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People Who Lost Over 50 Pounds – The Better Body System

We are going to tell the stories of 12 people who lost over 50 pounds the easy way.

Skeptics out there who have struggled with weight loss will want to learn how they did it because – well, they’re skeptics.

And NO, I am not talking about the latest quick diet fad either. Most of those are just plain BAD!

Their weight loss didn’t happen because they starved themselves. They didn’t have to eat gallons of cabbage soup or some other silly diet plan that leaves them dizzy with hunger or just feeling bad.

All these people who lost over 50 pounds had to do was make some small adjustments because they took the time to learn about the benefits of an alkaline diet plan.

And, even better – this diet plan even allows for cheat days so you can still enjoy your favorite foods. That’s right! You can still enjoy those foods you still have a craving for and still want to enjoy.

Remember when you were younger and slimmer – how good you felt? Well, you can recapture that wonderful feeling of well being again. The testimonials of the 12 people BELOW who lost over 50 pounds below will inspire and inform you how you can do it too.

What’s their secret?

I’ll give it to right now. It’s called the “Better Body System” by YOLI! Read our “COMPLETE YOLI DIET REVIEW” to learn more about this awesome diet plan.


Testimonials of 12 People Who Lost Over 50 Pounds

If you need some inspiration, here are the stories and journey’s of 12 people who lost more than 50 pounds using the Better Body System.

Frankie Samaniego

testimonial 1

Just want to share my blessing and this was the answer to my prayers and this could be to yours too!
My transformation with BBS YOLI


The Yoli Better Body 30-Day Transformation System is a turn key program that helps users lose 7-15 lbs in their first 7 days helps jump start their metabolism, detoxify their bodies, and gain better health and energy.
Lose 7-15+ pounds in 7 Days. Eat the foods you love and still look the way you want! Best-in-class, natural products, with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors or flavors. Lose all the weight you want and never gain it back again!
Learn how to use mini “course corrections” to counteract holidays and binge eating weekends!
Never go hungry or diet EVER again!

“I lost 22 pounds in my first 30 days but the best part is that I feel better than I have in years, and I’ve been able to maintain my results for over 3 years now!” Current weight loss is 57.8lbs. Started on this program Aug.4, 2013 (199.8 lbs) As of today January 17, 2017 (142 lbs.)”


Jennifer Trevino Easler

testimonial 2

I am currently down to 92.4 pounds lost. Size 22-24 to a 6-8. Honestly best I have ever felt. 7.6 pounds to go to my goal of 100 pounds lost. I would love to check out your page also if that would be okay. Can I send you a friend request? The more people we can impact together the better. Thanks for reaching out to me. Means a lot.


Heather Ketelsen

testimonial 3









Happy ONE year anniversary to me!!!! Who would have guessed at 32 and after 2 kids I feel better and look better then I did at 22! LOVE MY YOLI. Bonus I’ve kept my 50 pounds off for one year!!!!!!!

I had such good results! I lost 50 pounds in about 3 months and that was baby weight which is harder. It also helped my migraines enough to where I don’t need to be on daily meds which is huge! My teammate Leah lost over 100.


Nicole Buscher

testimonial 4









3 1/2 months ago I weighed 247 pounds, my all time high. Then I took the leap of faith & started my transformation with the BBS. This morning I hit 197…50 POUNDS!!! Thrilled to no longer be obese & working towards healthy. I haven’t been this light in probably 10+ years & I’ve never been this healthy. Choosing the cruise ship. Happy, healthy, blessed, grateful, & it’s been easy. Only wish I’d found this years ago. Thank you Yoli!


Candyce Sexton

I’ve lost 91lbs. – 81lbs in 7 months and the last 10 just at my year mark. That was 18 months ago. I maintain with about 5lb fluctuation Before Yoli, I was 231 pounds and suffering from chronic pain and severe depression….the pain would get so bad that take handfuls of pain pills at a time to try and make it stop. I tried everything to get on the other side of it. It took 6 weeks of Yoli to start to see a significant change. I was practically pain pill free after 5 years of chronic pain…. And am in the best shape ever.


barb nack meitnerBarb Nack Meitner

YES!!! I am so excited to reach a weight loss of 50 pounds! This after surviving Thanksgiving, Christmas and an 8 day vacation. I started Yoli in mid-September. I still have a ways to go to reach my original weight loss
goal, but reached my goal of feeling better almost right away! There have been a few small ‘bumps’ in the road, but I really cannot believe how easy this has been.

Excellent Barb!

Elaine Morrow Weirather

elaine weiratherIn January I started Yoli with my girls what an amazing journey it has been! I hit 50+ pounds lost today! Thank You Randi DeCap and Maggie Elaine Weirather for doing this with me! I can not tell you enough how much better I feel! find a way to do this and commit to it 120%! We
are so glad we did.

I would give up so much just to have Yoli in my life! I drug my feet for 9 months before I started. The best decision I ever made was saying Yes to Yoli! I have had a lot of people tell me they can’t afford it. I know actually how they feel I was the same way. Now I would do anything to keep it in my life. I tried other products and they didn’t work. I get those people also that are skeptical of Yoli! But the results are what sell this product! I started in January and I have lost 51 pounds lots of inches have went from a 20 to a loose 14. Cholesterol is down 60 points. No more sleeping
pills! Have so much more energy. And I can honestly say I love my body even though I have more to lose. I am so much happier!! It is hard to believe this has all been accomplished in 5 short months! If you are on the fence or have someone who is just give it a try! This is what
I had posted this summer.

Meaghan Jackson

m. jacksonToday as I stepped on the scale I was planning to look at HIGH numbers after the absolutely AWFUl weekend I had with eating anything that was put in front of me. Instead I got on the scale and I seen a number I have been waiting for! I hit my goal weight!! I have officially lost 51 pounds!!!



Rhonda Johnson

R. JohnsonExactly 21 months ago today, I took the first step. I said YES to trying Yoli- something I had never heard of. I trusted the process and followed the program! I have lost 53 pounds and have gained my quality of LIFE! Thank you to all who have supported me on my journey to health and wellness! I am the happiest and healthiest I have
been in my almost 42 years! I want to help everyone feel this amazing! I have everything you need! Let’s do it!I went from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist and was tested for everything from Lyme’s
Disease to RA to Lupus to Cat Scratch Fever!!!! No one could figure out why I was having chronic body pain, hair loss, depression, asthma, allergies, skin problems, migraines, and acid reflux. I felt like garbage. I went to the nurse at my school where I taught kindergarten.
She said, “I think I may know something that could help you.” Two weeks later, I started the BBS!! Within 4 days, my pain disappeared and I had no more acid reflux. That was June 9, 2015. My husband, my daughter and I
began our physical transformations that day. I have lost 70 pounds and went from size 16/18 to a 3/4! My husband, daughter, and I have lost a collective 200 pounds! In the two years and 6 months since then, we have experienced emotional transformations and now are experiencing a financial transformation as we help other people achieve their health and wellness goals! I quit my full time teaching job of 18 years on May 26, 2016. We get to travel as a family and have income to meet our needs!
Oh- and migraine free since June 9, 2015!!!!!!


Jenny Degen Eichenberger

JENNY EICHENBERGERThis picture with my beautiful momma on my wedding day popped up on my news feed memories today! Even though it was one of the happiest days of my life, it certainly wasn’t one of my healthiest days! It is a great reminder of how far I’ve come in taking control of my health.It’s not about the weight but it’s about the HEALTH! I no longer have elevated blood sugars, blood pressure, triglycerides or cholesterol! For the first time since high school, I can exercise on a daily basis. My knee pain is virtually gone, and I have so much more energy
to enjoy playtime with my amazing grandson!Even better, now I have the privilege to help others
find their way back to health, such a rewarding career!I’m 48 years old (and 48 lbs. less) and feel better than I did when I was 38.
IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! That statement is true in more ways than one!
If I can do it….YOU CAN DO IT!


Meri Jane Bohn

Mari J. BohnI am posting these pictures not to be praised but to show those people who are skeptical of the decision to do this amazing life changing program or who want to give up. This is only 3 months time. I had many health issues and my blood pressure went from 162/96 to 132/71…this is what 50 pounds lighter can do. I will never look back. Yoli has literally given me a second chance in life and I am a firm believer I am here to make a difference in the world to create healthy minds and bodies.


Angi Schuster

A. SchusterYa, I am actually doing this. Hotel hockey tournament and I am in the workout room each day. In my almost 3 months of the BBS, I have lost almost 50 pounds. But what is more important to me, I have energy for my kids. I sleep sound. I got rid of my horrible psoriasis. I am happy. Yes, I am happy. It’s so fantastic to be able to say that, it’s been years!!!! Thank youStephanie Fehn and Yoli!



You can learn more about the positive benefits of this plan by checking out our “Testimonials Page”

How Did These People Who Lost More Than 50 Pounds Do It?

Obesity abounds in America today. This is because many Americans have become food addicts.

Obesity is a major cause of many diseases and health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiac disease. Obesity also causes a multiple of other health conditions such joint pain, gout, back strain and many other conditions – all of which can be avoided and even eliminated altogether.

The Secret of a Successful Diet Plan

Why is this diet plan so successful for people who lost more than 50 pounds? It incorporates 3 simple steps which I am going to briefly outline to inspire you to learn more.

1. Diets Should be Simple

You don’t want to spend all day having to think about what you eat. Nor do want to keep having to go to some app to count calories. At Living Phit, we believe you shouldn’t have to spend all your time thinking about what you are eating.

This alkaline diet plan takes most of the worry away. And yes, you will get all the calories you need along with all the right nutrients to keep you healthy and feeling full.

2. Beat the Carbs

You should know by now if you’ve even done some preliminary research on how to lose weight that carbs are the biggest culprits when it comes to putting on the pounds. The dieting approach that we like here at Living Phit tells you how to use the right substitutes. We also don’t eliminate all the carbs because the body does need some to stay fit.

This NOT A “NO CARB” diet either. This is a LOW CARB diet so keep that in mind because there is a big difference.

3. Focus on the Alkaline Food Group

This is a BIG ONE here that we strongly believe here at Living Phit. The human body is a relatively fine tuned bio-mechanical machine. A healthy body operates best when it has the a balanced pH level.

If you don’t remember you science classes then let me briefly state that all liquids (including your blood all those liquids in the individual cells of your body) can be measured as being as either “ACIDIC” or “ALKALINE”.

Anything below the number 7 is acidic and anything above is alkaline. Medical researchers have clearly determined that a healthy body best operates and is healthiest when its pH levels are between 7.35 and 7.45. This means that the human body likes to be slightly alkaline.

All the foods you eat also have a pH level. Some foods are much more acidic while others are more alkaline. Most foods which Americans eat today are high on the acidic side. This is not good for the human body which tries to expel the acidity trough normal bodily functions.

You can learn more about this by reading Natasha Turner’s (ND) enlightening article “Tired? Overweight? – You Might Be Too Acidic” who says that:

This is because, outside of the stomach, acidity is a cause of hormonal imbalance, specifically growth hormone (HGH). And if we recall from my book The Hormone Diet, hormonal balance plus the difference in calories equals weight loss, then anything that upsets hormonal balance has the potential to cause weight gain.

Unfortunately, the body can only do so much. When it can’t expel all the excess acidity, these acids begins to be absorbed by the cells and in the muscle. This is also called “DIETARY ACIDOSIS.”

Many researchers have clearly shown there is strong link associated with many ailments that permeate modern society. And, on the reverse side of the coin they have also shown that many of these common ailments can be significantly reduced when a person focuses on a diet which is alkaline.

Learn more about this and read check out this page on “pH Balance Benefits”

It also happens that many of these acidic based foods are also the primary contributor of weight gain. So, needless to say – an alkaline diet is the best approach to help you shed that weight.

The above Testimonials of people who lost more than 50 pounds or more speaks volumes.

These are all regular people who lost 50 pounds or more with the BETTER BODY SYSTEM BY YOLI.






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