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Lower Cholesterol Levels with an Alkaline Diet

Want to learn how to lower cholesterol levels with an alkaline diet?

Does an alkaline diet really work? You bet it does and we are going to tell you why it works and the health benefits you can derive from an alkaline diet.

And, I am also going to provide some testimonials from people who used this diet and the results they found. The “proof is in the pudding” (which is food you might want to eat in small moderation).

Asides from making a conscious decision to change your dietary habits, your only other alternative for reducing cholesterol is to use medication prescribed by your doctor.

That’s an easy out. Although these prescriptions do work, there are always risks using pharmaceuticals. Personally, I don’t care to end up taking the chance of becoming a “statistical anomaly”. Although side effects are rare, I simply don’t want to play “Russian Roulette” using medications if there is a better and healthier alternative.

This is why I’m such a big fan of obtaining lower cholesterol levels with an alkaline diet because it is ALL NATURAL. This diet just simply makes sense and can also provide you a multitude of other healthier and beneficial side effects.

If you’re still uncertain or skeptical then keep reading because we are now going to look at testimonials from people who were able to lower cholesterol levels with an alkaline diet.

Testimonials – 7 Real People Who Lower Cholesterol Levels With and an Alkaline Diet

Using the BETTER BODY SYSTEM, the following 7 people below were able to achieve amazing results and lower cholesterol levels with an alkaline diet.


Robert OrcaThis one is for YOLI !!!!
For those of you who don’t know my story, I’ve been a diabetic for 7 years now and recently became a dialysis patient.

I have been battling with high BS, high sugar levels, cholesterol, gout, etc. I started my BBS journey two months ago and was it has been an incredible ride. Here are my 3 months results from August -November 2014:
Hemoglobin: 9.8 to 11
Creatinen: 7.2 to 6.55
Uric acid: 8.5 to 3.6
Cholesterol: 253 to 175
Vit. D: 28.5 to 11.5
A1c: 10.5 to 6.6
EGFR: 8 to 9
As the doctor was reading the results, I couldn’t hold back my tears…tears of JOY! The doctor was speechless and could not find one thing wrong. My wife could not believe what she was hearing!
I give all the credit to YOLI! I BELIEVE! Believe that I will walk away from my dialysis in 2015…. Thank you all for the prayers and overwhelming support. God bless all!


Mary NaplolitanoI started my journey 2 months ago. I am a type 2 diabetic. In September my hgb A1C was 8.0, yesterday it was 6.2 with half the insulin. Last year my cholesterol was 231, this year 118. This is the most incredible result of all, my triglycerides were 642 and are now 132. I have also lost 20 lbs. In 2 months! I just had to brag!



Laurie MeaikeJust went to the doctor. Liver function test & cholesterol is drastically improved and cholesterol is well within normal range! AND I get to cut another bp med in half!

I know the scale and measurements have been going down and my shorts keep trying to fall off. So last night as I’m heading out the door I had my daughter snap a picture of me quick. I didn’t realize how different I looked until I put the pictures side by side. I’m feeling pretty awesome about myself!


Michelle BibensMy mom has been using Yoli for the past 4 months. She was 5’4″, 130lbs (tiny little woman), but her cholesterol was 240. She has a family history of high cholesterol, so I made her get on the Yoli products. She has somehow managed to lose 10 lbs, and at her checkup today, she found out that her cholesterol is now 192, and her LDL went from 140 to 100!
I’ve had my own amazing transformation with Yoli. But my mom’s transformation means more to me than anything. I think it gave her the gift of 30+ years



Max HansenSeveral months ago my doctor told me that my cholesterol level was extremely and dangerously high and he put me on meds.

About that same time, Ron Denney and Melanie Denney introduced us to a new healthy lifestyle “Yoli”.

Last week i had a blood test done to check my levels……. My triglycerides dropped from 336 to 82…my cholesterol dropped from 260 to 140… LDL cholesterol (the bad one) dropped from 176 to 87.. My LDL cholesterol (good one) increased from 34 to 46… My doctor was amazed and shocked… I was able to get off the new cholesterol meds I started 2 months earlier… Half of the blood pressure meds i’ve been on for a few years and completely off the gout meds that ive been on for several years… I also have stopped going through Prilosec like i own stock in it (haven’t taken s single pill compared to 2 or 3 daily).. My energy level is through the roof….Ron and Mel thank you thank you thank you… Without your insight and wisdom, im afraid of what might have been… Oh by the way there has been one side effect for both my wife and myself… I have lost over 34 pounds and she has lost over 50 pounds… I guess its a pretty good side effect to have … Lastly, thanks, praise and glory goes to my Lord and Savior for giving me the opportunity and chance to get healthy and to take control of my health again.


Rachel FeilmeirI cannot express how proud I am of my mother. She is down 10 lbs more than her goal. Her cholesterol is down 40points to where her cardiologist no longer wants her on a cholesterol lowering medication and she is off two medication for reflux.


Ron RayonGot my best weight and cholesterol numbers ever today at the doctor! Thank you Yoli Betterbody!
Thanks to Lorrie Foster and Tom Foster for putting me onto this great idea.
Ron says, “The saying on the left is for Yoli Nation!” I went to my physician for a check up. Blood pressure lower, cholesterol lower, blood sugars lower, and has lost 25 pounds! The physician asked him what have you been doing…”The Better Body System by Yoli” his physician has one request…stay on it! Ron did all of this, as well, by traveling to Africa to minister!

Some Facts About Cholesterol Levels

But first we need to dispel a few myths about cholesterol. Body fat and obesity should not necessarily be automatically linked with high cholesterol. Yet they often are joined because obesity is often linked to a diet which is high in cholesterol.

But, it’s not that simple as a person’s genetics can also play a big role. For example, you might have one individual who is overweight but could have moderate cholesterol levels. Another person who appears to have a healthy body weight/ height ratio may have dangerously high cholesterol levels.

The reason is because cholesterol is not found in the fat you have on your body, it’s found in the blood! This is where you lipids(fat) combines with proteins – and the reason why we measure cholesterol by determining the LIPOPROTEINS.

Cholesterol is measured in several ways including:

• Total cholesterol level
• Triglycerides

As most people now understand these days, there is “BAD CHOLESTEROL” KNOWN AS (LDL) OR LOW DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN.

LDL is the cholesterol that is what you need to lower. The reason is because this is the type of cholesterol which causes atherosclerosis or a fatty build up in the arteries. This can cause a narrowing of the arteries or a build up of plaque. If this continues unchecked, you can get a heart attack, peripheral artery disease (PAD) or a stroke.


Although the science is not certain what it specifically does, the studies seem to support the hypotheses that HDL helps remove LDL cholesterol away from the arteries. Low levels of HDL are shown to decrease the potential risk of heart disease.

Having higher levels of HDL do help reduce the risk but they are only part of the solution because they only help eliminate anywhere from one third or one fourth of the LDL or bad cholesterol.

So, you go to your doctor who takes a blood sample and they tell you the results of your overall cholesterol levels.

What do they mean? How bad are these levels relative to your overall health?

Here’s a chart to help better understand where you are in terms of either having healthy cholesterol levels, moderate cholesterol levels and if you are in the high risk “RED ZONE”.

So, what else can you do?

Health Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

Folks, you simply have to really re-think and restructure your eating patterns. The ball is in your court. Here at Living Phit, we think the best approach to help yourself is to lower cholesterol levels with an alkaline diet.

Our diet is a lot different from the way our ancestors use to consume food. Most Americans today eat a lot of processed foods which high in salt, sugar, saturated fats and chemicals most of us can’t even pronounce.

We drink a lot of sugary soda beverages which increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. Also, we don’t move a round a lot like the folks did back then. We spend a lot of the time sitting on our behinds and simply don’t get enough exercise. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know but the question – WHAT ARE DOING ABOUT IT?

Here’s what Diabetes Daily has to say about this modern day dietary conundrum

“The modern diet with its lower magnesium, potassium and fiber and higher acidity producing foods has changed in a way that is “mismatched to the genetically determined nutritional requirements” of our ancestors. An overly acidity producing diet can lead to metabolic acidosis that does not best support bodily functions.”

Even more interesting is what the research about modern diets versus the dietary consumption of our ancestors. Diabetes Daily also says that:

“Starting with the agricultural revolution but even more recently in the last 200 years, the typical human diet has reversed it’s ratio of potassium to sodium. It used to be 10 to 1 and is now 1 to 3.”

Saturated fats now also comprise a large bulk of out dietary eating habits and this naturally results in dangerously high cholesterol levels.

It ‘s also obvious that high cholesterol levels are a main contributor of arteriosclerosis, increased levels of plaque which can lead to very high risk of a heart attack, stoke and death.

The Mayo Clinic point out that:

In terms of diet, try to avoid trans fats, as they can increase LDL cholesterol and lower HDL cholesterol levels. Foods prepared with shortening, such as cakes and cookies, often contain trans fats, as do most fried foods and some margarines.

One way to change your eating patterns is to lower cholesterol levels with an alkaline diet.

Another point to remember is that much of the dietary consumption of Americans is a diet which is very acidic. Although different body systems have different pH levels, the body adjusts itself to keep itself in balance.

However, the body can only adjust so much so you end up robbing one portion of your body of vital nutrients to help another system compensate. If the body cannot expel increasing amounts of acidity then it begins to store it up in the cells.

This can lead to or contribute to the development of a variety of health issues especially plaque AND narrowing of the arteries, Diabetes 2 and many other common health conditions.

Changing your diet to one which is more alkaline can help the body readjust and expel the waste which has built up in the cells. As you can see from the variety of Testimonial Pages, many people can experience significant improvement in such areas like:

People Who Lost Over 50 Pounds – The Better Body System

How 6 Rheumatoid Arthritis Suffers Kicked RA in the Face by Going Alkaline

Proof that Alkalizing the Body Relieve Eczema and Psoriasis Sufferers

It’s a simple fact that if you want or need to lower your cholesterol levels than the best approach is to change to a more alkaline diet. An alkaline diet can eliminate a lot of the food which is high in cholesterol.

Most nutrition experts believe that the ideal ratio should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic, although others suggest that a 60/40 ratio can achieve the same effects.

Needless to say that any foods which are high in saturated fats such as many red meats, processed and fast foods, various dairy products, and sodas should be significantly reduced from your diet.

Diets which focus on vegetables, certain nuts and many fruits should be the focus of your diet so you can lower cholesterol levels with an alkaline diet. Although you might think fruit is naturally acidic, it actually becomes alkaline when it is metabolized.

If you are struggling with this there are dietary plans such as YOLI – THE BETTER BODY SYSTEM which can help achieve your goal of lowering cholesterol levels and teaching you to eat right. The system uses all natural supplements which has a multitude of health benefits.

Lowering your cholesterol levels with an alkaline diet can reduce the many diseases associated with a diet high in cholesterol. As you can see from the testimonials above, this BETTER BODY SYSTEM helped these people crush and significantly reduce dangerously high levels of cholesterol.

Don’t wait – Start Today!


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    Help my LDL is 196 & i eat & exercise right.. i have never drank or smoked ride my bike & do weights everyday ~I’m so not want to go in statin drugs pls. Help!

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