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High blood pressure is one the greatest health risk facing Americans right now.

As many as 85 million Americans have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (also known as “HYPERTENSION”).

This serious medical condition is perhaps the most significant contributor to heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Although there are many factors that contribute and can contribute to a person having high blood pressure, one of the biggest culprits is our modern diet.

What Is High Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is measured as the force which is being applied to the walls of the blood vessels.

Most medical experts agree any person who has blood pressure greater than 140 over 90 millimeters of Mercury (mmHg) has high blood pressure.


Many people who have this condition do not even know they are at risk. The reason is because most people do not have any symptoms until they have a serious health incident such as a heart attack or stroke.


Before we take a look at how you can change your lifestyle and especially your diet, let’s take a look at some powerful and thought provoking testimonials of people who crushed their high blood pressure.

Let’s use some inspiration to change your minds about what you eat and how the BETTER BODY SYTEM BY YOLI changed these people lives. This diet system may have saved a few lives in the process.

Testimonials of People Who Smashed their High Blood Pressure Levels


anthony monroe

Today is my 1st week results from using Yoli. The beginning phase was a little rough but I made it through it. My blood pressure is lower and I feel great. I’m a long way from my goal but in time I will achieve my dream weight.

Chris since becoming a member of Yoli I have lowered my bp down to the normal level. My last blood work was within range and the doctor lowers my dosages. With healthier eating along with exercise my goals are becoming more and more within reach.


pat clarkeSo, I think it is extremely important for me to share my experience with the Better Body System. I have had an amazing turn around in my health going from being diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic to a reversal of the symptoms. I have lost 22 lbs. since Feb. and definitely noticed as I walked all around the Iowa State Fairgrounds and as I begin my vacation walking all over at the Old Thresher’s Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Ia. I have not had significant pain in my arthritic hip as in the past.

I used to break out with a terrible rash on my hands and arm because of an allergic reaction to the sun because of the medications I was taking.

I have noticed being more calm and accepting of other people.

I have become more aware spiritually because of the influence of all my Yoli family and friends.

I was addicted to salt and never in my life would I have ever considered quitting. Heck, I used to put salt on pepperoni pizza. I quit using salt last month and will not ever use a salt shaker again.

I give thanks to God for the gift of health with this program and all the fabulous people who give tremendous support.

I especially want to thank my sister who gave me the method to use this gift of health by sharing the Better Body System with me.


richard littleI know I post my transformation on fb last week. But I’d like to share this to my yoli family. Hoping this will give encouragement and motivation to others.
My BBS JOURNEY started on October 13, 2014. I began this journey to get healthier and with hopes to lower my blood pressure as my wife had in the prior 30 days. I was taking 2 blood pressure pills per day with a blood pressure as high as 165/102 and a starting weight of 228.8 lbs. and wearing size 38 pants and Extra Large shirts ( both of which were very tight on me) . I was also having problems sleeping and taking medication (Valium) to help me sleep.
In the first 30 days I lost 22 pounds and 5 inches off my waist without exercising. My blood pressure had dropped to134/84. I felt so much better and with more energy than I’d had in years. I had visited my doctor (in September prior to starting the BBS and then 30 days after starting the program) for a checkup and he was surprised at my weight loss and lower blood pressure and suggested we do blood work. I have continued the BBS program because I love the lifestyle change. Nothing else I have ever tried in the past had worked for me on a continual basis. I visited my doctor again on December 24th and we discussed my blood work results. My cholesterol had dropped from 203 to 178 and my triglycerides have dropped from 154 to 66. All of my blood work showed great improvements. My Doctor’s words were “I’ll give you an A+ in all categories of your blood work. What you’re doing is working for you, DON’T STOP.” As of Dec 27, 2014, I have lost over 40 pounds and 8 inches off my stomach alone. I now wear size 34 pants and size Medium shirt. My blood pressure today averages 127 / 74 with taking one half pill every other day. I expect to completely quit taking blood pressure medication in the near future. I haven’t taken acid reflux medicine in 2 months. I sleep better at night and wake up feeling GREAT. In short I feel more like living than I have in years instead of just existing.


erma sorianoTransformation Friday.
Though I am not that comfortable sharing my BBS journey, I will share it anyways to help others out there who at some point still doubting themselves, the BBS, & the process.
My intention when I started Yoli back on Sept.2015 was for my own selfish reason only…To Loose Weight!!!
Little did I know that not only would I be losing weight but I will also gain optimal health!
I am loving the new me! It wasn’t easy at first but I ran my own race to wellness. I followed the BBS, listened to my body, enjoyed my own journey. There were ups & downs, but ultimately Yoli gave me back my life & confidence! Yoli turned me into an active hiker, runner, exercise enthusiast, hot yoga addict from being a couch potato and buffet lover. Very happy to say the least that my Hypertension is a lot better that my primary doctor cut my prescription dosage into half, hoping to totally get rid of it someday.
Now my Lipid panels are great from being told before that I am pre HLD. Now my whole family enjoys the health benefits of Yoli as well.
Although I only lost 10 lbs with Yoli ( and 10 lbs. by myself for 8 long months before Yoli), I have gained more muscles, strength, stamina that I never felt, or had in my younger years and for that I am forever grateful.
Thank you Yoli


adam felicianoI’ve now lost a total of 32 lbs. on the Better Body System. I feel great and my overall health has improved. No longer do I suffer from gout, hypertension, fatty liver, acid reflux and high cholesterol because this program makes it possible to achieve the proper pH levels for optimal health. High acidity is the cause for most diseases that we develop and this program corrects that. Nothing tastes as good as feeling well again.

I’m still on 2.5 mg of amlodipine or norvasc. Maintained my active lifestyle labs still looking great. Still on maintenance of Alkalete, pure, and fun when I’m working out which is almost everyday.


clayton chingThis is the biggest former skeptic reporting in. 18 months ago while my son, Chris Ching, and my wife, Carrie Ching, were raving about Yoli I was pooh-poohing them. Then cousin Jason Ching and Ronnie Cruz came and spent a couple of days with us. Since then I have dropped 50 lbs and 8 inches in my waist. I no longer suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, or gout attacks. I no longer take meds for high blood pressure or cholesterol and my uric acid is 3.2. Yesterday I had my second colonoscopy and the results were amazing. 6 years ago I had to have 2 polyps removed. Yesterday I was polyp free. Thanks folks! I’m a believer in Yoli now.

Causes of Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

Although our modern high sodium diet can be said to be one to be one of the main culprits, there are a variety of cause than significantly impact your blood pressure.

If any in the following list applies to you – then it’s time to take the “Bull by the Horns” and do what you need to do.

The alternative is either severe disability or death!

Some of the main causes other than diet (which we will discuss in a lot more detail shortly) include:

• Men over age 45 and women over age 65 are more susceptible to having high blood pressure
• Smoking
• Stress
• Genetics (runs in the family)
• Obesity
• Lack of exercise
• Alcohol use
• Underlying medical conditions such as sleep apnea, kidney problems, adrenal and thyroid problems, blood vessel defects and certain medications

Some of these things you can deal with on your own and some you won’t to be able to manage without the help of your doctor.

But one of the main things which is 1 of the biggest approach that you can take action about is your – DIET!!!

If you are at risk then you need to get your blood pressure checked and monitored on a regular basis – DON’T WAIT

How Our Modern Diet Contributes to High Blood Pressure

Although many people use medications prescribed by their doctors, there are also many proactive steps that you can take on your own.

One of the best approaches in reducing hypertension is to make some serious decisions about your what you eat.

The main villain for the increase of those Americans who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure is too much “SODIUM” OR “SALT”.

You find unhealthy and high amounts of sodium in a vast abundance of foods we eat.

Why is there so much sodium or salt in many of the foods we consume? There are 2 reasons. The first is because salt is a natural preservative – it keeps food fresher longer. It allows food manufacturers to keep their product on the shelves longer so there’s less waste and spoilage.

The second reason is taste. People like their food to have some flavor and salt is one of the most commonly used condiments.

Why is sodium or salt bad for us? Well, it’s definitely not all bad because we do need a certain daily intake of sodium in out bodies. The problem is that we consume TOO MUCH!

While the right amount of sodium keeps out body functioning properly – too much sodium cause out bodies to retain water. I’ll explain why this is important shortly because there is something else we need to consider.

BUT! Although many health gurus focus on salt/sodium intake, there’s another vital element to take into account and that is “POTASSIUM.”

Out dietary intake of sodium and potassium go hand in hand. I am mentioning this is because not only are American consuming TOO MUCH SALT, and you are also consuming NOT ENOUGH POTASSIUM in your diet.

The sodium potassium ratio is vital to understand because both these elements play a crucial role in managing blood pressure.

Understanding the Sodium / Potassium Ratio and Lowering Blood Pressure

Both Sodium and Potassium go hand in hand when it comes to regulating blood pressure. There is also increasing evidence that this duo of chemicals can also impact bone health as well.

In Paleolithic times (thousands of years ago), and depending where humans resided, our ancestors are believed to have consumed around 11,000 milligrams (mg) of Potassium per day. Our diet back then consisted of wild vegetables, flowers, nuts, roots, fruit, berries and other plant sources.

Salt was a commodity that was rare, and consequently most inland people only consumed around 700 (mg) of salt per day. That’s a potassium/sodium ratio of 1:16.

The salt consumption of ancestors is actually about 3 times lower than what current dieticians recommend for a healthy intake of daily salt. But, it does show the body adapts in retaining the sodium it needs to function properly.

Today’s dietary intake shows the complete reverse and this is why out diet is OUT OF BALANCE. Most people take in too much sodium but not enough potassium.

In their article “High Blood Pressure and Nutrition” the author points out that:

The American Heart Association recommends limiting daily sodium intake no more than 1,500 milligrams. (A teaspoon of salt has about 2,400 milligrams of sodium.) Most people greatly exceed these sodium guidelines.

Many experts believe that a great many Americans will consume anywhere from between 2,500 mg to as much as 7,500 mg of sodium per day. This is way in excess of the amount we should be consuming.

Unfortunately, much of this sodium is hidden away in processed or prepared foods. We seem to gravitate towards these foods because of its convenience.

On the other side of the equation, Americans are consuming far less Potassium that what they should be consuming.

Most dieticians recommend that we should be taking in about 4,700 mg of Potassium per day. However, many American adults are only averaging around 2,500 mg per day.

This imbalance can easily result in causing or exacerbating high blood pressure and hypertension.

How does it affect blood pressure?

Here’s how Harvard Health Newsletter describes the process in their article “Potassium and Sodium Out of Balance”

In healthy individuals, the kidneys respond to excess sodium by flushing it out in the urine. Unfortunately, this also removes potassium. If potassium levels are low, the body tries to hoard it, which also means hanging onto sodium. Water follows sodium, leading to an increase in the amount of water in the body and the volume of blood in circulation.

The article also goes on to say this imbalance results in the following:

Blood pressure climbs, and the heart must work harder. Excess sodium blunts the ability of blood vessels to relax and contract with ease, and may also over stimulate the growth of heart tissue. All of these responses are made worse by low potassium intake.

How the Better Body System Helps Lower Blood Pressure

First off , and this important – Consult your doctor before you make any drastic changes to your diet. Each person who has high blood pressure does so for many different reasons. Some people have potassium issues such as “HYPERKALEMIA” which impacts kidney function so increasing your amounts of potassium can be very detrimental.

But most of you can make dietary changes which will lower your blood pressure. Some people such as the ones above in our testimonials managed to do so by changing to an “ALAKALINE DIET”. This diet is through YOLI – THE BETTER BODY SYSTEM. Check it out as we are big fans of this product here at Living Phit.

The Sodium Culprits and Hypertension

Here are some of the biggest dietary sodium culprits including:

• Salted snacks
• All processed foods such as frozen foods
• Butter and margarine
• Fast foods
• Regular salad dressings
• Fatty meats
• Whole milk dairy products
• Fried foods
• Canned foods and soups
• Deli meats

Know what you are eating. Always read the labels. Use salt alternatives to flavor your food such as other spices and herbs, vinegar, lemon or fruit juices instead of salt.

The Potassium Good Guys

Here are some of the foods which have higher amount of potassium other than bananas which most everybody knows contains good amounts of Potassium. Here’s a list of some of the best:
• White Potato – One cup of this tasty food contains 941 mg potassium but try to avoid butter and salt
• Sweet potato – A medium baked sweet potato has 542 mg (12% DV) of potassium. These tubers are also rich in vitamin A
• Tomato Sauce – One cup contains 728 mg potassium
• Watermelon Wedges – 2 wedges of watermelon have 641 mg of potassium
• Frozen /Fresh Spinach -1 cup spinach has 540 mg of potassium
• Beets – 1 cup of cooked beets has 518 mg of potassium
• Black Beans – Protein and fiber and 738 mg of potassium in 1 cup
• White Beans -Best source of potassium you can find with a whopping 1189 mg along with 20 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber
• Canned Salmon -Omega 3 rich food and where a 5 oz can contains 487 mg of potassium
• Whole Soybeans -1 cup supplies 676 mg of potassium and a great source of plant based protein
• Butternut Squash – This fall favorite and where 1 cup supplies 582 mg of potassium
• Swiss Chard – 1 cup of this awesome vegetable not gives you 961 mg of potassium but is also rich in Vitamins A, C and K but also Calcium and Iron
• Regular Plain Yogurt – A favorite snack where 1 cup provides 573 mg and a great source of daily calcium

These are just a few of the foods which contain high amounts of potassium but there are many more. A high alkaline diet is a great way to improve your eating habits and redress the sodium/potassium imbalance in today’s diet.

But it’s not just this ratio you need to address because reducing obesity and increasing your physical activity also needs to go hand in hand with lowering your sodium intake and increasing your potassium intake. All these things combined can lower your blood pressure.

Here at Living Phit we also recommend you also learn how acidosis impacts your body by checking out:

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If you would life to learn more about what we believe is the one of the best approaches you can take then please read YOLI – THE BETTER BODY SYSTEM


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