Shredded by 40 – The Bet is On!

Hey everyone,

Most of you know Ryan, this 24 year old Greek god of a man pictured on the right.  He’s the brains behind all-things-nutrition on Living Phit.

You may not know me.

I’m the nerdy internet marketer pulling the strings behind Living Phit’s website, that probably got you to this article.

By all measures, I’m a pretty fit guy too.

  • I can do 20 pull-ups
  • Go to the gym 3 days per week and 1x per week to hot yoga
  • Just finished my 4th Spartan race in 2 years (this last one was their “Beast”)
  • and pretty much no one would call me “fat”

But here’s the problem:

I just turned 39 five weeks ago… and I’m still FAR from being what Ryan and I would describe as “Phit.”

At Living Phit, we don’t just teach you to be “fit enough that no one would call you fat.”  We teach you how to achieve your optimal human potential.  How to eat better, sleep better, get loads of energy, reduce inflammation and disease, and feel amazing.

And yes, a side product of that is you get shredded.

I got just a taste of this when I started working through Ryan’s “Ultimate Shredding Program” 4 months ago.

Here were my 2 month before and after pics:

Chris Before and After Ultimate Shredding Program

It was actually quite easy and enjoyable on Ryan’s program, and I felt amazing.

But since then, some shitake came up and I basically set my nutrition aside, and have put a few lbs back on.

But I was on my way…

Which really pissed off Ryan.

He was like, “Dude, you came so far in a couple months.  Why’d you stop!!”

I tried to explain to him that I went on a cruise, (it’s impossible to be good on a cruise, right?) and then we started remodeling our kitchen so we had to eat out a lot, and other BS excuses, and how I’ll get right back on the horse, but Ryan wasn’t buying.

Then he dropped the hammer.

Ryan knows I know what to do.  It’s only a matter of motivation.  So here’s what he laid out.

A $5,000 bet.

The craziest bet I’ve ever agreed to.

I have to complete 13 different strength and measurement goals by my 40th birthday, highlighted by hitting 12% body fat, entering the physique challenge below, and getting all of this featured in a major health magazine.

Click here for all the details, and how YOU can win up to $1,000 if I fail.


For me, here’s the culmination of it all:

On or before my 40th birthday (Sept 22, 2019), I don’t know where and I don’t know how, but I have to enter and participate in a men’s physique competition… and MAKE IT ON STAGE.


I’ll be in the “novice” or “amateur” class for sure, but I’m talking about a legit event, with super ripped guys competing against me.

For example, here was the winner at from the 2018 NPC San Diego Championships for the Novice class.

40 year old physique challenge

Image Credit:

Here’s the dude that placed 7th:

NPC Men's Physique Contest 7th Place Winner

In other words, I may get booed off the stage!

This is just ONE of the crazy things I have to accomplish.  A few others are:

  • Running a half marathon at 10 minute mile pace –  This is insanity.  Here’s my Athlinks profile showing I’ve done ONE half marathon in my life and got a 2:18 eight years ago!  More recently, I have done some obstacle course races.  Yeah those have obstacles, but I run about an 18 to 23 minute mile pace! 
  • The Front Splits – I’ve always wanted to be able to do these.  I can go about half-way down.
  • Standing Barbell Press of .7x my bodyweight (5 reps) – If I end the competition around 180lbs, that’s gonna be 125 lbs.  That’s a 35 lb plate and 2.5 lb plate on both sides.  Hmmmm.  Yeah, that’s what I benched until I was 30 years old!

And if I fail ANY of them, I owe the money.  I could hit all the above, get in the best shape of my life, but miss the body fat % requirement and fail.  Hell… I could even WIN the physique competition, and I could STILL lose this bet.


Click here for all the full list I have to complete, and how YOU can win up to $1,000 if I fail.

Who Receives the Money if I Lose?

Here’s the best part.

I wasn’t about to give my money to Ryan if I lost.

I’d prefer to give it to YOU.

That’s right…

The followers of Living Phit.

So here’s the deal.  Make sure you’re a Living Phit subscriber.  I’ll send you updates on my progress over the next 10 months, and if I lose, we’ll hold a drawing and award $1,000 to 5 (five) lucky subscribers.

3 Steps to Getting Shredded by 40

This challenge will take all the discipline and know-how I’ve attained in my 39+ years.

The good news?

I already know the program.  And I’m already working out consistently.  So there will be no “shock” to my body or psyche when I get back on the program.

I’ve also actually put on a lot of muscle this year.

You can tell by looking at a picture of me from a few years ago, the last time I was really “skinny,” compared again to my recent “after” pic.

After Yoli - After Ultimate Shredding Program

My thinking is if I can put on another 10 lbs of muscle and get super lean where I get a 6-pack, I may just have a chance.

Step #1 – Follow Ryan’s “Ultimate Shredding Program”

If you’re not familiar with it, here are the most important points:

Nutrition: This gets 80% of your results.  Focus here.

  • Cut out *bad carbs, sugar, soda, alcohol, and food fried in most oils
  • Focus on eating healthy fats, proteins, nuts, dairy, and veggies
  • Moderate fruit consumption is fine, but eat it with a healthy fat (i.e. eat an apple with some organic peanut butter.)
  • High quality food is best but not required – Organic, grass-fed, pasture raised, etc.
  • 1 glorious cheat meal per week is allowed

*Bad carbs – best examples are white or brown rice, bread, potatoes & french fries, potato & tortilla chips, and pasta.  You can substitute almond flour for flour and monk fruit for sugar, and can make just about anything you want including pizza and cookies.

Meal Timing: Ryan is a big intermittent fasting proponent.  For me, it’s a super easy way to eat less food and always feel full.  There are other benefits too.  Here’s the gist of what you do:

  • 6 to 8 hour eating window
  • Stop eating and start your “fast” at least 4 hours before bed –  So if you go to bed at 10 pm, try eating your dinner early by 6 or 7, and your first meal will be around 10 am to 12 pm every day.
  • Don’t obsess over the things that “break your fast.”  Have some coffee in the morning if you need it to hold you over

Workouts: 3 workouts per week, skipping at least 1 day in between them.  Lots of movement during the day, so in my case, that means I have to set alerts to get me away from my desk where I’m stationary a lot.  I’ll also throw in some yoga and running, but that’s all optional.

Lifestyle: There’s a lot you can do here, but easiest things to focus on that get amazing results are getting better quality sleep and getting more sun exposure.

Like I said, I’ve done this before and had amazing success.  So I know it works.  I just have to be consistent with it for 10 months.  And that brings me to numbers 2 and 3.

Note: You can download this program in more detail for free at our 30 Day Phit Kit page.

Step #2 – Accountability – Final Pictures to Be Posted on Facebook

How do you stay disciplined and motivated?  For most people it boils down to having something on the line.

I think money and dignity work best for me.

No one wants to lose either of those.

In my case, I could lose both.  $5,000 and public humiliation.

So here it goes… I promise to share my competition pictures on Facebook for all my friends and family to see.  If I don’t, I also lose the bet.

Step #3 – Monthly Reporting 

Lastly, I’m committing to post my progress once per month on Living Phit until I hit my goal.

This will also help with accountability, and will be fun to update and I’ll be sharing key measurements and lifts (along with a photo) and a summary of how the month went.

If I don’t do it, please shame me publicly.  Expect more details about what I must do, as well as my initial images and measurements coming in early Dec.

Update: 12/8/18 – Initial images and measurements are up.  Here they are.

Details about the goals in the contest can be found here.


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