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Sore Throat Natural Remedies

Sore throats can be very painful and make swallowing food or beverages very difficult. 

They can be caused by many potential reasons but it's most typically due to a bacterial or viral infection and is often the first symptom for many folks when getting sick. 

A sore throat is any type of inflammation in the throat and tonsil area that causes pain, swelling, itchiness or irritation of the throat. 

10%-30% of people go to their health care provider for sore throats every year. That equates to millions of people! (1)

sore throat natural remedies

Luckily, there are many sore throat natural remedies treatments that you can do at home which will enable you to heal faster and reduce the pain!

10 Sore Throat Natural Remedies 

1. Vitamin A and Vitamin C 

I bet you have heard about the benefits of vitamin C to your immune system and that it can help prevent you from getting sick and speed recovery. Well, vitamin A is also incredibly important for our immune system health and illness. 

Sadly, the vast majority of people are deficient in vitamin A, which is a critical soluble nutrient. The only good food sources are animal liver (like grass-fed beef liver) and very few people eat organ meats these days. (beta-carotene is NOT vitamin A and most people have a very poor ability to convert it efficiently) 

If you take supplemental vitamin A and vitamin C together at the first onset of sore throat symptoms, it will often times completely resolve your sore throat and you will not get sick! 

It's absolutely miraculous. I've been recommending this trick to my clients every since I learned about it years ago and the success rate is phenomenal. 

The dynamic duo of these two powerful nutrients ramp up the immune system to fight off whatever bacteria or virus you have been exposed to that would normally make you sick.

If you currently have a sore throat, the combination of vitamin A and C will speed your recovery and reduce the days of sickness. 

2. Salt Water 

Gargling warm salt water can help soothe the pain from a sore throat and also kill bacteria in the throat. It's super quick and easy to  make and can be very effective in many circumstances. 

Simply mix 1/2 teaspoon in 8 oz of warm water. Gargle the mixture and spit out each time (Do not swallow the water after gargling). This will help to clean out and soothe the throat. It can be done every 2-3 hours when experiencing sore throat symptoms. 

3. Colloidal Silver 

Not many people have heard of colloidal silver, but it's a safe and natural substance that has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties! 

Studies have shown that 650 disease-causing pathogens were completely killed off within minutes when exposed to colloidal silver! (2)

Colloidal silver has been used by many as a natural way to treat the common cold, influenza, and even serious conditions like pneumonia. 

Due to it's amazing anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, it works great for knocking out a sore throat! You can take some internally diluted in water, but what I prefer is putting it in a spray bottle and spraying some into the back of your throat. 

4. Chamomile Tea with Fresh Lemon

Chamomile tea is a common sore throat remedy since it's anti-inflammatory properties can help to soothe the pain and irritation. It can also support the immune system in fighting off the root cause of your sore throat. 

Squeezing in fresh lemon will aid in the soothing ability of the tea and provide additional nutrients that will benefit your immune system. Option to add a touch of honey to this combo. 

I've found any warm beverage helps to soothe a sore throat so even if you just has warm water with fresh lemon and honey or any type of tea you have around. It can all be beneficial in healing your sore throat. 

Natural remedies for sore throat

5. Raw Honey 

Honey is a very popular treatment to soothe a sore throat but it can be a double edge sword. 

What I mean by that is there are certainly benefits to using honey, but also downsides. 

Honey has anti-microbial properties that can help to treat the sore throat and also work to soothe the inflammation and pain. 

The problem is that honey is very high in sugar. It's almost pure sugar. And sugar has been shown to suppress our immune system function which is the opposite of what we want to do when were sick! 

A study out of Loma Linda University found that sugar, even natural sugar in the form of honey, decreased the responsiveness of our immune fighting white blood cells. (3)

This is why I recommend you GREATLY limit your intake of any type of sugar (even fruit) while you are sick. Consume more vegetables, healthy fatshigh-quality protein, and of course bone broth!

For that reason, if you experience a relief of sore throat pain from honey, I suggest you only use a small amount to limit the amount of sugar your intaking. 

6. Bone Broth 

Bone Broth is made by simmering the bones, connective tissue, and various other part of an (ideally pasture-raised/grass-fed) animal in water for 12-24 hours.

This warm, delicious food is very healing to our bodies and easy on our digestive system. It contains many essential nutrients and amino acids that can boost our immune system function. 

It's the perfect food when your under the weather and the warm, savory broth can help to soothe sore throat pain. 

Bone broth for sore throat

You want to avoid hard to swallow, rough foods and go for more broths and soups that you can easy get down. 

I always go for some homemade bone broth whenever I'm under the weather. 

Check out our article on how to make your own homemade bone broth and learn about the healing and health promoting benefits!

7. Garlic 

Raw garlic contains a compound called allicin, which has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties! 

It's destroyed when exposed to heat so you must consume raw garlic to reap the benefits. 

Allicin becomes activated when exposed to oxygen so the best way to get the most out of your garlic is to chop it finely, then allow it to sit out for 10-20 minutes before consuming. 

Due to the strong flavor of garlic, it typically swallow it like I would a nutritional supplement, and wash it down with some lemon water or fresh-pressed vegetable juice


This herb can really help to boost immune system function and help you resolve your sore throat more quickly! 

One study found echinacea to lower your chances of getting a cold by 58% and reduce the time you are sick by an average of 1.4 days! (4)

9. Zinc 

Zinc is a very beneficial nutrient to the immune system. When taken on a regular basis it can really help to prevent the common cold and sore throats. 

Once you already have a sore throat, supplementing with zinc can speed up healing and reduce the duration of your sore throat due to it's anti-viral and immune boosting properties. 

In addition to supplemental zinc, consuming foods rich in zinc like grass-fed meat, shellfish, and various nuts and seeds is an excellent way to up your intake of this essential nutrient. 

10. Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera is an amazing plant that contain compounds which are very healing to our body. 

It promotes healing in any bodily tissues it comes in contact with, so spraying some cold pressed aloe vera into your throat can help to reduce the irritation. 

It's very cool and soothing to our bodies which make it an excellent choice to use when relieving a sore throat. 

What To Eat With A Sore Throat 

Many of the foods listed above are great options to help your body overcome the sore throat. 

One of the best options is bone broth! It's packed with beneficial nutrients that can boost your immune system to fight your sickness at the root cause. That's why bone broth is one of my favorite sore throat natural remedies. 

It's warm, soothing, and delicious which makes it an excellent choice when you have a sore throat. 

You can have your bone broth by itself with your favorite herbs and spices, or use it as a base and make some soup or stew. 

Check out this article to learn how to make your own homemade bone broth! 

Smoothies can also be a good options since they are easy to drink and the cool temperature can in some cases feel soothing on the throat. Just be sure you're not adding any sugar or too much fruit to your smoothie. 

Sleep and Lifestyle Factors Are Essential 

Sleep is likely the most important factor to getting over a sore throat. You MUST give your body adequate rest to properly recover.

Your body required more sleep than usual when you are under the weather, hence why you feel week and tired. Do not try and fight that feeling to get stuff done or go to work.

Listen to your body. Rest, relax, and recover are the main priorities anytime you are under the weather.

Other lifestyle factors are also incredibly important when fighting off a sore throat including: 

  • Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated 
  • Eating nutrient-dense foods and avoiding sugar, starches and alcohol
  • Taking probiotics and/or eating fermented foods 
  • Getting sensible sun exposure and doing some grounding (when weather permits) 

Be sure to contact your health care provider if your sore throat symptoms become very serious or if it's accompanied by a high fever. 

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