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How to Order Alkaline at Mexican Food Restaurants

Is it possible to find healthy alkaline food items in a Mexican restaurant?

The answer is yes!

The trick is:

• Knowing which Mexican foods are high in fat (1)

• Knowing what Mexican food is healthy (2)

• Knowing how to order

Once you understand the above – you can enjoy many of the wonderful flavors that alkaline Mexican food has to offer.

So, we are going to start out by telling you what to avoid. Them we will explain the many healthy options you can choose instead.

Bottom Line:

Instead of ordering a main course for each person – consider sharing. And, you don’t have to eat it all in one sitting. Save half your meal for a doggie bag and enjoy it again another day!

Healthy Alkaline Mexican Drink Options

While you are scanning the menu, you will likely be ordering a beverage.

What’s the obvious choice – Margaritas! Of course!

The bad news is that this is the worst choice for a beverage. The reason is because these tasty drinks have between anywhere from between 500 – 700 calories (if you opt for the jumbo). (3)

There are other much healthier beverage options which are way lower in calories. This includes:

• Opt for a “Skinny” margarita instead. You can still enjoy the Tequila but this beverage only has around 150 calories

• Consider a “light” Mexican beer instead• Select the “table” wine or

• Choose a thirst quenching Sangria

• Calorie free Club Soda or diet soda

• Spritzers

• Water of course!

Bottom Line
Avoid the margaritas which are loaded with calories.
There are plenty of other low calorie drink options – just give it a bit of thought before you order.

Healthy Alkaline Mexican Appetizers

Say no to the chips! We all like to snack a bit before the meal. But are you doing your body any good loading up with those salty chips?

We might suggest you avoid the salsa. It’s a tad acidic but does have some positive benefits.

The other side of the coin is that salsa does contain some healthy antioxidants.

Just use sparingly.

Let’s just say salsa is optional.

Quick Note on Guacamole – This lovely food is hard to pass up.

On the one hand it contains healthy fats which is good.

On the other hand it’s also really high in calories. So, if must have we would recommend you go easy and don’t overdo.

First though, let’s look at…

Mexican Food Appetizers to Avoid

Beware the cheese bomb and the huge portion sizes.

Anything that comes with creamy cheese sauces are food items you should skip.

Choose wisely.

Some of the appetizers to avoid include:

• Salads which come in deep fried tortilla bowls. Can have as many as 400 calories for the bowl alone

• Anything with cheese because it will be loaded. Lots of cheese in Mexican food. (Many dairy products are very acidic)

• Flour tortillas – they are made from refined flour. Can contain as much as a whole meal’s worth of calories on their own (4)

• Chimichangas – these are deep fried burritos and definitely not a healthy choice

• Gorditas and Taquitos

• The deep fried Tostada shell

Healthy Alkaline Mexican Food Appetizers

You want to start out on the right foot.

Here are some of the more healthy Mexican food appetizers to consider (5):

• Starter salad – Consider a Mexican Caesar or a Garden salad with the dressing on the side.

• Cup of Soup – This can especially be fine if the soup is broth based. Best to avoid creamy soups.

• Gazpacho or Posole soup, or Abondigas soup (which is meatballs and veggies in a broth.)

• Ceviche – A light appetizer option. Comes with shrimp, white fish and scallops. Also comes with fresh veggies such as peppers, tomatoes and cucumber. Usually toped off with lemon or lime juice. Yum!

The Main Course – Unhealthy Mexican Food Options

Well, as we said before – avoid any menu options which mention cheese. Many Mexican restaurants love to pile it on.

Another thing is that many of the main course food items come wrapped in something.

This include corn or floured tacos, tortillas, burritos, fajitas and quesadillas.

Now, I would like to point out some of the items in the list below might be hard to avoid.

Let me simply say that you don’t have to eat what they come wrapped in – just eat the filling. (6)

As a general rule we would recommend that you avoid the following Mexican menu food items.

• Anything that says fried or re-fried because you know it’s going to be loaded high in fat and lots of salt

• Re-fried beans – we mention these specifically because they are often done in lard which is a definite “No-No!”

• Flour tortillas – which we mentioned already.

• Nachos

• Tamales

• Enchiladas

• Skip some of the “fixins” such as sour cream and again – the cheese!

Yikes! It almost looks like I cut out everything good to eat at a Mexican restaurant.

Not so, because there are plenty of awesome and succulent Mexican food items to choose from. (7)

The Main Course – Healthy Alkaline Mexican Food Choices

You can still opt for all those mouth watering burritos, fajitas enchiladas etc – the simple trick is not to eat what is wrapped around the filling!

Quick Note on Wrappings – Let’s just say you should avoid those made from flour. If you must have a wrapping – make sure it’s made from corn or whole grain.

Let’s look at the various Mexican food item where you can avoid the salt, fat, the carbs and especially – the calories (8)

Healthy Alkaline Mexican food choices include:

• Veggie Fajitas – Can’t go wrong lots of healthy vegetables can you. Vegetables rock!

• Veggie Taco plate or any “build your own” as it puts you in the driving seat of what’s going in your tummy – just pick the good stuff and don’t cheat (too much that is) (9)

• Opt for Black or Pinto beans instead of re-fried beans and even rice

• Skinless chicken

• Carne Asada or Steak Tacos– this is a steak burrito/taco meal but we recommend you stick to the filling only

• Carnitas (pork) or Pollo Asado (chicken)

• Grilled Food – There are lots of healthy meat items offered at Mexican restaurants which are grilled such as beef, pork, chicken and especially fish(10)

• Choose a fish option over other meat options – lots of fish have Omega 3 such as salmon and are great for protein (11)

Bottom Line
Take the time to really scope out the menu. Consider which Mexican offerings have the most acidic ingredients. Veggies, meat and fish dishes are the best approach. Avoid the chips and the heavy cheese and cream dishes.


How to Order Healthy Alkaline Mexican Food

If you want to order healthy alkaline Mexican food, beware of the portion sizes.

Try to especially skip all of the fried items.

Here are a few tips to help you order the healthiest alkaline based Mexican food. (12)

• Order a la carte

• Ask for healthy substitutes (the staff are usually very accommodating)

• Split your meal with the person with who you are dining

• Ask for less

• Don’t overindulge (you don’t have to eat everything – ask for a doggie bag)

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Reasons to Focus on Alkaline Food

Some readers might be wondering what the big deal is about focusing on alkaline food.

Here is now an abundance of scientific evidence which supports the many health benefits of an alkaline diet. (13)

Some of the many diseases which afflict our overindulgent society which an alkaline diet can help include:

• Hypertension

• Cholesterol

• Obesity

• Diabetes

• Arthritis

• Low bone density

• Chronic Pain and Inflammation

• Skin diseases such eczema and psoriasis

• Many others

Today’s Diet is Very Acidic Compared to Our Ancestors

When our ancestors lived off the land and began farming, they focused on much more natural and healthy food items.

Their diets included mostly natural and healthy meat, fish, nut and lots of vegetable or plant based foods.

The foods back then were rich in potassium and low in salt.

Today, the pendulum has switched to a very unhealthy diet. Practically every American is aware that obesity has been become a major health epidemic.

The foods we eat to day are often processed.

Processed and fast foods are heavily laced with unhealthy fat, sugar and especially far too much salt and sodium.

The amount of potassium our ancestors consumed use to outnumber sodium by a ration of 10:1 – now it’s 1:3.

This is recipe for disaster (pardon the pun). It is also a primary reason for the onset of where many health conditions begin to develop.

Our Body pH Levels Are Out of Whack

The body is a finely tuned mechanism. It has a lot of ways in which it can address nutritional imbalances. (14)

But unfortunately, the body can only do so much.

Foods which are high and sodium, salt, sugar and fat gradually overwhelm the body’s ability to cope.

As a result the pH blood level  of the body, which is best at 7.365 (more alkaline than acidic), can become influenced by the harmful effects of acidosis. (15)

This leads to the body being forced to store more fat and sodium in the all the cells of the body which can become excessive.

Acidosis leads to depletion of vital minerals and this especially includes both potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Proper ratios of these minerals are vital to maintaining a healthy body. (16)

Here are Living Phit, our goal is to:

• Help people understand the difference between the health effects of an acidic diet versus an alkaline diet

• To learn what consists of an alkaline diet

• To change how people eat

• Help people become more healthy

Bottom Line:
American have to learn to change how they eat. If want to feel healthier and prevent unnecessary ailments – learn how the food you eat impacts your body.

What Foods Are Alkaline and Acidic?

Let’s talk which food is most likely to be very acidic (17). This includes:

• Almost all processed foods such as packaged and frozen foods

• Most types of fast foods

• Many dairy products

• Coffee and tea

• Many canned foods

• Carbohydrates

• Foods which contained refined flour and refined sugar

• Any food high in salt and sodium such as chips and other snacks

• Soda drinks which have far too much sugar(18)

Now when it comes to alkaline foods check out our article on 105 High Alkaline Foods.

But, a quick review of the healthiest alkaline foods (19) can be summed as follows:

  1. Fruits & Veggies (salad, leafy greens, low-sugar fruits)
  2. Nuts & Seeds
  3. Soybeans and Tofu
  4. Healthy Oils

Bottom Line:
Take note of what you are eating. Keep a food journal. Research alternative healthy alkaline food items. Learn to avoid acidic based foods.

Healthy Alkaline Supplements

There are variety of various alkaline supplements you can take to re-balance your body’s pH levels.

Some of the better supplement which have garnered good reviews include:
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