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Low Cost Alkaline Diet Without Supplements

So you’re looking to eat an alkaline diet but have two primary concerns:

  • the high cost of alkalizing supplements
  • the high cost of alkalizing foods

We can help!

In this post, I am going to show you how you can afford and eat a low cost alkaline diet without supplements every day.

The Acidic Problem

Everyone wants to eat healthy to feel healthy.

The scientific evidence continues to show that many Americans suffer bad health because of what they eat.

Life is tough and fast paced these days.

It’s just too easy to microwave processed food, or buy some fried chicken and fries at the local fast food outlet.

And unfortunately, many of you out there will swill this food back with a sugary soft drink.

This dietary formula is a recipe for disaster.

The end result is you pack on the pounds and load your body with processed sugar, flour, and sodium and trans fats.

… And lots of excessive acid!

You feel sluggish, lack energy and begin to develop health problems.

Instead of getting off the couch, you stare at some electronic device and munch away on salted snacks.

…And, likely more sodas loaded with sugar.

Cholesterol levels rise along with your blood pressure.

Diabetes 2 abounds amongst the American population today.

It’s time to take action and…


A Low Cost Alkaline Diet Without Supplements is Possible. (1)

There is a variety of alkaline diet plans out there. Many of these plans are costly and require the use of expensive supplements.

Supplements are great if you want to alkalize your body fast.

But, you don’t need these expensive supplements to achieve the same results.

You can eliminate acidosis in your body inexpensively along with:

  • Re-balancing your body’s pH levels
  • Losing weight
  • Lowering Cholesterol levels
  • Reducing Hypertension (blood pressure)
  •  Eliminating sugar
  • Reducing the risk of diabetes
  • Eliminating joint pain

And, the best part about it, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to achieve these healthy results. (2)


Here’s another reason to avoid processed foods and fast foods.

You’ll actually save more money by eating the right kind of alkaline food at home rather than shelling out a lot more moolah for what you might be eating right now.

That’s right!

Alkaline meals on a budget are a lot more affordable than you think!

Bottom Line:

Eating natural alkaline foods at home is not only healthier – it’s a lot more affordable and saves you money.

What’s the Big Deal About an Alkaline Diet?

It’s all about body pH balance.

A good body pH balance means you are getting the right kind of minerals and nutrients you need to maintain good health.

The human body is pretty versatile when it comes to eating the wrong kind of diet.

It has its own biological tricks to counter a bad diet.

Your body has many metabolic ways it can use to eliminate the toxic foods you munch on.

But, the problem is this…

It can only eliminate so much on its own.

When it can’t eliminate the sodium, salt, sugar, and trans fats…it stores this muck in our cells.

The cells bloat and excess acidosis begins to wear away at our health. It also packs on the pounds.

An alkaline diet not only helps to neutralize this acidosis, the cells can begin to eliminate this dietary muck.

You begin to feel better, have more energy and also begin to lose weight in the process. (3)


Cholesterol levels drop along with your high blood pressure levels.

You are never too old or too young to start changing it all around.

It’s possible you might be thinking you don’t have the budget to do this – but that is completely wrong.

And, if you’re thinking that an alkaline diet consists of fancy foods you don’t know anything about or expensive organically grown food you can’t afford…


Every time, you meander through the produce section or down the grocery isles, all this fantastic alkaline food is just staring you in the face.

You don’t have to buy it all at once either. There are so many different varieties and types of alkaline foods out there you can enjoy an abundance of new menu options each and every week.

It’s all about simply substituting acidic foods and replacing them with alkaline foods.

We actually do need some acidic food in out diet.

Most dieticians who are proponents of the alkaline diet suggest an 80/20 ratio of alkaline foods to acidic foods.

Others suggest it can be okay to go with a 60/40 ration.

Some acidic foods do have very valuable nutrients that out body needs. The trick is knowing which ones offer the nutrients and minerals you need.

So, in other words – it’s okay to cheat a little bit…

But just don’t overdo it.

You don’t need to have a lot culinary skills. This is because there are lots of easy alkaline recipes you can whip up in no time at all. (4)

An alkaline diet menu doesn’t have to be anything fancy either. The reason is because it’s just plain ole simple home cooking.

If you can boil or bake – you can eat alkaline. If you can make a salad – you’re in like Flint. (5)

Bottom Line:

A low cost alkaline diet without supplements is easy, affordable and achievable for everyone.

Still not convinced?

Let me prove you wrong with our next section.

35 High Alkaline Foods for Less Than $2.00

Don’t have time to go to the grocery store and buy the food you need for a low cost alkaline diet without supplements?

The amazing restorative alkaline foods I am going to list below all cost less than $2.00 at your local grocery store.

They are foods you are familiar with so there will be no surprises. (6)

I’ll also provide some nutritional info which might even surprise you. This list isn’t going to include any types of meat or fish.

Most red meats are acidic. They should be eaten in limited and small qualities occasionally.

Fish and skinless chicken breasts are best – but always go lean if you go for beef,

Alkaline Diet for Beginners

Here’s out list of the top 35 most recognizable and affordable alkaline foods which you can find in your grocery store to get you started. (7)

Almonds & Almond Milk

A tasty food which is incredibly alkaline. If you have to snack then this is the way to go because you don’t have to eat a lot.


Artichokes are delicious and contain a lot of antioxidants which aid digestion and help cleanse the liver.

Avocado & Avocado Oil

A creamy green fruit which provides a great nutritional punch with lots of potassium.


A powerful herb which adds flavor to the food you eat and is packed with Vitamins A, Potassium and Calcium.


This should be a “must have” and regular food which offers an array of powerful alkaline nutritional value.

Brussels Sprouts

Loaded with Vitamin C, this vegetable nutrient rich powerhouse also provides loads of fiber.


There’s lots of ways to prepare this great alkaline food, but you also get the extra benefits of helping to prevent cancer which is nutrient rich, provides fiber and is low in calories.


Carrots aren’t just tasty they also very alkaline. They help your eyesight along with providing lots of Vitamin A and other nutrients.


Comes with loads of Vitamin C and you can eat it in a variety of ways such as raw, or steam it or bake it.


Eat it raw or with a salad, this alkaline food is also a great snack substitute which is really low in the calorie department.


This tasty green is not only very alkaline but it’s also a great way to hydrate because it contains a lot of nutritious water. (8)


Eggplant has loads of recipes but will keep you feeling full without the calorie hit.


Of course! Its health benefits have been know for centuries. Also helps lower blood pressure.


Ginger not only has detoxifying properties, but is considered a “superfood”. Adds a lot of flavor with any food you cook.


Surprise! This might taste acidic and sour but it metabolizes as alkaline. It’s also considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Green Beans

High in Vitamins, you also get the added benefit of fiber.


A must have if you want 1 of the best alkaline foods which is a nutrient giant among leafy greens.


A versatile alkaline food which you can include in soups or lots of other recipes but provides a great pH addition to your alkaline diet.


Another eye catches like grapefruit because it seems so acidic. But, this fruit becomes alkaline when you eat it and has loads of Vitamin C.


A great meat substitute but also has lots of Iron and other vitamins.

Lima Beans

Lima beans also have lots of iron and Vitamin C but are also great when it comes to reducing acidity in the body

Navy Beans

A versatile food which you can use a wide variety of ways. Has lots of iron, calcium and an abundance of fiber.

New Potatoes

A tasty staple which you can top off with chives or basil to enhance this alkaline food even further.


Onions are a versatile food which shouldn’t just be limited for hot dogs and hamburger toppings (2 meats which you should avoid in any event).


Peas are not only a great side dish but also have lots of Vitamin C and A.


Any kind of color such as red, yellow, or green peppers contains lots of vitamins and add flavor to any dish.


Not only helps your body become alkaline but also helps to prevent cancer and heart disease along with helping the digestion.

Red Beans

Most commonly known as red kidney beans, they have lots of iron, and vitamins A and C along with loads of fiber.


A great non-meat source which provides lots of iron, calcium and a great source for protein.


An alkaline giant you can prepare in a lot of ways to enjoy its superb pH benefits.


Any kind of squash fits in this group. Lots of vitamins and a great and tasty side dish for any meal.

Sweet Potato

This is a tasty tuber that provides lots of fiber and vitamins which may surprise you.


A fantastic herb which boosts the respiratory system and lots of antioxidants which is “must have” for an alkaline kitchen.


Vegans know this is a great meat substitute. Though relatively tasteless alone you can flavor it up in a variety of ways.


Naturally! Has lots of antioxidants and is surprisingly to many as being very, very alkaline when it metabolizes. Also comes with lots of lycopene.


A flexible food for many recipes this alkaline food lowers the bad cholesterol and has lots of vitamins.

Bottom Line:

Get started with these foods as an alkaline diet for beginners (9)

The above list is just teeny tiny partial list of the numerous alkaline foods you can begin to incorporate into your daily diet.

You can find an abundance of alkaline recipes out there to give your new healthy alkaline lifestyle a great boost to becoming healthier and slimmer in the process. (10)

You might also want to learn more about how to find a Low Cost Alkaline Diet Without Supplements by reading our detailed article.

High Alkaline Foods List – 105 Foods to Alkalize Your Body Fast!

Some Alkaline Supplements to Consider

However, if you do have some extra money, and want to alkalize fast, here are some supplements you might want to consider:

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