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Food addiction and American obesity has become a major health epidemic.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. Nor am I going to ramble on about all the negative health problems affiliated with obesity.


The reason is because you know all about it. The coverage on this health crisis has been done over and over.

Overweight Americans know they should eat healthier – but they don’t.

Overweight Americans know they should lose weight – many of you try again and again but you can’t.


The reason is because many of you have become food addicts.

There are likely quite a few of you who might scoff at this idea of being a food addict, but you’re wrong.  Science says otherwise!

Nobody wants to be overweight. Then again, alcoholics, smokers, drug abusers don’t want to be addicts.

The questions to ask – how can food be addictive? Why is food addiction and American obesity a problem today? (We suggest you also read, “Understanding The Reasons Of Why You Overeat).

It’s because the food industry has learned how to make it so!

In this article, “Food Addiction: Could It Explain Why 70 Percent of Americans Are Fat?” you might be surprised to learn that

Food made of sugar, fat, and salt can be addictive. Especially when combined in secret ways that the food industry will not share or make public. We are biologically wired to crave these foods and eat as much of them as possible.

How many of you out there know people who have a craving to eat massive amounts of broccoli or apples? Then ask the same question about people who eat excessive amounts of cookies, chips and other junk foods.

The response of the food industry is to say that people just need to eat more responsibly and exercise more.

Doesn’t seem to be working out too good for most Americans, right?

Americans spend billions each year on dieting plans.

Some of you succeed, but most fall off the wagon and return to your old eating habits. Many of you not only regain all the weight you lost and some of you maybe even gain more weight.

The reason is because you’ve likely become a food addict!

I’m a food addict too. Fast foods and junk food became a staple for me a few years ago.

… and my gosh, did I start to pack on the pounds.

I changed my eating habits by focusing on home cooking and I started exercising bit by bit.

It took awhile and I have to admit it was a struggle to change my eating habits. The change was gradual but by changing my eating habits – it began to work.

For me it took 2 years, but eventually I shed 60 pounds.

The result was amazing!

More energy, more activity and life became a whole lot more fun and rewarding.

I still like to cheat once in awhile. For example, I restrict myself to 1 bag of junk food per month. I tell myself I will just eat 1 small bowl of chips or whatever every other day.

But here’s the thing…

I can’t!

I end up eating bowl after bowl. The bag is done that same night and most certainly the following night.

Sometimes, I don’t even notice that I’m doing so. I ate a good healthy supper and should be full. And, I am full but I DON’T STOP EATING!

Does this sound familiar?

How Food Addiction and American Obesity Works

Most overweight people do not choose to be overweight. For some overweight people, there is a biological basis for their obesity. But, most overweight people are obese because they have become food addicts.

In this article about food addiction, the author states that:

There is research-based evidence that suggests foods high in sugar, salt, and/or fat can trigger the pleasure sensors (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, etc.) in the brain creating strong feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. This response is similar to a cocaine addict, whose reward center is turned on when abusing cocaine.

The key ingredients of all these processed addictive foods are salt, sugar and fat!

Food addiction and American obesity has both a physiological and a psychological basis. All processed foods are not nutritionally sound and have been designed to keep you eating more.

… and on a regular basis.

In America, did you know that as much as 50% of meals are eaten outside the home? Even more disturbing is that most home-cooked meals are more commonly microwavable industrial foods.

This is the processed food industry’s way of saying, “I gotch ya!”

You will also really want to read Chris Huntley’s really informative article, “The Food Addicts Guide to Losing Weight (and Keeping It Off)”. This article is real EYE-OPENER!

And, like just about something every addict has likely said at one time or another – “I can quit anytime I want to!”


The Living Phit Food Addict’s Challenge!

Are you one of those who think that food addiction and American obesity is not real?


Try it yourself. Try and see if quitting these processed junk foods is that easy.

Here’s what we would like you to do.

We want you to quit all fast foods, processed foods and pop drinks for an entire month.

No sodas, pizza, cookies, chips, or microwave foods, etc for an entire month.

Try and completely avoid these all foods completely for 30 days!

We believe that many of you will find yourself “craving” these foods and experience many of the signs an addict experiences when they stop an addictive drug.

Tell us what it was like and what you experienced.

And, we also would like to know if lost weight in the process – at least before you fell off the wagon.


Food addiction and American obesity are linked.

We also want to get your feedback on how well or poorly you did.



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