearing on diabetes includes:

  • Accelerates free radical damage and can result in pre-mature aging
  • The corrosion of veins, arteries and heart tissue
  • The disruption of lipid and fatty acid metabolism
  • Reduces the delivery of oxygen into the cells
  • Alters your energy metabolism

Acidosis is directly influenced by what you eat, and can either be a direct cause or increase the negative health effects of diabetes!

How Alkalizing the Body May Help to Prevent, Manage, or Reverse Diabetes

When you eat a food or consume a beverage, the body will break down what you ingest into either an acidic or alkaline residue.

By focusing on a diet which is largely alkaline, as the body does need some limited acid based foods, your body will achieve a better state of homeostasis which is simply a fancy means of stating that it will be in a proper equilibrium or normalcy.

The ideal type of diet that you should consume should consist of a diet that includes foods that are 60 – 70% alkaline, and foods that are 30 – 40% acidic.

By doing so, your body will be better able to not only prevent the onset of diabetes but also help you to better manage and even reverse the effects of diabetes (Type 2 specifically) as it will assist in  helping your body achieve the following:

  • Adjust your sugar levels
  • Normalizes your insulin levels
  • Helps you to lose weight
  • Adjusts your metabolism
  • Assists in the better absorption of vitamins
  • Eliminates carbon dioxide (which is acidic)

Simply by adjusting your diet to a more alkaline based diet, the negative health affects associated with diabetes can have the potential to be significantly reduced.

It may even be possible for those who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes to reverse the disease altogether.

Alkaline pH Diet Tips for Diabetes

A proper diet for diabetics would need to be largely vegetarian in nature but as stated previously, some limited acid based foods taken in small quantities is also essential for the body to maintain normal health.

Some of the most acidic foods which should be either avoided or taken in only small quantities include the following:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry (except chicken breast)
  • Dairy Foods
  • Processed Foods
  • White Sugar
  • White Flour
  • Caffeine
  • Yeast Products
  • Alcohol

The ideal foods that you should include with every meal and which every diabetic should include in their diet that have a strong alkalizing effect on the body include:

  • Lots of dark leafy green vegetables
  • Soy based foods
  • Some types of nuts and legumes
  • Olive oil
  • Spices and seasonings
  • Proteins such as salmon or chicken breast which have lower acidity

For those of you who don’t have diabetes we would have also included fruits in the above category because, even though fruits are acidic in their normal state, they actually metabolize into an alkaline product.

However, many of these fruits also contain high sugar levels which can cause harm to a diabetic.

Also, be sure to visit our complete list of high alkaline foods.

Alkaline Supplements for Diabetics

We understand that in our fast paced world many of you won’t always have the opportunity to eat the way you should.

The problem as shown by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that 69% of American adults are overweight.

We understand at Living Phit that asking Americans to change their diet is sometimes not realistic.

Not a problem!

It also happens that there are some great supplements that you can take that will counter the negative effects of acidic causing foods.

That’s why we recommend the ‘average’ person supplements their diet with alkalizing pH drops or pills.

There are many excellent choices of alkalizing agents on the market such as Alkazone drops Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. , AlkaCare pH, but our personal preference is *Alkalete by Yoli, as hundreds of Living Phit friends and family have gotten phit with Alkalete.  Be sure to see our complete Yoli review, with products, ingredients, and FAQ’s.

Yoli Alkalete - Decrease Acidity in Your Body (2 Bottles) Price: Our #1 recommended supplement to increase the pH in your body, and remove acidic toxins. Great for skin, inflammation, and overall health! Yoli Alkalete - Decrease Acidity in Your Body (2 Bottles) Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 09/01/2018

Take charge of your life and take control over your diabetes by learning to eat right!

And, if you find eating the proper foods to be a problem, then use an alkalizing pH drop or pills such as *Alkalete by Yoli.

Find your way to good health and start Living Phit today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treatcure or prevent any disease.

Nov 16

Yoli – The Complete Guide [FAQ’s]

By Chris Huntley | Phit Foods , Weight Loss , Yoli

Perhaps you’re interested in the Yoli Better Body System, and have read a few Yoli diet reviews, but still have questions.

… or maybe you’re looking for a low cost alternative to Yoli.

Either way, You’re in the perfect place!

Alternative to Yoli - Save on Yoli

We’ve got you covered with 100+ Yoli FAQs – We cover everything from general FAQs about Yoli’s cost and how the BBS works, to more detailed questions like, Is Yoli safe for children or if you’re pregnant?

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Yoli Diet Review

Welcome Yoli members, customers, and inquirers!

When we first started researching Yoli, we found that Yoli’s site answers the most common FAQ’s about Yoli perfectly.

… But when it came to “tougher” questions, the online resources were scarce.

(When a secret Facebook group provides the most comprehensive details about Yoli products on the web, we’ve got a problem.)

That’s why we’ve created the most exhaustive Yoli diet review on the planet… over 10,000 words of Yoli goodness.  🙂

Our goal is for this guide to serve Yoli members, PC’s, and potential customers alike with answering questions like:

  • Does Yoli work?
  • How much does Yoli cost (and is it worth it?)
  • What are the ingredients in Yoli products?
  • Is Yoli safe?  Are there side effects?

We hope you’ll bookmark this page, share it, and refer back to it often.

Best Low Cost Alternative to Yoli?

Yoli has a unique product line that gets great results, and has a built-in support system, since you typically buy it through another member who helps you along the way.  They also have a custom meal plan.

However, we realize Yoli is quite expensive… Over $300 for a one-month supply of their flagship product, the Transformation Kit.

That’s why we do offer a low cost alternative to the Transformation Kit here at Living Phit.  While it’s not to be considered a “substitute for Yoli”, it does include a great meal plan and the products cost a fraction of the price.

Alternative to Yoli - Save on Yoli

If you have a question that isn’t covered here (or a recommendation for a question), please ask us here!

Disclaimer: While Chris and Brenda Huntley, owners of are Yoli users and distributors, we are NOT Yoli, and none of the statements provided in this guide should be construed as Yoli statements.  We have independently compiled this guide based on our own research, experience and interviews with countless other Yoli users.  For complete fairness and transparency, we also offer alternatives to Yoli. offers free information and opinions about healthy living, not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any supplements or following any treatment reviewed on this website. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.

General Questions about the Yoli Better Body System

What is Yoli?
Yoli is a company that promotes living a healthy lifestyle through smart consumption, and offers products designed to increase health.  The key benefits Yoli products provide for optimal health are:

  • pH buffering
  • weight loss or maintenance
  • increased energy and mental focus
  • and better digestion

Their tagline is, “We help transform lives – physically, emotionally, and financially.”

Yoli comes from the Aztec word, “to live”.  It’s not a crash or starvation diet; it’s a solution to gaining optimal health.  It’s also an entrepreneurial venture.

We highly recommend you try the Yoli Better Body System “Transformation Kit”.

You can click here to learn how to get it at a discount by going on automatic monthly shipments (which you can cancel at any time.)

Lower Cost Alternative to the Transformation Kit?

If budget is a concern, we offer an alternative meal plan and product offerings, which you can purchase through Amazon for a fraction of the price.  This is NOT a replacement for Yoli, but we’ve also focuses on weight loss & alkalization, and gets great results.

Alternative to Yoli - Save on Yoli

Does Yoli Work?
After having personally met hundreds of Yoli customers and members, and read hundreds more testimonials, we can absolutely say it works!

Spend just a few minutes reading testimonials HERE, and you’ll get the idea.

Also see: “People Who Lost Over 50 lbs: The Better Body System”

I personally dropped 15 lbs and 3.5 inches on the program (and I didn’t have much to lose).  In addition, the Yoli BBS changed my eating habits.  I’m now eating more often, avoiding refined sugars and carbs and feel terrific.  I chronicled my own story here.

… but I was pretty fit before Yoli.  My story is nothing compared to some of the transformations I’ve witnessed.

After seeing literally thousands of testimonials, I can say with utmost confidence that Yoli is the real deal.  Many more of their testimonials can be found here.

As for weight loss, I recently surveyed a group of Yoli members and customers on Facebook asking them…

yoli weight loss first 30 days


… it works folks.

One of the reasons is because it really is simple, and the shakes taste amazing!  I like to add a little bit of peanut butter and half a banana to my shakes (Yeah, technically it’s a small cheat), but the shakes taste like ice cream shakes!  No joke.

So if I go on vacation and gain a few lbs, it’s SO easy to get back on the shakes and meal plan for a few days and easily drop that weight.

This is the key to sustaining meaningful weight loss… consistency.

… and that’s the most important benefit we must first point out in this Yoli diet review.  That people love it, and stay on it.

Contrast that to Medifast, which I tried for a few weeks and quit because I was starving all time.  How happy do you think you’d be to get back on a program that makes you feel miserable?  Not so much.  That’s why Yoli works… because it’s easy and tastes great.

And most importantly, once you drop your weight, it’s easy to maintain your weight, because you’ve learned new eating habits.  Not to pick on our friends and Medifast, but again if we contrast that to Medifast, pretty much all you do is eat Medifast foods.  What are you supposed to do after you’ve lost weight on Medifast and now have to feed yourself all day every day?

What Does the 30 Day Transformation Kit Contain?
The Yoli Transformation Kit contains 4 main products which include Alkalete™, YES™, Passion™, and Pure™. Alkalete is used to neutralize and restore the pH balance in the body. YES is a protein shake which serves 2 purposes which consist of diminishing your overall body fat and and to build muscle. Passion is an energy-boosting drink designed to boost your energy levels and to enhance the body’s metabolism and increase your overall energy levels. Pure is a probiotic which will support and enhance a healthy digestion system.

You can grab the full kit below at retail, or click here to learn how to get it at a discount by going on automatic monthly shipments (which you can cancel at any time.)

Who Can Benefit from the Yoli Better Body System?
The Yoli Better Body System was created for those individuals who want to be in control of their body and to enhance their overall health. This will vary from person to person but the system will help shed pounds and increase muscle mass. The products were also created to boost your overall energy levels and to teach you to eat and live a more healthy style which has wonderful and beneficial overall health effects.
I exercise and eat healthy foods.  Do I really need the Yoli Better Body System?
Yoli is not just a diet and exercise plan, but seeks to improve your health and overall wellness by balancing your pH levels and ensuring that you receive essential vitamins and minerals. If you are looking to optimize your health without losing weight while on the BBS, simply increase your daily protein snacks from 2-4 ounces to 10-15 ounces.

You can click here to learn about discounts.

How Much Does the 30 Day Transformation Kit Cost?
When most people ask how much Yoli costs, they’re most likely referring to Yoli’s flagship product bundle, the 30 Day Transformation kit.  This includes 2 canisters of YES shakes, 2 bottles of PURE, 2 bottles of Alkalete, and a container of Passion.  If you’re a “preferred customer”, it costs $279 plus tax and shipping & handling, which, depending where you live, usually works out to a total of around $310 to $316.

Some people try to buy it on Amazon, but we don’t recommend that as it costs quite a bit more than buying directly from Yoli.

Most people choose to become “preferred customers” getting a big discount on the retail rates.

Also, most people only pay the cost of their products once or twice, because of Yoli’s referral program.  You can learn more about that (as well as the discounts) here.

Does Yoli have a money back guarantee?
If you purchase Yoli products “retail”, for example, through Amazon, no, there is no money back guarantee.

If you sign up as a preferred customer (see explanation), Yoli does offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  You simply have to return all used and unused boxes/containers of the products within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

You can sign up as a preferred customer here.

(Note: Yoli does NOT cover the cost of shipping the products back.)

What is the difference between a retail customer and a Preferred Customer?
You can find several Yoli products now being sold in chiropractors’ offices, massage therapists’ offices, and in other health practitioners’ offices.  Some of these business owners purchase Yoli at wholesale pricing and sell it to their clients/patients at a markup.  This would be an example of a retail customer.

It only takes a minute to sign up as a Preferred Customer.  Simply ask for a Preferred Customer Application from the person who first introduced Yoli to you.  If you found Yoli all on your own, we can help you become a “PC”.  The form looks like this:

Yoli preferred customer application

If you sign up as a Preferred Customer, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (retail customers don’t have this)
  • Reduced pricing
  • Your own Customer portal on where you can customize and modify your orders

Keep in mind as a preferred customer, You are set up on autoship.  This means that 30 days from your initial order, Yoli will automatically send you another package and bill your card.

Prior to your 30 day renewal, should you need to return your product, or at any time, you wish to change or cancel your order, please call Yoli customer service at 801-727-0877.

Click here to get discounted pricing as a “preferred customer.”

Is Yoli a Scam?  Is it a Good Company?
yoli is not a scam

Yoli’s corporate headquarters in UT

Take it from me, an entrepreneur who makes multiple six digits per year (who didn’t earn his wealth from Yoli)… I can promise you that Yoli is neither a scam nor a pyramid.  They’re an awesome company in great financial shape with passionate leaders.

First of all, let me speak to their financial strength.  I’ve been to their annual conference twice at the Salt Lake City Convention Center where thousands of attendees visited.  Last year our keynote speaker was Robert Kiyosaki (from Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and more recently it was Darren Hardy, former publisher of Success Magazine.

In 2014 they moved into a giant facility.  Let’s just say it’s clear they’re doing very well financially.

Is Yoli an MLM?  Are MLM's bad?
Yes Yoli is a network marketing company or an MLM (multi-level marketing) company, but no, MLM’s aren’t bad.

I always have to chuckle when people assume that just because a company distributes its products via independent distributors, that is somehow an evil scheme.  These people might object, “The actual product is super cheap to make, but the MLM has to charge outrageous prices to the end user so all their members/distributors can take their cut.”

How is this model any different than any product on the shelves of Target or Walmart with “traditional” distribution?  Say ABC Company sells a gizmo that retails for $20 at Home Depot.  As you probably know, that gizmo first has to be manufactured before it can be sold at retail outlets like Home Depot.  But there is also typically other operators.  The manufacturer charges ABC Company $5 per gizmo, so it can make a profit.  The manufacturer sells the product to wholesalers for $8.  Wholesalers sell to the retailers for $12.  The retailer than sells it to the end buyer for $20.  Everyone has to take a cut and make a profit.

Is Yoli a Pyramid Scheme?
No.  Pyramids are where the top handful of people who got into the business make all the money, and the company either has no tangible product or it is of little value.  Basically, the only goal of pyramids is to recruit other members into the business.

In Yoli, they have actual physical products… and they’re amazing.  Any distributor can outearn his or her sponsor, and I personally know over a dozen people who are doing that.

Here are a few warning signs from about pyramids:

is yoli a pyramid

Is there a cheaper alternative to Yoli?
The first thing we would say is that you need to compare the price of Yoli, and initially, yes, $315 is a high-ticket price. But consider the savings you will reap from not eating your traditional breakfast or dinner every night.

For those families who eat out a lot, you will find that you will actually save money by doing the Yoli program.

The next point to consider is that you should view what spend on the YOLI program as an investment in your health.  Many people who believe in the product will make up the cost for program by doing some additional things to offset the cost such as a garage sale, work overtime, or do whatever it takes to be able to buy the transformation kit for a couple of months and lose the weight that they need to lose.

Typically, if you lose a large amount of weight, such as 30 pounds or more, a lot of people will ask you about your weight loss, and at that point, you can use the Refer Three Get One Free program, where once you refer three people to the Yoli Better Body System, you’ll get your kits for free!

Note: You can sign up as a Yoli Member here and learn how to qualify for their FREE products.

So yes, while it’s expensive, most people only find that they only have to come up with the money one or two times before they can refer their three people and then get it free afterwards.

However, after saying all of this, if you can’t refer three people and it’s still a major negative budget-wise, the best alternative, I think, is the Slow Carb Diet, by Tim Ferriss.

The 4 Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman Price: $16.33 The 4 Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 09/01/2018

In the Slow Carb Diet, made famous by Ferriss’ book, “The 4 Hour Body,” Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. you eat very similar meals to what you would eat on protein days on Yoli, except you don’t eat the five small meals in a day.  You can go ahead and eat three or four larger meals per day.

Is Yoli a Mormon company?
While Yoli is based out of Utah, they are not a mormon company.  The company definitely has the “feel” as if it is led by Christians.  I’ve heard all of the founders speak and several of them reference God when speaking.  The same goes for many of the high level distributors in the business.
Why don’t you include eating healthy fruits and vegetables on protein days?
Even though fruits and vegetables are naturally healthy, they are excluded on protein days because the purpose is to start burning up the fat reserves right away instead of continuing to store them in the cells. As fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates, we want to start burning up the fat reserves which won’t happen if you consume fruits or vegetables on protein only days. You will be returning to include these healthy foods but not until later, but for now, it is vital that follow the program to help you body re-adjust its metabolism and become a fat burning machine.

We should also mention that some vegetables are “free” for any day, even protein days, such as spinach, kale, and broccoli.

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FAQ’s About the Products

YES Shakes

If you’re comparing protein shakes, there’s one word you need to know.


Yoli’s Yes Shakes contain proteins that have not been altered, meaning your body can use them however it sees fit.

They’re also delicious!

I drink one just about every day in the morning even though I’m no longer on the full “Transformation Kit.”  They’re super good with a half banana, a tablespoon or so of organic peanut butter, and ice.

(I mean, they taste like freakin’ ice cream!)

Yes is the ideal meal or snack replacement solution which uses PuraWhey and contains the 3 vital all natural ingredients to help the body produce Glutathione which the body’s prime antioxidant. Yes Shakes contains high amounts of fiber, protein, supports weight loss and enhances muscle development and maintenance.

If you’d like to buy YES Shakes, you can grab them here.

Lower Cost Alternative to YES Shakes?

As you can see, YES shakes are quite expensive.  While I love YES shakes, what I recommend to my friends who are on a budget is another great option put out by Onnit, who offers grass-fed protein shake mix at a much *lower cost per canister:

Onnit Grass-Fed Whey Isolate Protein - Vanilla (30 Servings) Price: $63.95 Onnit Grass-Fed Whey Isolate Protein - Vanilla (30 Servings) Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 11/08/2018

*Check serving sizes for actual breakdown of cost.

Can I Mix Fruit or other things with the YES Shakes?
Yes, you can add fruit to your Yes shake.  Best practice is to do so only on meal days, but, many people will add them to every shake.  Men, in particular, who tend to lose weight easier than women, may still see excellent results mixing a handful of blueberries or a half of a banana with their shakes, for example.  Regardless of gender, be aware that for best results, you should only add fruit on meal days.

Also, make sure any supplements you use are healthy.  Some people use Greek yogurt, organic peanut butter, cinnamon, bananas, apple sauce, berries, cashew milk and other forms of both fresh and frozen fruit. The best advice is to experiment with healthy additive ingredients to find a flavor that you enjoy.

Here are some other delicious holiday recipes using YES Shakes.


What are the ingredients in Yes Shakes?
You can see the ingredients are all natural below and mostly speak for themselves.

… but I would like to point out the presence of irvingia.  Irvingia is helpful in making sure our cells don’t resist the hormone leptin (We need leptin for several reasons to make us skinny).  See this article by Dr. Chris Lydon.

yoli yes shake ingredients

How are YES shakes different than Medifast and other Protein shakes?
Medifast is similar in some ways to the Yoli BBS in that they teach you to avoid sugars and carbs, and both systems offer protein shakes.

The problems I see with Medifast after trying it for a couple weeks are:

  • Since they allow zero sugar and carbs, you feel tired all the time on it, so it’s difficult to maintain long term (WebMD characterizes the diet as being so extreme that it’s difficult to stick with it.)
  • They provide almost all of your food for you, so when you get off of Medifast, you haven’t really learned to continue eating low carb, making it easy to revert back to your old eating habits

The biggest difference with Medifast is that they don’t have Alkalete, and Alkalete is one of the keys to losing weight.

As for the shakes, Medifast is flavored with salt, fructose, and corn syrup.  YES shakes are sweetened with xylitol and stevia, two much better options.

Of course, when combined with the benefits of Alkalete, Pure, and Passion, this is what separates Yoli shakes from any other protein shake on the market.

Can I drink more than 2 YES shakes per day?  Do I have to take them in the Morning and Evening?
Each shake contains 12 grams of protein, which can be applied to any of your protein snacks during the day.  Best results come when taking them as directed, 1 in the morning and 1 at night.

You can have more than 2 shakes per day, but that might not work for all users in the program as each person is different. You might require a bit of experimentation to see what works best for you, but make sure you are getting proper amounts of protein in your system especially on protein day. Many users like to add Greek yogurt to their shakes to enhance the flavor and add protein at the same time so remember to eat properly as your body does need solid food and will respond better if you follow the guidelines of the Yoli program.

Why Do I Take my Shake within 30 Minutes of Waking Up?
Studies show that if you have protein within 30 minutes of waking up, you will feel more “full” throughout the day.  Also you don’t give your body time to go into starvation mode, which is a risk when eating fewer calories than it is used to.  Tim Ferriss speaks at length about this here.

In fact, if there is ANY modification to the Yoli Better Body System we would support , it would be to add more protein to your morning shake.

For example, if you added 1 Tablespoon of organic peanut butter and use Almond Milk instead of water, that will add an extra 12 grams of protein to your Shake.

What if I don’t have any weight to lose?  Should I still take the shakes?
It’s your own personal choice but if you have reached your desired weight loss then you don’t have to keep taking the shakes. However, you should keep using Alkalete and could also continue taking Pure, Passion and other Yoli products such as Truth, but the shakes can be stopped.
YES shakes have Xylitol.  Is that bad for you?
As refined sugar is one of the most unhealthy things a person can eat, YES Shakes are instead flavored with Xylitol and Stevia.

According to, Xylitol is a natural “sugar alcohol” found in many fruits and vegetables, has a low glycemic index and doesn’t spike blood sugar or insulin.  It also contains 40% fewer calories than sugar.

Most people tolerate Xylitol well, but one side effect some people get is gas or diarrhea.  Xylitol is a common sweetener that most people’s bodies are used to, so this is a rare occurrence.

The body does seem to adjust very well to Xylitol, though, and most people who report any digestive symptoms on Yoli typically report they only last a short time (less than a week).

If taken with Pure, few people report any digestive issues while taking Yes Shakes.  If you have IBS or any other digestive problems, though, as we always say, be sure to consult a doctor before using Yoli.


Alkalete is the thing that personally got me hooked on Yoli.

I was talking with my sponsor and friend, Angel Rivera, one day after an intense workout.

I was complaining about how sore I knew I would be the next day since I hadn’t exercised in a long time.

He handed me about 8 Alkalete capsules, and explained they would “neutralize” the lactic acid build up in my muscles, which is what causes a lot of the pain.

Well, Angel was right.

Instead of being sore for a week (like I usually was if I worked out after a long lay off), I was barely sore at all the next day.

Then I found out there are about 100 other reasons you should take Alkalete.  My wife and I personally take 4 capsules each, every day.

Alkalete is one of the highest rated patented pH supplements found in the market today. It contains natural mineral hydroxides and electrolytes to restore the body’s pH levels by reducing acidity, aids in the shedding of pounds and invigorates your energy levels.

If you want to try Alkalete, I recommend buying two bottles since it takes a 3-6 weeks to feel the effects.

The best way to buy Alkalete is to become a Yoli “preferred customer” since “PC’s” get deep discounts on Alkalete.  You can learn about those discounts by clicking here.

Is there a Cheaper Alternative to Alkalete?

While I love Alkalete, I know it’s quite pricey.  If you want to try something cheaper, my partner Ryan, and I both love and highly recommend using alkalizing drops, which will deliver similar results.

ConcentTrace Trace Mineral Drops Price: $14.99 Our #1 recommended product for weight loss and alkalizing the body. ConcentTrace Trace Mineral Drops Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 09/01/2018

How does Alkalete work?
One of the best descriptions provided in how Alkalete works and how it improves your overall health is best described  by Dr. Aaron Street.

In his Alkalete youtube video, Dr. Street specifically discusses how Alkalete works to improve the overall health of our body. Alkalete is specifically designed to lower the acidity levels in your body. The acidity levels in your body often increased by the food you eat such as dairy products, meats, fast foods, coffee and can also be raised by stress and over exertion from excess exercise.

Any or all of these factors can cause your pH levels to reduce and become more toxic. The reason is because the body counters the increased acidity by robbing other cells from the muscle, bone cells and other cell membranes to obtain the minerals it needs to restore its require pH levels.

And, when the body can not longer use natural bodily processes to eliminate the acidity, it begins to store the excess acidity in the fat cells which begin to swell well beyond their normal size. At that point the swollen fat cells begin to secrete hormones and this helps to contribute in creating an unhealthy environment. The overall effect is to decrease your overall health and can contribute to a variety of health problems.

Alakalete was specifically designed to realign your body’s pH levels using a combination of unique alkalizing minerals to counter the toxic effect of excess acidity that has built up in your body  over time.

Alkalete helps to lower the acidic levels in your body and stop the robbing and storage of excess acidity in your fat cells, along with stopping the production of harmful hormones. As the fat cells begin to return to their normal size, Alkalete will then help the body to start to restore the reserves of vital minerals and nutrients your body needs. When the fat cells begin to become restored to their normal size this will reduce inflammation.

The result is that you will increase your energy levels as the body begins to absorb the vital minerals and nutrients from the food you consume. As you continue to use Alkalete the process becomes even more sustainable over your lifetime. Just remember that the Yoli body system is not really a weight loss system, it’s really a health gain system and often has the side effect of weight loss.

What are the ingredients in Alkalete?
Is Alkalete more effective than taking minerals?
Yes, because you have to remember when your body builds up excess acidity, it robs minerals from your body from the bones, muscles and other cells. Excess acidity begins to become absorbed in the fat cells causing them to swell.

So, even though you might think that taking minerals will counter this process, the body will not necessarily successfully absorb these minerals to counter the loss of the minerals caused by the excess acidity.  To properly absorb minerals and nutrients, the body has to detoxify first before it will properly begin to absorb these vital minerals.

Alkalete not only reduces the toxins in the fat cells and other cells, the process also allows the body to more efficiently absorb the nutrients you consume without having to rob the cells to utilize these vital minerals and nutrients. This is why Alkalete is more effective than just taking minerals!

Why do I start with a Loading dose?
A loading dose is a way to begin to restore the pH levels in your body back to normal.

Each individual is different and has different goals which they hope to derive from the Yoli Better Body System. The loading dose recommended is 1 per 25 lbs of your overall weight. The most important thing to remember is that you want to make your body more alkaline.

Keep in mind that muscle mass is heavier than fat, so it’s important to focus on how many inches you lose versus pounds as your cells begin the detoxification process.  Keep in mind that Yoli is actually a health gain system which also has a side effect of weight loss. The loading dose will be dependent on the level of acidity already stored in your fat cells so again each individual will be different in what they need in terms of the loading dose.

How Long is the Loading Dose?
The loading dose is required for a minimum of 7 days.  After that, move to 2 capsules in the morning, and 2 at night.
Have clinical studies been done proving Alkalete works?
Yes, in fact clinical trials have been performed showing that Alkalete works. How the Yoli Better Body system improves a person’s health is described by Dr. Mike Okouchi.

The trial involving the Yoli Better Body System was conducted over an 8 week period with patients 23 – 68 years of age. At the end of the trial, it was found that on average, cholesterol levels dropped by as much as 50 points; Triglyceride levels dropped by as much as 30 points and that Fasting Blood Glucose levels dropped by as much as 15 points. The whole purpose of the Yoli Better Body System is not just about losing weight, it’s about improving your health for the rest of your life.

Also see: What Makes Alkalete so Unique with Dr. Robert Burns


Alka-Balance[/earnist_link]?” class=”question”]Alkalete works differently from Alka –Balance. Although Alka-Balance is a fine product, it is essentially a water based products which contains alkaline mineral supplements including calcium, potassium and magnesium along with several other similar ingredients.

The problem is that these when you consume an alkaline based product such as Alka-Balance, the gastric acids in the stomach quickly removed by the acidic effect. Alkalete is different because it is a complex designed to protect the alkaline minerals from the acidic effects of the gastric system and allows the minerals to be released in the lower intestine for a more beneficial effect.

How Much Does Alkalete Cost by Itself?
As a preferred customer an Alkalization Kit (2 bottles of 60 capsules each) costs $59.98 plus tax, Shipping and handling.  Click here for retail pricing and to learn how to get Alkalete for FREE.
How many Alkalete am I supposed to take per day?
We understand that the bottle says 1 capsule for every 25 pounds but the 30 Day Transformation Kit instructional guide says to take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night, so this can be confusing.

The consensus amongst the “Yoli doctors” has been to take a loading dose for 7 days, which is 1 capsule per day for every 25 lbs of weight, and then move to 2 in the morning and 2 at night.

If I forget to take my Alkalete capsules at night, should I take them the next morning?
Yes, that is fine.
What does Acidic Waste have to do with Disease?
Many diseases develop because of acidic waste that builds up in the body, due to unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, and from stress.

As the body requires a specific pH level to maintain good health, it will compensate and try to reduce the acidity through a variety of natural processes. But, when this isn’t sufficient, it will compensate by beginning to store the excess acidity in your fat cells which begin to swell and produce unhealthy hormones. This contributes to many diseases and also exacerbates many diseases.

By using the Yoli Better Body System, you begin to restore the body’s pH levels and as the toxicity is reduced, many, many people have been able to see a vast improvement in their overall health.

What resources are available about the harmful effects of being acidic?
See the following research:

What resources are available about the positive impact of alkalizing your body?

See the following resources:

Can I get the same effects from eating an alkaline diet as what I get from Alkalete?

At Living Phit we preach that you can absolutely achieve better health by eating more, high alkaline foods, but you would most likely still be acidic.  The problem is the lack of alkalizing minerals in our soil, which has led to the majority of the population in the U.S. being acidic, according to Dr. Joseph Pizzorno.

And most people simply aren’t consistent with an alkaline diet.

For this reason we feel it is best to supplement with Alkalete.


Pure is a patented probiotic which is high in fiber and contains other nutrients to support the body’s gastrointestinal system. Pure promotes a healthy digestion system, and eliminates toxins while boosting the body’s immune system. Probiotics are vital for the body’s immune system to fight disease and is known to have over 100 health benefits.

Is there a Low Cost Alternative to PURE?

There are hundreds of types of probiotics, so no, you don’t have to take Yoli’s version, although they do work great.  Our favorite alternative, if you’re on a budget, is here:

Healthy Origins Probiotic 30 Billion CFU's, 150 Veggie Caps Price: $20.51 Healthy Origins Probiotic 30 Billion CFU's, 150 Veggie Caps Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 11/08/2018

Should I take a loading dose of Pure?
No.  Just 2 at night before you go to bed.
Should I take more than 2 Pure capsules if I am overweight?
No.  The 2 capsules are all that is needed to promote improved digestive health.
If I forget to take my Pure, can I take it in the morning?
Yes, that is fine.  Just don’t double up all at the same time.  (for example, taking 4 one evening because you missed the night before)
What are the ingredients in Pure?
yoli pure ingredients
Is it important to take Pure at Night?  What if I work nights and go to sleep in the morning?
It’s best if you stick to taking Pure before bed, regardless of the time of day.
What Do I do If I feel Sick When Taking Pure?
Some users have experienced some almost flu like symptoms when they started on the program. Don’t be alarmed as these may be an indication of the detoxification process and should pass after a few days or so.

Some ways that some users alleviated these symptoms was to reduce the amount of Pure to one tablet per day while others were able to counter the symptoms by taking in a higher water intake.

Should I Stop Taking Pure if My Doctor Says to Stop Using Supplements Before A Medical Procedure?
The best thing to do is to follow your doctor’s advice. You might want to tell your doctor about the Yoli program and show your doctor what ingredients are contained in Pure and then follow their advice until they tell you it’s safe to resume with program.
Is Aloe Juice Ok to Drink With Pure?
Aloe juice is a healthy choice and will have the added benefit of helping keeping you regular. Alternatively, several other readers have suggested that other healthy liquids to consume along with taking Pure include coconut oil and Fruit of the Earth.
Can I take Pure with Anti Inflammatory Medication and Pain Relievers?
It’s always best to check with doctor to ensure that there are no medical conflicts between what you have been prescribed as these medications vary. However, a number of Yoli users in similar circumstances reported that they had no issues when combining an anti inflammatory and pain relievers while taking Pure.
Has Anyone Encountered Problems Taking Pure Through a Security Check?
Most Yoli users have not encountered any problems when bringing their Yoli products on a trip, but a few have reported that they were ordered to open a closed container. However, when they explained what the product was and that it was similar to an energy drink, they were cleared without any further problems.
Is Constipation Normal When Taking Pure?
Some users have encountered constipation issues when they first start on the program.  Many people are eating a lot of protein while on the BBS, and that is the real culprit, not Pure.  In fact, in many cases, you should take MORE Pure to alleviate constipation, and be sure you drink plenty of water.

Another common obstacle is when people begin the BBS they also quit drinking coffee in the morning, which had kept them regular.  Rest assured that your digestive system should adjust quickly to all the changes and in the worst of cases, an over the counter stool softener should do the trick.


Passion is  sugar free drink which boosts your metabolism to give you more energy throughout the day.

I personally drink it 2x per day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon and love it.

In fact, I was able to quit soda thanks to Passion.

Passion contains thermogenic herbs and antioxidants and is the ideal coffee replacement beverage while having negligible calories to help promote weight loss.

To buy Passion at discounted rates, click here to learn about becoming a Yoli “preferred customer.”

Is there a Low Cost Alternative to PASSION?

Honestly, we haven’t found anything that replaces PASSION.  It’s so tasty, sugar free, and has caffeine.  Hard to find that mix anywhere else!

However, if you don’t need the caffeine, a great hydrating drink that tastes amazing is below.  You can use this as a replacement for soda or other sugary drinks.

Ultima Replenisher Hydrating Electrolyte Powder, Cherry Pomegrante, 90 Servings, No Sugar Price: $32.99 Ultima Replenisher Hydrating Electrolyte Powder, Cherry Pomegrante, 90 Servings, No Sugar Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 11/08/2018

Why Do I Need Passion?
How much caffeine is in Passion?  Will it give me the Jitters?

Passion contains just 110 mg of caffeine taken from green tea extract.  It is intended to be taken first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon for a boost of energy (without the crash), hydration, and acts as a mild appetite suppressant.

How does its caffeine content compare to a soda, cup of coffee, or other drinks?

Here are a few notable drinks and their caffeine content:

  • Grande Starbucks coffee (16 oz) – 330 mg
  • Starbucks Tazo Earl Grey (16 oz) – 115 mg
  • 5 Hour Energy (1.9 fl oz) – 208 mg
  • Red Bull (8.4 fl oz) – 80 mg
  • Coca-cola/Coke Zero (12 oz) – 35 mg

Some people have reported they got the “jitters” after taking Passion.  This is rare and typically only those who are ultra sensitive to caffeine will experience this.  The nice thing about Passion is you can simply cut your dose in half and you should be fine, or try taking Thermoburn instead.

You can grab some Passion at a “preferred customer” discounted rate here.

Why Do I Need Passion?
Passion is a Yoli product which is used as an energy drink to boost your energy levels. It does not contain any perervatives and the all natural ingredients are not pasteurized as this process tends to destroy the effects of the healthy ingredients.

It’s also proven that a cold drink first thing in the morning lowers your core temperature and helps you to lose weight.  In fact, it can boost your metabolism by 24% to drink 16 oz of cold water in the morning.

What ingredients are in Passion?
Here are the ingredients for the Berry flavor.  The other flavors are similar.

yoli passion ingredients

You can buy Passion here.

How Expensive is Passion?
Passion costs around a dollar for an 8 oz while if you buy it in bulk form it will be even cheaper. If you compare the cost of passion to many other similar products you will see that this is a great buy with the added advantage that is has no chemicals, artificial coloring or harmful preservatives.

Can I Drink Passion More Than Twice Per Day?
The answer is yes and many users have more than 2 helpings of Passion. It’s a great substitute for coffee and soda based products and will boost your energy without the negative health effects. Some people have even kicked their coffee/soda habit altogether because as you know coffee and soda are very acidic products…  something we all want to avoid while on the Yoli system.
How Can I Dissolve Passion Better?
Some users are a initially a little put off by the residue left in the bottom of their container but a simple solution to resolve this minor little problem is simply to add more water. Cold water also seems to add more residue so it might be best to use water which is closer to lukewarm.  Stirring with a fork rather than a spoon also helps.
What Kind of Flavors Does Passion Come In?
You have a broad range of flavors to select from including Melon, Berry, and Grape so you have a broad variety of choices and can even play around with the flavors by enhancing them if you need to with some other healthy additive or juice.

Some people enjoy mixing them to create their own Passion creations!


If you want a quick way to alkalize your body, add a scoopful of Lean Greens to your daily diet.

You’ll feel like a million motivational speakers are living in your body screaming at your cells to get moving.  You’ll feel great.

Lean Greens come in a canister and are great mixed with YES Shakes or even just ice water.

We know…

Other “greens” supplements taste like you’re eating a lawn mower.

But Lean Greens taste great.  You can buy them retail or learn about discounted rates here.



The Yoli Better Body Enzyme system contains 2 proprietary blends of enzymes known as Protizorb and Ultizorb. These enzymes help the body to more efficiently break down digested food and boots your digestive system to absorb vital nutrients more effectively. Most diets do not provide sufficient enzymes to break food down into the important nutrient you need.

Click here to buy Yoli Enzymes.


Thermo Burn contains a unique formula featuring Thermo-G consisting of an all-natural combination of herbs and antioxidants. Thermo Burn improves your metabolism and boosts your energy levels over a prolonged period.

I personally haven’t tried this one but I’ve heard it’s an excellent swap for Yoli Passion if you don’t want the caffeine.

If you’d like to inquire about purchasing Yoli Thermo Burn with deep discounts, click here.


Fun is a sports drink which contains an all-natural mineral-charged formula which provides more potassium, magnesium and electrolytes than can be found in Gatorade or Powerade.

I personally have a glass EVERY time I get done with a workout and love Fun!

The Fun pH balance recovery formula is sugar and caffeine-free to help you achieve peak performance and faster recovery times.

You can buy Fun here.


Truth is a citrus based super fruit antioxidant formula that increases your immune system. The powerful antioxidants found in the Truth fruit drink consist of  resveratrol and white tea extract, and BontanImmune which is an exclusive combination of superfruits like acai, goji and pomegranate.

Our daughter absolutely LOVES Truth!

What a great swap for sugary juices for kids or soda for adults.  I personally love to mix it with a splash of lemon or a can of La Croix Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. .

You can try Truth out and get a deep discount by becoming a Yoli “preferred customer” by clicking here.

Is There a Low Cost Alternative to TRUTH?

Ah, you’re hitting me hard here.  Truth has been a mainstay in our home for about 5 years and my daughter, Julianna, has drunk it just about every day of her life since she was 2.  She’s in incredibly good health, by the way.

However, I realize budget is a concern for many people, as Yoli’s products are not cheap.

So I would say if you’re just looking for something to drink other than soda or sugary juices, they you’ll be ok looking at an alternative like the one below, but at a much lower price tag than Truth:

Ultima Replenisher Hydrating Electrolyte Powder, Cherry Pomegrante, 90 Servings, No Sugar Price: $32.99 Ultima Replenisher Hydrating Electrolyte Powder, Cherry Pomegrante, 90 Servings, No Sugar Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 11/08/2018


Many nutritionists (even the ones who say supplements are worthless) agree if there’s ONE supplement you should take, it should be omega-3 fatty acids.

In fact, that’s partly why they’re called “essential fats.” 

The problem?

Most omega-3 pills are enormous and you later burp up a fishy taste.

My favorite part about Yoli Omegas is there is no taste later and the capsules are smaller.

Omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in your brain and cardiovascular health.

It costs about $100 to buy Omegas at retail.  You can learn about a deep discount by becoming a Yoli “preferred customer” by clicking here.

Is there a Low Cost Alternative to OMEGAS?

We love Omegas, but when budget is of concern, we recommend this lower cost alternative.  It’s a lot different than Omegas because you drink a spoonful of it daily, (it tastes great), but the difference is cost is extraordinary.

Just one bottle has 100 servings which lasts 100 days.

Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil Nutritional Supplement, Lemon, 16.9 Fluid Ounce Price: $32.94 Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil Nutritional Supplement, Lemon, 16.9 Fluid Ounce Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 09/11/2018

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Safety Concerns

Yoli products are made with natural ingredients that encourage weight loss and better digestive health without harming your body with toxins or artificial ingredients. Most importantly, the Better Body System seeks to optimize health, leading to safe, natural weight loss that won’t harm your body in the process.

Please also see the “Are Yoli Products Safe?” page on

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For more details, please visit our Terms of Use page.  

Is Yoli Safe for…?

Is Yoli safe for pregnant women?
First off, Yoli should not be used as a substitute for medical care from your primary care physician, and be sure to read our full health disclaimer.  We urge you to review the contents of all of YOLI products with your doctor before you start the program or if you have already commenced the program.

So while we cannot say definitively that Yoli is absolutely safe for pregnant women, many users have reported they used various Yoli products with minor or no problems.

Many Yoli users who were pregnant also provided the following suggestions:

  • Maintain a caloric intake of between 1500 – 1800 calories per day – You must be sure to eat enough calories.  Many users have suggested doing meal days every day and skipping the protein only days.  You can also modify what you intake by replacing carbs with healthy green vegetables.
  • Be Careful of Caffeine – While most MDs say caffeine is optional while pregnant, be aware that Yoli Passion does contain small amounts of caffeine.  Some users suggest that you if are concerned about ingesting caffeine you might want to avoid both Passion and Thermoburn, and perhaps Dream which contains Valerian root (which is somewhat controversial in its impact on pregnancy.)
  • Enjoy the Following Benefits – Many users have found that Alkalete helped with combating acid reflux and that Pure helped to avoid constipation.
  • Drink lots of water – (whether you’re taking Yoli or not, right?)

If you have any concerns about the all-natural ingredients found in the Yoli products and about how the Yoli program is set-up the you might also ask your doctor, a nutritionist or a licensed midwife to find out what adjustments you would have to make in the Yoli program so that you can feel both safe and confident with your pregnancy.

Is Yoli safe if I’m breastfeeding?
Again, be sure to read our disclaimer, but I will say we’ve had many Yoli users report they have taken Yoli products while breastfeeding without incident.  The first thing to keep in mind is that Yoli is made from “All – Natural” products and contains no preservatives, artificial ingredients or toxins.

Similar to our previous question, women who have been using Yoli and who are breastfeeding point out that it is vital that you maintain a caloric intake of between 1500 – 1800 calories per day to maintain good health.  As one user points out, “Every day should be a meal day” when on the Yoli program.

However, you might want to avoid any product which contains caffeine while pregnant, so you might want to skip on the Passion or Thermoburn products. Also, pregnanat women should definitely consult with their doctor about “Dream”.  It contains Valerian root which is considered somewhat controversial when it comes to pregnancy. If you have any concerns about the content contained in any of the Yoli products, you should take them to your pediatrician or lactation nurse and ask them for their professional opinion.

Is Yoli safe to give to children or babies?
As a rule of thumb, what’s safe for mom is also safe for both babies and children. Some of our users have discovered that after being on the program, their milk production increased and their babies were less colicky as an added bonus. If you are pregnant, just remember to follow your meal days because your caloric intake is very important to achieve optimum health while pregnant.

My daughter, Julianna (5), LOVES Truth.  It’s a great alternative to sugary juices.  We give it to her literally every day!

You can buy Truth here.

Is Yoli safe for seniors?
Again, while every situation is different, and each individual should consult with his or her personal physician prior to using Yoli, we have seen hundreds of testimonials from elderly individuals who have used Yoli without incident.
Is Yoli safe if I have a medical condition?
First of all, you should always consult your primary care doctor prior to trying any of the Yoli products, if you have a health condition or are currently under the care of a doctor.

We’ve devoted an entire section to helping answer questions about medical conditions.  Click here to see our Medical Conditions section.

Again our general understanding of Yoli is that it is nothing more than food and minerals and is generally safe for consumption, but if you are under the care of a doctor or taking any medications, be extremely cautious.

Anyone who starts a diet or supplement program should first consult professional medical advice, but this is especially true if they are currently under the care of a doctor.

And remember, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition.

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Using the System

In this section, we will help guide you through some of the common questions people have when they’re actually on the Better Body System.

The video below is a great place to start, followed by multiple FAQ’s.

What Can I expect from the first week on the Yoli Better Body System?
The first week you can expect many adjustments in your body.  You’ll be eliminating refined sugar and carbs, cutting down or eliminating your caffeine (soda/coffee) use, eating more often, and probably eating a bit less than you are used to.

There really are quite a few changes going on for you mentally and physically during the first week, and it’s really important you understand them, as some users have left negative Yoli diet reviews because they don’t understand the detox process.

I know for myself, I wasn’t hungry at all throughout the day, but it did feel a little bizarre getting out my usual routine.  For example, it just felt weird eating a shake for dinner.  It’s not that it wasn’t delicious or that it wasn’t filling… it was.  It was just a little weird not having a standard dinner for dinner.  I got over that after a few days.  (Like I said, there are mental changes going on too.)

Physically, the first week affects everyone differently.  You may experience a bit of hunger the first few days.  If that’s the case, you can drink some more water and eat an extra protein snack (if needed).  It’s also possible you’ll experience a bit of fatigue, or even skin rashes, due to the detoxification process.  See our Common Roadblocks Section for more info about this, or any other issues you encounter.

Dr. Mike Okouchi has also put together the following graphic illustrating what is going on during the first few weeks:

First month on Yoli BBS


It’s important to remain hydrated, so you’ll be starting your day right off taking the Passion™ energy drink. This should be followed a YES™ shake 30 minutes later, which gives your body some vital nutrients, and help you burn fat while protecting your muscles.  You burn protein when you sleep so that’s the reason why you want to include a protein intake first thing when you wake up.

On day 3 you get take in some carbohydrates at lunch, so make sure you don’t skip this meal.  Once you make it past day 3, and can essentially have some carbs almost every other day, you’ll feel terrific, and it’s very easy from there.

Is it safe to exercise on protein only days, and how much can I do?
You can exercise but most users recommend that that reduce your overall duration and intensity by as a much as half of what you regularly do, especially during the first few weeks while your body is adjusting.

Remember that you are not including as many carbohydrates in your diet, so if you lifting weights you might end up feeling more fatigued than usual. It’s recommended that you let your body adjust especially for the first week when you start the program. The body is in the process of metabolizing the fat storage you have already built up rather than the carbs that you normally burn off.

Take it easy for the first week and maybe reduce your physical activity to something less stressful such performing some light walking.

Do I have to exercise while on the Yoli Program?
Exercise is always a healthy choice especially for the cardio-vascular system, but it is not essential for the Yoli system. You will derive many of the health effects by using the Yoli Body System as it both your diet and nutrition will improve by following the program.

Also, you will be burning up fat which has become stored in the cells, changing how your body metabolizes and cleanse your system of toxins which is the primary goal of Yoli. Exercise will help to increase the metabolic effects and may help you lose more weight and at a faster rate.

However, if you are already in an exercise program or thinking of starting one as you begin the Yoli program, many users recommend that you only perform a very light exercise regime in the first 2 or 3 weeks to allow your body adjust to the changes as heavy exercise may leave feeling fatigued. You can gradually increase your exercise program as you progress along with the program.

I’ve finished the 30 Day Transformation Kit—what do I do now?
If you haven’t quite reached your weight loss goals, then we recommend that you use the 30 Transformation Kit again until you have reached your goals. If you have reached them, congratulations! We now recommend that you get started with one of Yoli’s Lifetime Kits to maintain your newly improved health.
Why do I need a Lifetime Kit after I've reached my goal?
I’ll let our friend Mark Plettner take this one, as he recently published a post on this exact question.

So much focus is on “transformation” or re-acquiring good health and less focus is on maintenance of the healthy results of the transformation.

pH buffering is pretty self evident. Our food sources simply don’t provide enough alkalization at the cellular level. The additional acidic impacts that are unavoidable from foods, activities, stress have continuing daily impacts. That is why Alkalete is a wonderful support because it is designed to survive the digestive process to allow absorption in the intestines providing daily buffering at the cellular level.

Similarly, the digestive process is responsible for the majority of immune function. Ensuring proper gut/intestine function with probiotics such as Pure is key to maximizing your immune system which translates directly to handling both acute and chronic disease. One of the lesser focused benefits of the YES protein shakes is glutathione. Glutathione is an important antioxidant in preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides and heavy metals. It is used in metabolic and biochemical reactions such as DNA synthesis and repair, protein synthesis, prostaglandin synthesis, amino acid transport, and enzyme activation. Thus, every system in the body can be affected by the state of the glutathione system, especially the immune system, the nervous system, the gastrointestinal system, and the lungs.

This is just a short look at what I consider essential contributions that some of YOLI’s products provide for supporting critical healthy lifestyle function beyond transformation. The rest of YOLI’s products provide energy and nutritional support and healthy alternatives to maintain your new healthy lifestyle avoiding processed sugary carb laden foods/beverages and additives that support shelf life, low cost manufacturing and negative health impacts. Enzymes are also a targeted product that can help folks that have difficult digestive issues that need additional support. Just my thoughts…..

How Important is hydration?
Keeping hydrated is very important as the intake of fluids will help flush out the toxins that you have stored in your body. This could include water, Yoli Truth™ or Fun™ daily.

However, you should avoid all soft drinks or any fluid which contains sugars or carbs, and other chemicals or preservatives. Healthy hydration will help you continue to restore the pH balance in your body and restore your tissue health.

You can buy Yoli Fun here.

Can I eat an extra snack if I get hungry and if so, what types of snacks can I have?
You can eat a snack but we recommend that generally restrict yourself to protein type snacks such as chicken, fish, steak or turkey, seeds or nuts, or beef jerky.

Remember that the reason why you feel hungry is because the body is burning fat so avoid carbohydrates although you would okay if you include any type of low carbohydrate yogurt. Also, you could try a YES™ shake or hydrate with TRUTH™ or FUN™, which will also help reduce the hunger.

You can buy Yes Shakes and Truth here.

When do I Switch to The Fast Track Maintenance Burn?
Remember that the Yoli Body System is about fat burning and that weight loss is secondary.

You will see a reduction of inches, but it is vital that your body adjusts before you transition. Your energy levels will begin to become restored, but generally you can begin the move to the Fast Track Maintenance Burn after around 2 weeks, but it really depends on the individual goals that you have set for yourself and which is different for each person on the program.

You’re shrinking even though the scale isn’t going down as fast as it was before.  Even small loses can have a significant impact on your appearance and the size of clothing you are wearing.

What mistakes should I avoid when I start Yoli?

The biggest mistake I see users make on Yoli is eating snacks that they consider to be “healthy”, but contain sugar.  Here are a few examples:

  • fruit – contains sugar
  • yogurt – contains sugar
  • quinoa – contains carbs (sugar)
  • granola bar

Remember the Yoli system doesn’t teach to eat fewer calories.  It’s about avoiding sugar and carbs, especially on protein days.  So while a granola bar might only be 100 calories, it contains 8 grams of sugar, so yeah, it’s technically a cheat.

You must also ensure that your snacks do not contain hidden sugars.

What are the keys to losing weight on the Yoli BBS?

As our friend at Yoli, Mark Plettner, says: “Weight management under the YOLI BBS is a systematic process of adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that incorporates 5 core lifestyle values (1) Smart consumption (2) Adequate hydration (3) Appropriate exercise (4) Consistent sleep and (5) Positive productive mental focus. These are daily lifestyle choices that depend entirely upon personal actions. YOLI’s products support and optimize these personal actions.”

What to expect the first month on the BBS?
The results on BBS will vary from person to person and depending on their individual goals. Many users have incredible results on BBS in the first month especially when it comes to weight loss (many lose 20 lbs or more) and an improvement in their health.

Other users express disappointment for their month as they have not achieved the results they were hoping for but many of these were pleased as time progressed. You just have to keep in mind that every person’s body is different as age and your current state of health will be impacted differently, so it’s important to be patient and seek advice when you need it.

What do you feel like on the BBS?
Many users feel great from the moment they start on the BBS. Some users on the other hand encounter a variety of physical symptoms such as feeling weak, unable to sleep, constipation, headaches and light headedness.

Eventually, all or most of these symptoms will disappear in a few days or the first week or so and if you make a few adjustments. Eventually, your energy levels will increase and you will start to begin very healthy as you progress further along in the program and body detoxifies.

Should I do a cheat day or cheat meal?
Yes you can and it’s even suggested in the BBS program. Lets face it, we all do it anyway and it’s good for the spirit to cheat once in awhile. So, in recognition of this and our need to treat ourselves occasionally, a cheat meal is even a part of the program so long as you don’t overdo it.

If you have any additional questions we haven’t answered, please ask us here.

Of course, you can always ask the person who introduced you to Yoli, but also remember that Yoli has an amazing support group of fellow users on Facebook at Empowered by You.  This is an awesome group of people who just want to help.  No one is trying to sell you anything here (they’re all already customers or members).  🙂

Does Yoli Help with Medical Conditions?

While Yoli is not intended to prevent or treat any medical condition, and Yoli is not able to make any claims about helping with any particular health condition, many people with a variety of medical conditions have reported improvements in their “overall health” while taking Yoli.

… Here’s our viewpoint at Living Phit.

Most Yoli users experience a wide variety of health benefits while on the BBS, including:

  • weight loss
  • healthier eating
  • detoxification (caffeine, acidic waste, etc.)
  • better digestion
  • more energy and mental focus

Clearly Yoli increases health, and we believe that’s why we have seen so many testimonials from people with a  variety of health issues, who attribute their better health to Yoli.

Are the Yoli products really healing these people?  No.

The body miraculously does that all on its own, when it’s in a healthy state.

All Yoli does is help the body get to that healthy state.

Try a 30 day Transformation Kit and find out for yourself!

So no, we cannot definitively say in this Yoli diet review that Yoli helps with conditions such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Fibromyalgia, and many other health related conditions, but we can tell you that in general, people who lose weight, eat cleaner, detoxify their bodies, and get rid of acidic waste, stand a much better chance to take on any health condition the body is struggling with.  And that’s a fact!

The body can be an amazing healer.

We will echo some of this same line of thinking in the answers below, and encourage overall health improvement, not to heal, but to at least put the body in a better position to deal with any medical condition.

Does Yoli help with Ulcerative Colitis?
While Yoli is unable to make any claims about helping with specific health conditions such as ulcerative colitis, we can say that many UC sufferers (outside of Yoli) report better intestinal health when minding their diet.  (It is common knowledge that diet directly impacts (ulcerative) colitis.)

Many high carb and acidic foods are known to exacerbate colitis “flare ups”, such as:

  • potatoes
  • soda
  • sugar
  • and alcohol

Medical professionals also point out that eating only 1-2 big meals per day can aggravate ulcerative colitis as well.

Obviously, the foods mentioned above are avoided on the Yoli BBS, and Yoli teaches us to eat smaller meals, more often.  In addition, Yoli promotes better digestion and reduces inflammation throughout the body, but it should definitely not be seen as a cure or treatment for colitis.

We would also strongly caution anyone with colitis not to confuse the “Yoli meal plan” with some authoritative guide to eating for ulcerative colitis.  In fact, some of the foods allowed in the Yoli diet may actually cause flare-ups, such as:

  • caffeine
  • nuts
  • and fruits with seeds (such as strawberries)

In the end, while Yoli does promote better health and improved digestion, if you have UC, we strongly recommend you speak to your attending physician before trying Yoli.

Yoli should not be considered as a means to treat this disease, but it can help you feel much healthier in general.

Does Yoli Help With Thyroid Conditions?
First off, Yoli should not be used as a substitute for medical care from your primary care physician, and be sure to read our full disclaimer.

The thyroid is a tricky organ.   While Yoli can’t make any claims to help with thyroid health, it is clear from multiple sources that thyroid health is naturally improved by eating healthy and detoxifying the body.

According to Chris Kresser, (M.S., LA.c), the thyroid gets placed under a lot less stress by a multitude of diet related issues such as blood sugar swings, gut dysfunction, and inflammation.  Therefore it would stand to reason that any wellness plan that includes healthier eating, promotes better digestion, and alkalizes the body (which helps lower systemic inflammation), could help improve thyroid function over time.

Just keep in mind the thyroid may not recover overnight, so don’t be discouraged if you have a thyroid condition such as hypothyroidism.  Dr. Mike Okouchi says many damaged hormonal functions can take 6-9 months to correct.

Many people are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but that isn’t the main issue. You have to work on what was broken upstream such as the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis…blood sugar balance which is influenced by pH balance and insulin receptor sensitivity. Also the need to restore enzymatic function. All in all, if you’re struggling with weight loss and have thyroid issues, know that your body protects itself by gaining weight, and your focus shouldn’t be on weight loss, but rather repairing the hormonal system. That takes time!

Does Yoli help with Gout?
Please refer to our disclaimer.  While Yoli is unable to make any claims about helping people with gout, we do know that many gout sufferers who have alkalized their bodies have seen relief.

The reason is that many of the foods consumed by people who suffer from gout are simply too acidic. Most gout sufferers know the foods and beverages they should avoid, but the average North American diet tends to be too acidic.

Gout is caused by the formation of urate crystals in the joints caused by high levels of uric acid that can be removed by the kidneys. The human body is finely balanced machine that requires a slightly higher alkaline pH level to stay in good health. The body tries to naturally adjust its own healthy pH levels through a variety of metabolic processes but can’t always do so which can exacerbate someone who is prone to having attacks from gout.

Yoli is a program that first helps the body to detoxify and reduce the acid already established in the fat cells of your body and helps the body to restore to its own natural and required pH levels, helping it to eliminate the existing acidic levels in your body that have built up over time, and teaches you how to maintain good healthy eating patterns.

If you are considering taking Yoli to improve your overall health and have gout, be sure to speak to your attending physician first.

Are there any testimonials from people with gout who have taken Yoli?
While we at Living Phit won’t make any claims about what Yoli can do for gout, and neither will Yoli, we thought you might enjoy these testimonials we found on the Empowered by You group on Facebook.  We have removed their names for privacy.

#1.  I had gout issues for 18 years, Yoli is the answer. Get on a T-Kit and load dose Alkalete and stay on it long enough for your body to detox, may take 2 to 6 months depending on the individual. Stay in touch with your doctor along the way concerning any med’s you are taking for gout. I have been med free for over 10 months now! I am one happy camper.

#2.  Started April 1st of this year. Used to get gout every 3-4 weeks. Uric Acid level was at a 13.4 on blood tests just prior to this. Never taken anygout meds, just dealt with it. At first, experienced gout one more time, very early on. I would say at maybe a 75% of a normal experience of gout. Gotten blood tests taken again in July. Best blood test results in many years, if not ever. Uric Acid level was at a 8.8. Gout has been gone for some time now. Every once in a while it gets a minor sensation at best of coming back, but by the very next day, the sensation is gone. It’s a blessing, as I still eat red meat and shell fish that both trigger gout, but due to what Akalete and Yoli has done for me, I can continue to eat the food that I love, and not worry about getting gout. A true blessing!

Dr. Mike Okouchi explained the other day why people experience gout one additional time, and that is because Alkalete releases acid from people’s fat cells, and that is exactly what caused my last session of gout. My body soon removed this issue, and now, I’m not worried.

Does Yoli help with Diabetes?
It’s amazing what happens when you rid your body of toxins and acidic waste, and perhaps lose a bit of weight.  It seems to heal itself of many ailments.

So while Yoli should not be considered a “treatment” for diabetes, and we cannot say Yoli helps with diabetes, we have researched multiple reports from non-Yoli-using diabetics who have lost weight and alkalized their bodies, either by alkaline and healthy eating or supplementation, and reported numerous health benefits in helping them get their diabetes under better control.

We can also say that we’ve seen many reports from Yoli users with diabetes, and that overall the comments have been positive.

One of the primary benefits of the Yoli system is that the system aids in weight loss and in reducing your glucose intake levels. The Yoli system will help you improve your diet and help you avoid foods which might be contributing or exacerbating your diabetes. Our western diet generally tends to be unhealthy for the majority of diabetics and the Yoli system helps you reverse and overcome these dietary obstacles that contribute to diabetes.

Yoli also helps you restore pH levels to what they should be which improves your body’s natural immune system. For any medical condition, you always consult with your doctor before you start a new program such as Yoli to ensure it is safe for you as there are other medical conditions which  may impact your health as well.

Are there any testimonials from diabetics who took Yoli?
While we can’t make any claims at Living Phit about what Yoli can do for diabetics, and nor can Yoli, we are happy to highlight testimonials from other people talking about what they feel Yoli did for them.

We recently posted an article: 45 Diabetics Who Crushed their Disease by Going Alkaline

Take a look.  Many of those testimonials came from diabetics we found and interviewed in the Empowered by You Facebook group.

Does Yoli help with Weight Loss?
Yoli isn’t meant as a diet plan but is a means to make you and your lifestyle more healthy which can ultimately result in helping people lose weight. It can take some time before your metabolism adapts and changes to become more effective to help you burn more calories.

But I think an honest Yoli diet review will include the good and the not so good…

I recently surveyed the Empowered by You Facebook group, a group of Yoli members and customers how much they lost during the first 30 days (for those who had over 20 lbs to lose).  Here are their responses:

yoli weight loss first 30 days

As you see, some people have lost significant amounts of weight while others may only lose a few pounds at the outset.

Some people report losing inches without losing any weight because their body replaces fatty tissue with lean muscle.

Does Yoli help with Menstrual Cramps?
Many women have reported that Yoli has helped them with reducing their menstrual cramps, and some women have initially reported varying changes with their menstrual cycles when they first start with the Yoli program.

Some women have also reported a decrease in bloating.

Does Yoli help with ADHD?
While Yoli should not be considered a “treatment” for ADHA, we’ve witnessed a great many reports from parents (not Yoli related) who say they’ve seen their children’s disease improve when avoiding sugary foods, soda, candy and cake, for example.

One way some parents of children with ADHD are using Yoli is to offer them Passion or the YES shakes, which can be a wonderful substitute for many of the sugary cereals  and treats that kids like so much.

By reducing sugary foods, many parents have reported that child improved their concentration and focus levels and have become calmer.  Remember that Yoli is not a cure but should be seen as a lifestyle change.

Does Yoli help with Rheumatoid Arthritis?
While Yoli is unable to make any specific claims to helping people with rheumatoid arthritis, we can definitively say that many RA sufferers have (not taking Yoli) have found relief from the ravages of this disease by eating a more alkaline diet and cutting out sugar, trans fats, omega 6’s, and refined carbs, all of which cause inflammation.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic inflammatory disease that is chronic. This is a condition that mainly affects the joints in the body.  Although the condition is not completely understood, we do know that the body needs to maintain a specific pH level for it to maintain good health, and doing so could help reduce the effects of RA.

Many of the foods that we eat in our North American diet such as red meats, fast foods and other foods are actually very acidic in nature. The body constantly needs to adjust and lower the acidic levels which it does through respiration, urination and other metabolic processes. However, it can only do so much and it counters this build up of acidosis by beginning to store these toxins in the fat cells. As a result, these fat cells become swollen well beyond their normal size requirement and they begin to emit harmful hormones. This is one of the main causes of inflammatory health related diseases.

Yoli is a wellness program that helps restore the body’s pH levels through a detoxification process. Over time, the swollen fat cells are able to eliminate the build-up of acidic toxins and become restored once again to their normal size.

Therefore it can be of great help to chronic rheumatoid arthritis sufferers to alkalize the body either by eating an alkaline diet or taking alkalizing supplements.

If you have RA, be sure to speak to your primary care physician before trying Yoli, to see if it is right for your particular situation.

Are there any testimonials from people with Rheumatoid Arthritis who have taken Yoli?

While at Living Phit, we can’t definitely say that the BBS helps with RA, (and neither can Yoli), we can certainly point you to testimonials:


Can Yoli help with Crohn’s Disease?
The medical community is not entirely clear what causes Crohn’s as it is believed that the disease might stem from either an abnormal immune response and may also be hereditary. Many physicians are of the opinion that the flare ups which stem from Crohn’s can be enhanced by either diet or stress.

Although the Yoli program will not cure Crohn’s, the natural detoxification process that re-establishes the body’s required pH levels, and the healthy eating habits which the program promotes, are definitely good practices to set in place if you have Crohn’s.

As is the case with any health condition, if you get your body in as optimal health as possible, it can sometimes do the “healing” work all on its own.

If you have Crohn’s and are considering trying Yoli, be sure to speak to your doctor about Yoli to see if it is right for your particular situation.

Does Yoli Help with Headaches/Migraines?
It’s amazing what happens when you rid your body of toxins and acidic waste, and perhaps lose a bit of weight.  It seems to heal itself of many ailments.

Here’s a testimonial from one Yoli user who attributes her migraine relief to Yoli:

I was missing 2 days a WEEK because of my migraines by October of 2013.  I started Yoli November 1, 2013.  By Christmas I was not taking ANY migraine medication.  And I haven’t missed a day of work since November 3.

So while Yoli should not be considered a “treatment” for headaches, we can say that it’s always a good thing to lose weight and detoxify your body of acidity and sugary foods.  When you do, who knows?  You could see improvements in multiple areas of health, including relief from headaches and migraines.

Does Yoli Help with Fibromyalgia?
While we cannot say definitely if Yoli helps with fibromyalgia, we at Living Phit have seen many individuals who suffered from fibromyalgia improve their condition by losing weight and alkalizing their bodies.

Many people we interviewed found that the pain they were incurring from this painful disease either disappeared completely or found that their level of pain was significantly reduced.

Does Yoli Help With Acid Reflux?
It’s amazing what happens when you rid your body of toxins and acidic waste, and perhaps lose a bit of weight.

While we can’t say whether Yoli is directly related to helping with acid reflux, we have seen multiple reports of people getting off medications and improving their acid relux by eating alkaline or taking other alkaline supplements.

One of the main goals is to reduce the acidity in the body’s cells as the body is meant to be more alkaline and this is one of the many benefits that can be found especially when taking alkalizing supplements and changing your diet from one which may be highly acidic to one which is more alkaline.

Does Yoli Help with Eczema and Psoriasis?
While Yoli is not intended to prevent or treat any medical condition, we have seen a great many people with eczema and psoriasis reporting significant improvement while on a detox and weight loss program, especially combined with alkalizing products and probiotics.

Skin conditions such as these can be an indicator or physical response to the excess build up of acid waste in the fatty cells of the body.

Are there any Yoli testimonials for eczema/psoriasis?
Yes!  We have written extensively about this subject and provided testimonials at:

What about other health conditions like allergies, asthma, autism, celiac disease, hives, depression, high blood sugar and cholesterol, leaky gut syndrome, lupus, lyme disease, parkinson's disease, POS and infertility, and sleep apnea?
While Yoli is not able to say that the BBS helps with any of these conditions specifically, there are several testimonials from Yoli users who have had positive results on the BBS.

The best way to find them is to join the Empowered by You Facebook group and use the search feature at the top of the page for the condition you are interested in. The cool thing about this group is everyone there is already a member or customer, so there is no selling going on there, just real life testimonials.

Keep in mind that Yoli promotes better health, and sometimes, as a side-effect to overall improved health, people do experience relief from medical ailments.  Always see a doctor before trying Yoli if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medications.

Can I Take Alkalete while I’m Taking Antibiotics?
You should always consult with your physician to ensure that any of the Yoli products including Alkalete is safe to use for any medications including antibiotics.

Several users were advised by their doctors to stop taking Alkalete until after they completed their antibiotic regimen.

Antibiotics appear to work better in a slightly more acidic environment which is negated by Alkalete, so it is more important that you focus on treating the reason you were prescribed antibiotics and then resume the Yoli program when it is safe to do so. If you have any doubt then check with your doctor.

Is Yoli Safe to Use With Blood Thinners
Some doctors who sell Yoli in their practice have warned that Alkalete may thin the blood, so combined with blood thinners, it could be dangerous. Your best bet is to bring the Yoli product information to your doctor for a review before you start the program just to be safe.
Is Yoli Safe to Take with High Blood Pressure Medication?
You should always talk to your doctor before starting the Yoli program and are taking any form of medications. Some high blood pressure meds are diuretic while others are not, and some users have suggested it may not be good to mix diuretics with some of Yoli’s digestive aiding products such as Pure or Enzymes.

Be sure to ask your physician.

Roadblocks & Complications

Is it normal to experience headaches on Yoli?
Some users have experienced headaches for the first several days when starting the program. Headaches are a symptom that can occur when you cut out certain foods and drinks especially caffeinated beverages as headaches are a symptom of a minor withdrawal.

It is all part of the detoxification process and typically will improve and completely disappear after a few days. Every person will detoxify differently so just hang in there. Some users have said that Thermoburn or Passion as caffeine substitutes which helped them get rid of the headaches so different approaches work with different people.

Just don’t be discouraged and hang in there and you will get through this minor inconvenience.

In the multiple Better Body System reviews I’ve read, by far, headaches are the most common complaint I’ve read about.  They seem to occur in about 5% of cases or less.  (not backed by any study… just my perception)

Is it normal to experience tremors on Yoli?
Tremors do not seem to be a common experience but some users on the Yoli program have experience some tremors in the first few days which is part of the detoxification process and generally will pass fairly quickly.
Why can't I lose weight on Yoli?
While many people lose as much as 7-15 lbs in the first week alone, some people do experience some difficulty losing weight on Yoli, especially in the first few weeks.  (Many of those same people, however, do lose inches and gain health, however.)

It’s important to realize that Yoli isn’t some crash diet.  It’s not designed to starve you and dramatically cut your weight loss.  The goal is to get you on a system that is both easy and healthy, so you can stay on it until you lose the weight you want.  What’s the #1 problem with crash diets?  They’re too hard.  And that’s why people quit on them.

In Darren Hardy’s book, “The Compound Effect”, Hardy shows how the absolute best way to reach your goal is to make small, incremental changes to your current lifestyle and to implement those changes for a long period of time.  This way it’s sustainable, and you WILL eventually lose weight.

On Yoli’s Better Body Presentation video, Dr. Mike Okouchi says he recommends all his patients get on the Yoli products, “not just for the weight loss, but for the increase in health.  Because as you increase your health, weight loss is just a side effect.”

“Dr. Mike” also recently released this quick audio recording explaining why it takes longer for some people to lose weight than others, and gives other helpful thoughts as well.  Click here for Dr. Mike’s recording “Why Can’t I Lose Weight on Yoli?” 

It’s my second week on the BBS, and my weight has hit a plateau
This is totally normal. During the first week on the system, your body sheds excess weight and toxins, which result in quick, substantial weight loss. During the second week, your body is replacing the fat with lean muscle. You’re likely losing inches even though your weight isn’t dropping, so during this time, we encourage tracking your measurements rather than your weight as a sign of progress.

There is a lot going on internally when you start the BBS (diet change, frequency of eating, detox, etc.), and a plataeu or even weight gain in the 2nd week should not be alarming.

Dr. Mike Okouchi has put the following graphic together, illustrating what is going on during the first few weeks:

First month on Yoli BBS

Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Is it normal to experience dizziness or fatigue on Yoli?
Some users have experienced either dizziness or fatigue when they first start the program. Your body is adjusting and will quickly re-adapt after a few days.

Remember not to over exert yourself physically, and adjust any exercise regime you are currently following and keep it very light until your body adapts. You should also remember to keep yourself well hydrated but every user who experience these initial symptoms reported that they disappeared after several days.

Is Yoli affecting my menstrual cycle?
Some female users have commented on irregularities in their menstrual cycle during the first month taking Yoli.

If this is abnormal for you, we recommend you see your primary care physician.

A possible explanation for this…  as the fat cells start to shrink as you progress through the program, your estrogen levels may adjust leading to menstrual irregularities. This means that your body is going through a period of readjustment, and affects women differently.   It does take time for the body to adjust, but if you are experiencing very unusual symptoms then you should talk to your GYN.

“I hit a plateau after the first 1-2 months”
This is not uncommon as many Yoli users hit a plateau when it comes to losing weight.

A plateau is a sign that your body is getting too comfortable so you have to change it up.

First, it’s important to have a cheat day or cheat meal once per week.

If you work out, try shocking your body.  Instead of running, go hit the weights hard, or vice versa.  Try something different like swimming or hot yoga.

You might also try writing out everything you put in your mouth for a week, and send it to your sponsor.  Many people eat a lot of “hidden” calories in things like nuts, dressing, coffee creamer, and  condiments.  Writing out everything you eat will help you and your sponsor identify if you’re following the meal plan.

Many of our users suggest that one approach is to evaluate the quality of your proteins.  Give consideration to what you having for proteins and perhaps try leaner version of food such as skinless chicken breasts or fish.  Are you eating “hot dogs” for your protein snack?  You might try a healthier protein such as turkey bacon and almonds, or hard boiled eggs.

Some even suggest another way to “mix it up” and confuse your body is to cut your protein intake in half one day per week. That’s not something Yoli teaches, but many protein based diets suggest this.

The key seems to be in changing your meal plans and/or diet to beat the plateau.

Last and most important… Don’t get down on yourself.  You WILL lose weight, and stressing out about not losing weight only stops you from losing weight.  🙂  So believe in yourself and the program, and give it time.  You’ll knock it out of the park!

What to Eat

Can I have X, Y or Z on meal days or protein days?
When it comes to eating certain things on the Yoli Better Body System the 30 day transformation kit pamphlet covers a multitude of examples of things that you can and can’t eat.

However, many users ask about some things such as coffee creamer, half and half and condiments.

Here’s our view at Living Phit…

The key to any successful weight loss program, and we’ll stress this here in our Yoli diet review as well, is balancing your need for normalcy in your life and making sure you keep some of the things that you love, yet not going so far extreme in one direction that you are going to absolutely hate eating like this every day, because you will burn out and quit.

We wrote about how Success Magazine publisher Darren Hardy teaches us to implement small, subtle and easy changes in our lives, and that trumps gigantic, unsustainable actions every time.  You can Darren Hardy’s guide to losing weight here.

Therefore, if you want to live by the letter of the law, then technically no, there are some things that you should not have while doing the 30 day transformation system.

For example, since it is a detox program as well as a weight loss program you should not be having soda or coffee according to Yoli.

However, we at Living pHit we understand that some small cheats are not only permissible in our view point but sometimes even important for moral and long-term sticking to the program.

If on a protein day you are extra hungry so you have a scoop of peanut butter and a half a banana in your shake at night, while again this might not be permissible under the specific guidelines of Yoli, we would view this as a small cheat.

Not only will the shake taste like an ice cream shake, which would be delicious and build up your moral but it will fill you up more and reduce your chances of going out for a Big Mac meal at McDonalds.

Our general view of things like condiments such as mayonnaise, mustard or barbecue sauce or having a coffee is this:

Try to use these small cheats as little as possible.  Understand that your best results will come if you live by the letter of the law. But at the same time you have to weigh in your own knowledge about yourself and just know that if you need a couple small cheats per day to stick to the system, you should have them, understanding that your weight loss might be slightly decreased overall.

A couple small cheats per day but maintaining on the transformation kit is going to be far better than quitting all together and going back to your normal eating habits.

How should I shop to prepare for the Yoli BBS?
Here is a handy shopping list you can download and also a weekly meal planner from a customer:

Can I eat beans on protein day?
Beans are included on the protein list so you most definitely can include eating a variety of beans as part of your protein diet. There are many varieties of beans including white beans, kidney beans, lentils and many others which you can incorporate in your protein only days. They can be eaten as a meal in itself or mixed with other proteins which allows you some variety and creativity in mixing and matching what you are required to eat on protein only days.
Where can I find a list of veggies that I can eat on protein day?
If you check out your booklet that came with the transformation, simply go to page 6. Take note of all the veggies which have an asterisk as these are the ones which have low carbs and include such items like avocados, nuts etc.
Are any Veggies Freebies?
Yes, leafy or low sugar veggies are free anytime.  Feel free to add celery, broccoli, or spinach to any meal, even on protein days!
Can I eat cheese on protein day?
Any normal cheese is fine so long as you avoid processed cheese.
Can I eat pickles on protein day?
Yes, you can but you should limit your intake and use them as a side dish with your meal such as having one pickle with an egg white omlette or chicken breast. Try to buy pickles which are low in sodium.
What can I eat as fast food?
You do have several choices and alternatives to use. Some of the following will help to pick choices which are both healthy and tasty:

  1. El Pollo Loco chicken salads (dressing on the side, no tortilla strips)
    2. Rubio’s Chipotle Chicken salad, no tortilla strips
    3. Chipotle bowl with chicken (or carne asada), lettuce, beans, cheese and salsa, no sour cream or rice
    4. Mexican food – carne asada plate or pollo asado plate with no rice, no tortillas. Ask for extra beans instead of rice, and you get extra credit if you ask for whole beans instead of refried beans (sometimes they don’t have whole beans but that’s ok).
Can I marinate or add some flavor to my protein meal?
That’s not a problem so long as you avoid any marinate or additional flavor that is has high concentrations of sugar or carbohydrates. It’s important that you enjoy your food so a little extra taste is both preferable and understandable since you are not consuming the other carbohydrates that you would normally consume with your protein such as potatoes and bread.
What are some good snacks to eat on protein day?
Some of our Yoli users have some great ideas for snacks to eat on protein day including the following:

  1. Wrap some ham slices around fresh mozzarella balls and put in toaster oven. The cheese melts and the ham is crispy. Delicious and there are 0 carbs!
  2. Make some cheese crackers. Bake shredded cheese until crisp using 1/4 cup of shredded cheese makes about 6 small crackers. Great snack and you can also use it in salads for some crunch!
  3. Lemonade (lemon and stevia) and cream cheese, spice, cheddar cheese balls rolled in crumbled bacon! Keeping it simple!
  4. Another user suggested broccoli, nuts,yogurt, eggs, cheese.
  5. Snack on a handful of almonds
  6. Celery with or without natural peanut butter.
  7. Hard boiled eggs and a cheese stick.
  8. Preservative free jerky.
  9. Almonds peanut butter eggs cheese sticks
  10. Turkey bacon, nuts, peanut butter and celery, yogurt (chobani simply 100), cucumber with avocado on it, and the protein pancakes on the Yoli website
  11. Monster cookie protein balls for our work trip to the hotel this weekend! Mix 1 cup quick oats, 1/2 cup natural peanut butter, 1/4 cup honey, 1 scoop vanilla whey, mini m&m’s and mini dark chocolate chips! Roll and eat!!
Where can I find more recipes?
Your best bet is searching Google or Pinterest for “low carb recipes”.

You can also pick up Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Chef, which contains hundreds of low carb recipes.


So how did you like our Yoli diet review?  Hopefully you learned more about its cost, testimonials and proof that Yoli works, and learned everything  you needed to know about ingredients and the safety of Yoli.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please let us know.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As with any health supplement, you should consult with your primary care physician before use, especially if you take any medications, have any health conditions, or are under the care of a doctor.  For more details, please visit our Terms of Use page.

Jul 23

How to Lose 3 1/2 Inches Around Your Waist without Breaking a Sweat

By Chris Huntley | Testimonials , Weight Loss , Yoli


I love simple, easy diets.

Recently, I quickly and easily dropped 16 lbs and 3.5 inches around my waist without breaking a sweat.

… that’s almost a literal statement.  I think I worked out 3 or 4 times during the entire 2 month period I dropped this weight.

Sound good so far?

Did I mention the diet allows you to eat carbs, cheeseburgers, candy bars… pretty much anything you want?

(Spoiler alert: you don’t get to eat candy bars every day.  Sorry.) 🙂

If it sounds intriguing, then you’re in luck, because I’ve had so many people ask me what I did, that I’ve laid it all out for you in this article.

Back to High School

I’ve never been muscular, so at 6’1, a good range for me over the years has been between 165 to 170.

However, in 2013, my weight began slipping away from me a bit.  I got up to 175, then 180, and topped out at 183 in November 2013.  (I wish I had that picture)

Over the next 5 months I tried to be a bit more conscious about what I ate, and in April 2014, I read an article about how most peoples’ ideal weight is how much they weighed when they graduated high school.  For me, that was 162 lbs.

In the preceding months, I had been introduced to the Better Body System by Yoli, by another founding couple of this site, Angel and Tulane Rivera.  As independent distributors for Yoli, they had told me about some of the amazing results their friends and customers were getting on the Better Body System.

They system is quite easy, and contains 4 of the 5 “eat phit” principles we teach at Living Phit for weight loss.

Here’s the program in a nutshell:

  • Wake up and immediately drink a Passion energy drink – contains 110 mg of caffeine, gives you energy, and acts as a mild appetite suppressant
  • 30 min later drink a Yoli YES shake (they taste amazing)
  • Eat 3 protein snacks during the day (one example might be a cheesestick, 10 almonds, and a couple pieces of turkey bacon.  Another example might be a hard boiled egg and some turkey jerkey.)
  • Drink another YES shake at night
  • If I got hungry before bed I would eat a couple celery sticks with PB
  • 3 days per week, you get to mix in some fruit and good carbs.  That keeps you feeling normal.

Overall, it was really easy, and I’ve found it’s been easy to maintain as the shakes are delicious and you’re not really hungry on the plan.  Moreover, I’ve learned some awesome new eating habits, and in the process I also pretty much kicked soda, and drink Yoli’s Truth drink instead, which is amazing.

Click here for my complete Yoli diet review.