Shredded by 40 Updates

This page will serve as the main hub for tracking my Shredded by 40 updates as well as provide proof of each item I hit.


Goal Tracker

All goals with rules are below.  As I achieve them, I’ll provide video or image proof below.

Body Composition and Measurements:


  • Body fat 12% or less
  • *Waist size – 45% of height (Video Proof Required)
  • Chest – 1.3x waist (Video Proof Required)
  • Arms – 46% of waist (Video Proof Required)

Body fat measured in hydrostatic body composition analysis.  Last time I did this in 2014, I was 17.04% and 171 lbs.  I now weight 182 and am 4 years old, so we’ll see!!!

Waist size measured at belly button, not sucking in, tape measurer will be taut but not so tight that skin is hanging over.


  • Body fat % – (INCOMPLETE)
  • Waist size – (INCOMPLETE)
  • Chest – (INCOMPLETE)
  • Arms – (INCOMPLETE)

Fitness and Strength Goals:


  • Incline Bench – 1x bodyweight with dumbbells for 5 reps (Video Required)
  • Weighted Dips – 90 lbs 5 reps (Video Required)
  • Weighted Chin ups – 30% bodyweight for 5 reps (Video Required)
  • Barbell Curl – .55x bodyweight for 5 reps (Video Required)
  • Standing Barbell Press – .7x bodyweight for 5 reps (Video Required)
  • Half marathon at 10 min mile pace or better – 2 hrs, 11 minutes or less (Image of or Link to Race Results Page Required)
  • Front splits – (Image or Video Required)  

There are no “form” requirements for the above exercises.  For example, I won’t judge myself on how far I go down for the incline bench or dips, or whether I’m swaying a bit while doing curls.

On front splits, butt must be all the way down like this. 


  • Incline Bench – (INCOMPLETE)
  • Weighted Dips – (INCOMPLETE)
  • Weighted Chin ups – (INCOMPLETE)
  • Barbell Curl – (INCOMPLETE)
  • Standing Barbell Press – (INCOMPLETE)
  • Half marathon at 10 min mile pace or better – (INCOMPLETE)
  • Front splits – (INCOMPLETE)



I must compete in an amateur men’s physique challenge (like a bodybuilder’s flexing show but I’ll be wearing board shorts), on or before my 40th birthday.  (Video and Image Proof Required)


Marketing Challenge:


I also either get my story (with before and after pics) published (or a commitment to publish) in a major health or psychology magazine, such as:

  • Men’s Health
  • Fitness
  • Dr. Oz and the Good Life

I’ll publish a full list of acceptable magazines here soon, but I’m thinking circulation of 500,000 or more.

OR I need to get this published in a major health & fitness website such as Mark’s Daily Apple, Nerd Fitness, or the Four Hour Blog, within 3 months of my 40th birthday, or I owe the $5,000!

If featured on a website, it needs to be one with an Ahrefs Rank of 500,000 or less.  This is similar to Alexa Ranking but basically shows how strong the website is.  It’s not easy to get under 500K.  For example, Mark’s Daily Apple’s rank is 18,494, but my insurance site I just sold, which is a 7 digit business and gets 70K visits per month from google, only has a ranking of 788,630.  In other words, it will be difficult.

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